When you love to shop there’s nothing more frustrating than realising an item you desperately want doesn’t post to Australia. Enter Shop & Ship who make international buying a breeze!

From fashion to gadgets, toys to tech, homewares to accessories and more, there’s a whole world of online shopping at our fingertips.

Of course, there’s the brands we can’t buy in Australia we hanker for. And there’s often amazing savings on the brands we can already buy – if only we could find a way to get them to our doorstep?

Shop & Ship is the answer with local addresses in 18 countries meaning, if you want it – they can ship it to you!

How it works…

shop and ship

Here’s 9 awesome products we love that you can explore buying cheaper overseas…

ship and shop

1.  Children’s Designer Fashion

If you like to dress your child like a mini-fashionista you’ll know there’s lots of big-name labels that currently don’t ship to Australia. The advantage to buying your fashion from Europe or the States is that with the seasons the opposite of our own you can shop the sales to great success. Their winter clearance is our new winter wardrobe! Yes please.

shop & ship2. Women’s High End & Brand Name Make-Up

All the big make-up brands can be purchased at considerable savings overseas. Tip: There’s also a way to shop across brands if you like a Chanel lipstick and a Lancôme foundation – find a department store that stocks all your brands and then use Shop & Ship to have them delivered to your door! This way you don’t have to use independent retailers for each item and you can skirt around some of the more sophisticated geographic websites which will automatically re-direct you to the Australian home of the brand.

ship and shop

3. American Girl Dolls (And Stacks of Other Toys!)

If you’ve got an American Girl Doll fan in your house you’ll know the cult-like status of these toys! Shopping for your American Girl Doll using Shop & Ship will mean you’re not limited to any specific retailer (and they are sold in ToysRUs since 2016!) This way you’re not just open to a greater range but to also compare prices. Winning.

ship&shop4. Women’s Designer Fashion & Handbags

If you love your brand name labels and want to shop them direct from Europe or the USA without the sting of the Aussie price tag, Shop & Ship is your new bestie. From Prada to Versace, if you’ll find it on the catwalk you can find it cheaper overseas. Research, research and then Shop & Ship.

ship&shop5.  Cool American Brands

There’s staple American brands that are cheap as chips in the States but expensive here. Think GAP, American Apparel, Victoria’s Secret and Ralph Lauren. You choose them and then with the help of Shop & Ship to get them to your door, these wardrobe basics and classic pieces can be hung in yours, dads or the kids wardrobe quicker than you can say ‘I’ll take it all!’

ship&shop6.  Party Theming Products of All the Latest Crazes

If you love planning themed parties the products available overseas are twice as good and half the price overseas! Branded themes like Paw Patrol, Pokemon or Trolls have more range than you can even imagine. And, bonus – you’ll get so much more for your money. Don’t forget to allow time for your items to be delivered! Plan early and you’ll be on a party-winner!


7.  Lego

If you’ve a mad Lego fan in your house you probably already shop the sales for the world’s favourite bricks! Shop & Ship however gives you access to ranges and products not yet available in Australia that are released in the USA or Europe meaning Lego fans can build until their heart’s content!


8.  Tech That’s Not Released Here Yet (or available cheaper somewhere else)

If you’ve got a hankering for the latest in tech or gadgets Shop & Ship can scratch your itch. With the ability to shop from 18 countries if it’s been developed and you want to get your hands on it, Shop & Ship can help you own it. Lots of tech is cheaper overseas than we Aussies can access it. And many products launch OS before we can get it here. So, whether you’re shopping for a steal or want to be first on the block with the hottest new thing… Shop & Ship.

shop and ship9. Active Wear, Athletic Gear, Sports Stuff & Cool Trainers 

Shopping OS for the latest sport and active wear brands can be tricky with many of the big names not shipping direct to Australia!

If you’ve found those trainers or that hoodie cheaper overseas, you may be lamenting paying retail in Australia. Dubai, USA and the UK all offer great savings on different types of sneakers, active wear, athletic gear and sporting equipment, so let your fingers do the walking (typing!) and get more bang-for-buck with the help of Shop & Ship.

