Every day with the Octonauts is an exciting opportunity to embark on a new mission. To celebrate the launch of Octonauts: The Great Arctic Adventure on DVD from June 3, we’re giving 5 lucky winners an Octonauts DVD bundle packed full of hours of gorgeous entertainment.

Each pack includes:

  • Octonauts: Great Arctic Adventure DVD
  • Octonauts: Flappity Flippers DVD
  • Octonauts: Deep Sea Adventure DVD
  • Octonuats: Calling All Gups DVD

Join Kwazii and Dashi as they become entangled in a strange deep-sea creature, Shellington and the Vegimals replant a mangrove forest in peril, and a humpback whale helps the Octonauts track down the key to a treasure chest.

 Simply complete the entry form below to be in the running. Share with your friends to increase your chances of winning!

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To be in the running, simply complete the entry form below, answer as many as possible and you’re in the running.
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  1. OCTONAUTS make bath time a super ‘swim in the ocean’ for Mr-nearly-2.

  2. My 3 yr old Son & 4 yr old daughter are crazy about Octonauts.

  3. Sarah Phillips Reply

    Both my kids (5 y/o daughter & 4 y/o son) take out equal first I think. They love Octonauts!

  4. Dianne Childs Reply

    My son loves the Octonauts, especially Kwazii the mysterious cat pirate!

  5. Nicole Woods Reply

    The kids in my family are a little old for this now, but I’d love to win it for my friends. Their daughter LOVES the Octonauts!

  6. Andieharrie Reply

    Emilia laughs and sings
    – and does silly things!
    Octonauts rule –
    Emilia thinks they’re so cool.

  7. Alison Henderson Reply

    Floyd my master 2,
    Loves Octonauts all day through
    Barnacles, Peso, Kwazzi,
    The biggest fan you’ll see!

  8. mitch araya Reply

    my son rayver really loves octonauts, he always watch it everyday, and when we go to the shops he always looks for the octonauts toys

  9. Jackie Vilensky Reply

    My son loves Octonauts and can’t wait until the movie comes out

  10. shelbyward Reply

    My little Jackson fills containers with water and plays Octonauts happily for hours.

  11. My kids can be quite picky, but Octonauts is one they both love!

  12. Kerrie Lee Groves Reply

    My 2 year old son loves Octonauts we wait each night for it to come on and on then we watch it on I view. I love them just as much.

  13. I love their voices and i find i learn things i didn’t know about sea creatures and the ocean

  14. Cute characters, well-drawn, great stories ….. even grown-ups love the Octonauts.

  15. Nicole Holaj-Vos Reply

    Emma, my 4 year old just loves Kwazii and all the adventures the Octonauts get up to.

  16. Jessica Charles Reply

    It’s a toss up between Zeke (6) and Jediah (4), but I think ultimately Zeke would be the biggest fan!

  17. Kylie Embury Reply

    My just turned 4 year old carter LOVES the Octonauts especially Peso and Captain Barnacles 🙂

  18. Kristy Tripney Reply

    My 2 year old son has a great deal of fun watching octonauts, especially paeso!

  19. Frances McCann Reply

    My daughter is 6 months but stops to stare at the TV when they come on

  20. Catherine Burns Reply

    My son is Ocotonaut crazy!! He would be in his element 😀

  21. Tuan Duc Dang Reply

    My 2-year-old niece would be glad if I win. She’ll be loving watching the DVDs.

  22. Christial Shea Reply

    My 3 year old son! We go to the aquarium every weekend possible to visit his favourite Octonauts Peso and his friends!

  23. My four year old son, although his little sister is fast becoming a fan too.

  24. Dale Pearce Reply

    My niece and nephew love them….this would be an awesome prize to give them 🙂

  25. Justine Hordyk Reply

    My 12 month old twins love octonauts they go crazy everytime it’s on

  26. stacey coppin Reply

    My daughter just loves the Octonauts, they’ve even taken over barbies house!

  27. My 1 and 3 year old boys love the Oc’nauts and stop everything when they hear it come on.

  28. Kristy Winters Reply

    My 1 year old girl and 5 & 3 year old boys all sit transfixed when it’s on and come running when they hear it start.