Shop and Ship

Shop & Ship is the quick, easy and cost-effective way to get whatever you’re eying off overseas in your hot little hands.

Shipping from 18 countries, they have a one-off joining fee of only $20. Currently, Mum Central readers can get FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP by using the code SNSFW1 so sign up today and get ready to shop and save! You can also check out Shop & Ship on Facebook here.

As they say about online shopping – double the thrill… Once when you buy it, twice when it arrives! Happy shopping!


Win a $500 Shopping Experience with Shop & Ship! 

The awesome team at Shop & Ship are giving one lucky Mum Central fan a chance to try this service for themselves! Entry is simple! Search online and find the retailer you’d like to spend the whole $500 with and tell us who this is below…

Win $500 to Spend on Overseas Retailers Online at Shop & Ship


Mother-of-two. Tea lover. Lego Ninja. Expert in carpet Play Dough extraction. Victoria Louis is a 30-something writer based in Sydney, NSW. A former marketing manager who loves to laugh there’s no topic she won’t explore. Victoria is full of opinion, big on kindness and believes the day is always better with a dash of lipstick.


  1. Natasha McRae Reply

    I would get a coach handbag for my mother in law as she has always wanted one 🙂

  2. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    Definitely some Lego collection that is not available in Australia!

  3. Nicole Woods Reply

    Hard to say for sure, but I’d consider spending it on a new phone because my current one has seen much better days. Aside from that I’d probably look at clothing.

  4. Viny Vabriany Reply

    I’d spend it on a laptop for my son as he has been wanting to have his own laptop

  5. I’d spend it all on Kate Spade! They always have fantastic sales but to access them you have to type in an American postcode in order to gain entry into the sales page 🙁

  6. My kids. I’d get them a whole new wardrobe each as they often have to make clothes last a few years before we can replace them

  7. Sharon Johnson Reply

    I’d buy waterproof casual shoes for my son. Share the SHOP SHIP love with all my family.

  8. Nicole Hill Reply

    I would love to win to get my son a laptop for his school work

  9. I would buy my partner a few new outfits and a pair of shoes as all his clothes are full of holes and it breaks my heart 🙁

  10. Nicole Williams Reply

    Lego and party stuff would be so helpful to keep costs down and make parties easier

  11. Maree Gray Reply

    I am a big kid and love my LEGO so that’s what I would treat myself to

  12. Bonnie Sheehan Reply

    Kate Spade products and maybe some tech or kids clothes.

  13. There are so many wonderful eye shadow palettes that we cant get here that I would love to buy. Some fantastic fashion as well….oh gosh…lets face it I would go crazy 🙂

  14. Sarah Jimenez Reply

    Some active wear for me, some gorgeous baby wear for my two little ones and some toys for them also.
    With anything left over I would use that towards some themed party things for my daughters 3rd birthday coming up.

  15. Becky Palmer Reply

    Clothes that will change my wardrobe from pits to glitz that can hide away my lumpy bits!

  16. margie sincoe Reply

    Love to shop for home goodies from a desperately needed microwave to crockery, glasses and new saucepans.

  17. Tony MacKenzie Reply

    I would love to buy me an iPad, I have a cheap tablet that is SOOOO slow.

  18. Cecilia Warrick Reply

    I’d invest in GAP clothes for myself and my three kids!

  19. With a baby in the way I would love to prepare with the amazing store Land of the Nod and buy a special American Doll gift for me daughter

  20. I’d love to spend my $500 on clothes for me and my family. There’s such a great selection

  21. Trish Leonard Reply

    I would love to buy some new clothes for everyone, we really need some good quality clothes. Thanks for the chance.

  22. I’d love to get a Smart Watch that can encourage me to get fitter.

  23. Helga Grenkowitz Reply

    Some new kitchen appliances which are far cheaper overseas.

  24. Tatika Gill Reply

    I’d like to spend $500 on clothes and other accessories for me, most of my stuff are 8 years old or longer and I think it’s time for a change.