  29. My 5 & 3 yr old grandchildren always ask if they can watch it, they are fanatics !

  30. My 2 yr old daughter loves the Octonauts, we watch them everyday on T.v as soon as she hears it come on she sits down and watches it and won’t move

  31. Ledam Nguyen Reply

    my daughter who loves to learn about the ocean, living things and how the teams solve problems

  32. Gail Davies Reply

    My little visitor, Matilda aged 5 who loves to watch them ,,,

  33. My two year old son, although I often find my husband watching it with him!

  34. My son, he’s been nagging me to get tickets to the Octonaughts Live Show for the past month… It’s driving me crazy!..

  35. Kath Weber Reply

    My 21month old twins both love them . They watch them all the time. It gives me quite time

  36. christine morris Reply

    My Grandson Tate, his eyes light up and you can tell he loves watching them on Tv 🙂

  37. It’s actually me! That’s the thing about kids’ shows – I can enjoy them vicariously and never have to admit it!

  38. My son – we have a pop up Octonauts book that even I agree is cool!

  39. bluemeanie Reply

    Tough choice. My two-year-old whose first choice of show is always Octonauts. My four-year-old, who wears his Octonauts shirt every second day: the one we had to replace because the old one wore out. My eight-year-old who can’t help but come and watch behind his younger siblings when they watch the show. Or their mother, who has learnt so many fascinating things about the ocean from the show!

  40. Kyla Booth Reply

    My 2 Year old daughter, Sabai, is the biggest Octonauts (or Octos – her word) fan in our house. She would watch it all day if she was allowed and at bath time we have to go on diving expeditions each night just like her favourite Octonaut characters. Luckily both her parents are scuba diving instructors so we know what to look out for in the under water world. xx

  41. Declan is by far the biggest fan here. He’s not the greatest singer in the world but he knows the words. It is the biggest crime of all time If for some reason I have turn the TV off.

  42. Would love to win this for my daughter she loves her octonauts always standing right Infront of the telly

  43. blackwidow63 Reply

    My Granddaughter is so Quiet as soon as the Octonauts come on TV, till the end

  44. Lisa Walker Reply

    both my 19month old and 5 year old sons love the octonauts, it would be a hard choice to pick one or the other 🙂

  45. Casey adores Eow… That would be the cat noise she makes every time she sees Kwazzi.

  46. Lauren Ciantar Reply

    My little man loves the Octonauts. It is one show he will sit still for!

  47. My Grandchildren love them. They sit in silence the whole time its on the tv.

  48. Rebecca Yangzon Reply

    My 2 year old and my 6 year old think they are the bees knees 🙂

  49. I think I am the biggest Octonauts fan! Always coaxing my kids to watch.

  50. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    My twin nearlly 3 GREAT GRANDAUGHTERS rush to the TV when they know “Octonuats are starting . They laugh and for once sit still watching so avidly.

  51. Clarrisani Reply

    Lovely show for the young ones. One of the better shows out there.

  52. My son! He is obsessed with them! He wont have a bath with his Octonauts joining him!

  53. Master 4 who has now had two Octonaut birthday cakes in a row (first Kwazii & then Peso). That’s dedication for you!

  54. Jennifer Robertson Reply

    It’s a toss up between the daughter who frequently jumps up shouting “sound the octoalert” before racing out of the room and the daughter who races off after her shouting “shiver me whiskers”.

  55. My daughter Gabby is biggest Octonauts fan, she never goes to bed without watching

  56. My son Coby loves the Octonauts. He loves buildiing his own Octopods.

  57. Scott Crumlin Reply

    A certain four year old little Lady who Loves them to bits!

  58. Melissa walters Reply

    Definitely my son☺️ He knows all their names off by heart

  59. Anna Malcolm Reply

    Lol. Me! I am totally the biggest fan. But my 3yo does come a close second

  60. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    My son Jordan who has just turned 4, the Octonauts have been a frim favorite for a couple of years now

  61. Deborah Osborne Reply

    Our lad is a Octonauts Liker ,it about the only thing he sits still for

  62. Belinda Maher Reply

    My beautiful son who is 5 is such a huge fan loves the show and you can’t speak to him during it he won’t answer

  63. Our niece and she thinks Uncle is Doctor Shellington and I’m Captain Barnacles. I do feel smug about this as I’ve been allotted the role of official leader.

  64. my son is the ultimate fan – he lives and breathes octonauts and always borrows the dvds from the library so he can watch them – he even has a pet duck he called Dashi 🙂

  65. mustangmum Reply

    I have a houseful of Munchkins who love the Octonauts..aka Caroline G

  66. lisa hardy Reply

    My son just love them this would make his year good luck all

  67. Carly Grace Smith Reply

    Both my kids live and breathe octonauts! Octonauts bath toys for underwater adventures, Octopod with all the accesories for Christmas, Octonauts bed clothes. If they had the choice, I think they’d go LIVE underwater with the Octonauts haha.

  68. Dean Allen Reply

    My 3 year old daughter loves it, she is the number one fan in Adelaide!

  69. Felicity Turner Reply

    My Grandbaby loves Octonauts and is always pretending to be Octonauts in the bath

  70. Nerys Lewis Reply

    Probably me – as I love hearing the kids repeat everything, especially my little guy as his pronunciation is not quite right just yet! hehehe! 🙂

  71. My 2.5 year old son is a big fan of Octonauts – he knows all about them ( more than i know ).

  72. TiffanyHallard Reply

    My 4 year old daughter Layla! She absolutely loves octonauts!

  73. Definitely my 4 year old son. I nearly love it as much as it gives me some quiet time to relax, while he is intently watching Octonauts!

  74. Mr Not-quite-4 is a HUGE Octonauts fan, closely followed by Mr Nearly-2 🙂

  75. That’s a hard question as I have 3 grandchildren, Miss 3, Master 21mths and Little Miss 15 months. They all love Octonauts, so if lucky enough to win, it will be staying at Nanny’s house.

  76. Julia Mason Reply

    My 10 year old Daughter Jords, loves the octonauts more that my 5 yr old!!

  77. Claire H Simmons Reply

    my daughter, she makes her own submarines out of boxes to go on her own underwater adventures and rescue missions

  78. Our little one’s love the wondrous world of Octonauts and their fascinating fun-filled adventures captivate all hearts whether you’re a big Octonaut or small. Thank you for the opportunity to win and good luck to everyone who enters!.

  79. Lauren Barnes Reply

    Squeaky voice of Peso, my 4 year old goes flipping crazy adoring penguins and bubbly chuckle when race home from childcare to watch it.

  80. Mr Almost 2 is the Octonauts fan here – especially the ‘creature reports’

  81. Brian Kelly Reply

    Both of my boys do laps around the house at the start of each episode, pretending they are in the octopod and jumping down octochutes

  82. Rebecca Foster Reply

    My grandson Robert is the biggest Octonaut fan in my house. We have hours of fun watching the show together.

  83. Tamara Lamb Reply

    My son Jethro, aged 4 is our biggest fan! He knows all their names including the Gups and loves every episode!

  84. NICOLE NOBLE Reply

    My son LOVES Peso because he helps fix the sea creatures 🙂

  85. Lisa Ainscough Reply

    My two boys aged 2 and 4 love watching octonauts. Its great and I love how much they take in and learn about the sea animals and tell me about them from the show

  86. I am! They are just the cutest little things and I’m hoping soon my 18 month old will fall in love with them too.

  87. Sharee Ussher Reply

    Both my 6yr & 3yr old are Octonauts fans however my 3yr old likes to tell me “everytime” it comes on & calls out “OCTANAUTS… My favourite” & proceeds to tell his 6yr old brother that it’s only his favourite. This happens every single afternoon without fail.

  88. Kim Kilgour Reply

    My little miss 3.5 loves the octonauts, watching it everyday without fail & when its not on the tele, she streams it from the ABC website, this pack would go perfectly with her octonauts pressie she has been promised for being so brave in hospital recently!

  89. Miss B loves the octonauts because they are swimming which is something she loves to do

  90. Adele Smith Reply

    My step-granddaughter, she likes to relive Octonaut moments in the bathtub.

  91. Hayley Parker Reply

    Roman Hanka my son is completely besotted with this program and the funny characters and cool antics that even have myself and bigger sister a little square eyed 🙂

  92. My 22 month old daughter, who calls it “Oh-nauts”. Sometimes the Octonauts are the only thing that will calm her down enough to get her to eat a proper dinner!

  93. Toni Dally Reply

    My 5 year old has loved the Octonauts for years and still asks for new Octonauts toys each birthday and christmas!

  94. My 4 year old and 7 year old go flappity flippers over the Octonauts. Don’t tell anyone but I love watching it with them too!

  95. I think it’s actually a toss up between my five year old and our budgie…on comes the theme music and he whistles like a mad man..while she bounces up and down waiting for it to start.