  25. Dinosoles.. totally roahwsome kids shoes / bags / hats / gear that my little man would totally dig!

  26. Samantha Ravelje Reply

    Definitely clothes for my 7 year old daughter, she suddenly has an opinion about what she wears *sigh*!!

  27. I’d love to buy some Lego Creator, one Virtual Reality handset and maybe some My little Pony party stuff!

  28. Id buy some clothes for my daughter who is growing like a weed, and i’d probably be conned into some toys as well 😉

  29. Alicia Thoman Reply

    I’d love to buy shoes for myself & the family & Lego & Schleich animals for the kids birthdays & Christmas.

    • Alicia Thoman Reply

      I’d also like to order some Tooth Fairy letters for my son to match the letters I got for our daughter. They’re super cute!

  30. Stephanie Veljanovska Reply

    Children’s clothes for the changing season and some new cool toys.

  31. Kate Slack Reply

    Definitely some sneakers and sportswear, branded products are so much cheaper overseas!

  32. It would be amazing to win just in time for Winter because I need to upgrade my wardrobe to warmer items.

  33. kathy clark Reply

    presents for all of my kids birthdays as they are fast approaching

  34. Yvonne 'von' Ryan Reply

    I would love to purchase some Active Wear for myself and the 9 year old twins love Lego , thanks for making me aware of this site it looks pretty good and certainly will do some shopping in the near future

  35. Xzavia Green Reply

    I remember how hard it was to find John Deer themed party supplies for my sons first Birthday. The postage was a killer from the States!
    I’d spend the whole $500 on unique party supplies for my 3 childrens next parties!!!
    How fun!

  36. I would love to stock up Christmas presents so I can get what I can’t get here but also do it from the comfort of my own home.

  37. Wendy Traill Reply

    I would buy some toys for my daughter’s 6th Birthday that are only available in the US

  38. amandagorton Reply

    This is a shopping mecca! I have been lusting over a new Kate Spade watch in a style not available here, that’ll be first thing off my wish list, then on to unreleased tech toys and games for the kids.

  39. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    My first thought would be Children’s clothes, then clothes for my hubby and me. “Whoopee”

  40. Faye Hannam Reply

    Christmas pressies for so many people in our family.. Wouldn’t that make Christmas 2017 easy?? I love that idea!!

  41. Belinda Patterson Reply

    I’d have to split it between Michael’s (canadian happy store for crochet/knitting/craft!!) for myself and think geek (geek galore!!) for hubby.

  42. justinedrake Reply

    I’d spend a bit Just on me,
    A little pampering is what I need!

  43. Tabatha Marie Robinson Reply

    Women’s Designer Fashion & Handbags for clothes

  44. Heather Hopley Reply

    I’m obsessed with feminine dresses and love when they’re different to the fashion houses in Australia. You too? Then check out MarkaVIP… gorgeous dresses at great prices. There goes my $500!

  45. Amazon, take my money! My sons birthday is fast approaching so I would let him go crazy in the Electronics & Computers department.

  46. Could easily spend the whole lot at Victoria’s Secret! love all their products!

  47. Melissa Kagie Reply

    The latest tech is all the go in this household, so the latest and greatest gadgets it will be and maybe something for me!

  48. Clothes for me!!! Women’s clothes in Australia are so ridiculously overpriced!! I’d spoil myself with lots of new clothes 🙂

  49. My daughter just got her first American girl Doll so accessories galore and American girl products it would be.

  50. Lynne Lillington Reply

    Children’s Designer Fashion, i’d spend it all on the grandchildren.

  51. Elisabeth Martins Reply

    I would buy a whole new wardrobe,
    from all over the globe.
    After loosing a bunch of weight,
    new clothes would be great.

  52. Karina Lee Reply

    I would love to buy some Winter clothes that actually fits me…this Winter.

  53. Some newborn baby gear for my sister! Just found out she’s expecting so i’ll be a first time aunty!

  54. Some early Christmas shopping for my girls would be a load off my mind. I know it’s only June but you have to budget and plan ahead so as not to get carried away, not to mention avoid the Christmas chaos at the shops.

  55. I would spend $500 on clothes for my daughter as she joins the workforce.

  56. Kate James Reply

    DEBENHAMS because they have amazing clothes from England for good prices

  57. Tmeeka Henricks Reply

    I’d be shopping at Amazon for sure! Every time I search for something it comes up on there and of course I can’t actually buy it.. this would be perfect and open up so many more options!!

  58. Louise Hopper-Cousins Reply

    All of the above lol everything from tec to fashion to toys… the possibilities are endless xx

  59. Some really nice clothes for me and the kids. Maybe some Lego too

  60. Baby things! I’m finally pregnant after multiple IVF rounds so can’t wait to shop big for my little one!

  61. Mikaela Cowan Reply

    I love Shop and Ship,
    always something for the whole family,
    new shoes for the kids,
    a handbag for me,
    and glasses for the hubby!

  62. Judith Senese Reply

    I would love to buy my sons decent winter doona’s, as they currently have a mountain of thin doonas and blankets on them.

  63. Wow this website look amazing! Kate Spade shipped to Australia is cheaper than what we can buy here! I’d love more than anything a good handbag. I always put my kids first no matter what, whatever they need (and don’t need) I am lucky enough to be able to buy for them. But I would never pay what they charge in a department store here for a the price of a Kate Spade Handbag. I’d love to treat myself. It will be my little secret how much I paid for just one little bag. But i’d treasure it.

  64. I really need a couple of new handbags. There are so many beautiful designs out there and it’s about time I spend something on me….

  65. Sharon Markwell Reply

    I’d go bezerk with new blouses as my wardrobe contents are lacking in style and zest

  66. I would purchase the bright and colourful Paw Patrol Birthday party accessories, and give my daughter her dream 5th birthday party! 😀

  67. I would love to get a new handbag! I’ve been using my current one for almost ten years now and it’s long overdue! Something that’s lightweight, has enough space for my items and has a strap that’s easy to carry!

  68. I’d buy good quality outdoor clothes and shoes. The prices here are crazy.

  69. Letitia Schleehauf Reply

    I would buy a doll from American Girl as I regret not buying one when I was in the United States!

  70. Kellie McOwat Reply

    Something for myself…..haha….which means things for the kids

  71. I’d hit up some amazing shops like LA’s Skies are Blue and Denmark’s organic clothing Popupshop, for both me and the kid

  72. Some trendy new clothes for my teenage son. Battling Anorexia, he is currently weight restored (at goal weight) which is absolutely fantastic however this makes a lot of his clothes feel tight or too small and I’d like to reward him for all his effort and hard work.

  73. Claire Bennett Reply

    Clothes for myself! My wardrobe is seriously outdated since becoming a mum as all my purchases are for the kids

  74. I would like to update our essential oils, homeopathics , tissue salts and weleda first aid essentials

  75. Anna Ryan-Punch Reply

    Oh man, ALL THE AMERICAN GIRL DOLLS. (Ahem, for the kids, not for me). (Totally also for me).

  76. Juanita Munro Reply

    Funny that, I’m into my fitness & can’t find any businesses that make funky looking gym tights .. There all overseas!!

  77. Gemma Rivers Reply

    I’d go to Little Tikes to get one of the many kids presents I buy every month!

  78. Chro Khoshnaw Trinh Reply

    Id spend it on etsy and buy clothing from small etsy stores. They have such nice clothing in america

  79. Andieharrie Reply

    Active Wear, Athletic Gear for me
    Toys and books for everybody
    Make up too
    A variety of things, its what i do

  80. TanyaCrerar Reply

    I would buy Birkenstock shoes for the whole family. Saving over $150 in the process!

  81. I’d love to get myself set up properly with a vaporizer & sundry so I can quit smoking with my hubby… either that or Amazon spree XD

  82. Karen Stevens Reply

    Dols. dolls, dolls. Love them! My daughter would love it if I spent the $500 on these gorgeous dolls.

  83. A one-of-a-kind winter coat that everyone will want, and no one else will have!

  84. Ellen Robbins Reply

    So many items for our new baby, like a baby monitor that actually has good reviews!