  96. My 6 year old son still loves Octonauts, he has so many of the toys. These DVD’s would be so handy for him

  97. Amy Barbour Reply

    My 2 sons Cameron and Oliver both love the Octonauts and so do I lol

  98. My little toddler loves the Octonauts. I love them to to be honest, they are so cute. I love Peso.

  99. Dannielle Hall Reply

    My 3 year old son! He absolutely loves it when it is on tv – but he thinks its never on for long enough!

  100. Swarvester Reply

    My three year old daughter, Zoe, is a huge fan of the Octonauts and loved the trip to the cinema last weekend to see the Octonaut’s Great Arctic Adventure. She would be over the moon if I could win her the DVD to watch too.

  101. Lisa Perriam Reply

    My daughter is an Octonauts fanatic! She loves composing Octo Cadet adventures. The DVDs would be great when it’s too wet outside for our usual play.

  102. Sarah Sabatino Reply

    Me – when the Octonauts are on, I have some time to go to the toilet on my own, have hot coffee or make dinner! My kids love them, but I love them more!!

  103. Buggeritliz Reply

    Our little 4 year old Ava is crazy for the Octonauta we had her photo taken with them at the cinema last week for the opening of their new film.

  104. Angela Aschberger Reply

    Both our kids are huge fans. My nearly 5 year old daughter has requested an Octonauts birthday party (luckily not too hard to arrange) and she and my 2 year old son are always pretending to be the characters. I usually get to be Captain Barnacles though, so at least I’m still in charge!

  105. My daughter likes the Octonauts even more now that she saw them at the Sydney aquarium!

  106. Valerie Wee Reply

    My little girl loves Octonauts. She won’t missed any television shows everyday.

  107. My eldest daughter will be 3 in September and adores the Octonauts! She would love some DVD’s to watch!

  108. Chantelle Hudson Reply

    My son Spencer LOVES Octonauts and learning about all the different animals! Would be fantastic to be able to win these for him 🙂

  109. My daughter and hubby wont miss one sinlge episode of octounuts

  110. My niece loves the Octonauts but it always seems to be on around bedtime reading time

  111. Oh they gove me a minutes peace when my kids are watching. Whats not to love.

  112. not sure who is the biggest fan, my son or me ….. but I will say my son 🙂 We sit and watch together 🙂

  113. Helena Leung Reply

    My daughter lines up all her Octonauts figurines and puts them to sleep next to her pillow. All except Kwazii, who is dumped back into the shoebox, because he says, “YEOW!” which is apparently a “very bad word” for a 3 year old!

  114. Lauren Francis Reply

    My youngest son! He loves them and points out all the new episodes he hasnt seen when they come on.

  115. Hannah Colhoun Reply

    My 15 month old daughter will stop what she is doing and sit in front of the tv, and bop along to the theme music the minute the Octonauts come on the tv, even if it is just an ad!

  116. My youngest child would be thrilled to the eyeballs to get this. A great prize to win!

  117. My 19mth old jumps around yelling Peso when this comes on, he would be stoked to be able to watch any time of the day.

  118. Daddy! He’s the greatest fan! Won’t miss a single episode and always gets the kids to sit and watch with him… Actually, mummy likes it too. 😉

  119. Alison Lin Reply

    My two year old son who is so into anything underwater right now!

  120. Kathy Bowdlert Reply

    Three year old Leo is our Octonauts fan, he loves Captain Barnacles the most because he’s the boss.

  121. LilMiss Kibby Reply

    master 6 loves octonauts but i catch miss 8 sneaking a peak at the show every now and again

  122. Both our two boys, 5 and 2 respectively love The Octonauts, having the bedding sets, and toy Kwaazi and Captain Barnacles soft toys, plus a number of bath toys.

  123. Samantha Bentley Reply

    My 8year old is the hugest octonauts fan. She loved it since she was very young and finally there was an interesting show with characters and animals and adventure that wasn’t too princess for her 🙂

  124. Stacey Lee Brown Reply

    My son and daughter equally. They come out with tidbits of information from the Octonauts at the most random of times and I love that they are taking in something from a cool kids program.

  125. A rather obsessed 3 yo, definitely the winner in our house, but I have to say the 5yo and 8yo can watch it endlessly as well. Thanks Captain Barnacle for all the hours of babsitting!

  126. My Granddaughter. I would be the best Poppy in the world winning this prize

  127. melanie whittle Reply

    my little boy just love this show he is vey interested in the ocean

  128. Jane Gardam Reply

    My 2 year old grandson, doesn’t move an inch when they are on the tv.

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