  85. Would love looking at buying things we can’t get here. My daughter would love the American Girl Dolls. They’re gorgeous!

  86. Christmas decorations from around the world , you can never have too much Christmas!

  87. Some new running shoes for me, my husband and my son – so many more options overseas!

  88. Carlin Lee Reply

    I recently lost weight, so would buy myself some new amazing clothes, and some clothes for the kids too 🙂

  89. Gail Davies Reply

    Handbags and clothes for my two gorgeous granddaughters ,,,

  90. Definitely a American Girl Doll for my amazing niece she’s just turned two. Then some tech or maybe some trainers since I keep meaning to start running and they might give me a boost.

  91. Lauren Geier Reply

    MAC cosmetics! It’s SO cheap in the US and to make the most of their prices would be AMAZING!!!

  92. Jenny Louise Wright Reply

    a new handbag. clothes for the kids and some toys for them too

  93. Danielle Palmer Reply

    I would love to say that I would spoil myself, but I wouldn’t! It would all get spent on kids clothes, lego & shoes!! Maybe if there was a little spare I would buy myself some new Le Creuset to add to my collection!

  94. Love the American Dolls and also books would be a big winner in my house, from great-grandma to the youngest, books are for everyone!

  95. Kim Campbell Reply

    Clothes, shoes and gadgets for the family, it would be like Christmas.

  96. This is perfect! There are some baby items I’d love to get but they don’t ship to Australia. Thank you Shop & Ship.

  97. I would use my $500 to buy Christmas gifts for my five grandchildren. thank you for an awesome giveaway Mum central. <3

  98. A 16 year old daughters birthday gift of the best MAC cosmetics she would love.

  99. A new handbag is calling me 🙂 but I’m sure I’d be buying clothes for the kids….they grow out of them soooo fast!

  100. Kelly Arnold Reply

    A trampoline for the kids! Perfect outdoor fun for the upcoming school holidays!

  101. Linda Luczak Reply

    I’d stock up with toys for Christmas and Birthdays for my kids, nieces and nephews and a gorgeous new trendy handbag for myself!

  102. Abigail Black Reply

    I’d spend it on Christmas presents for my girls to ensure they have some great stuff and I don’t have to stress about it closer to Christmas.

  103. Our two girls have grown up so much in the last few months that they have outgrown their clothes so I would spend the money on a new wardrobe of clothing for each one.

  104. Natalie Hollis Reply

    Maybe something little for myself, but more than likely Id buy early xmas presents for the kids!
    Lego for mr 6, and some books and pretty jewellery for miss 3!

  105. Amy Edwards Reply

    I’d love to splash out on a designer handbag. Something just for me! Completely free from toys, nappies, snacks, and all the miscellaneous unexplainable items that come with being a parent.
    This would be a dream.

  106. I’d love to buy some Jordan sneakers for myself and my boyfriend, as they usually have special USA only releases.

  107. Kat Barber Reply

    I absolutely love Victoria secret, but the shipping charges are out of control and I never purchase anything because of that cost !

  108. Donna Bennett Reply

    So many things to choose but I would love to get Christmas presents for my grand children. They desperately needs clothes so the voucher would come in very handy!

  109. Ralph Lauren, great children’s clothes and homewares that are so much more expensive here in Australia

  110. shelbyward Reply

    I would spend it all stockpiling on kid’s runners because they go through them so quickly (in sizing and were and tear). Sketchers, Adidas, Asics and similar brands are all so much cheaper from the US. Very excited!!

  111. The tech that’s not out here my daughters are robotics mad and would love some of these gadgets

  112. Roberto Colombi Reply

    Sports Gear – would keep me ‘Fit and Sporty’ not ‘Fat and Forty’!

  113. Hayley Brennan Reply

    Kids toys, they always have so much better toys then us and the latest crazes hit quicker too

  114. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    Will spoil and buy something for everyone, designer out fit for my little one, make up for myself and 18 year old daughter, brand new handbag for my lovely mum, and active wear so i can be stylish when walking my dogs, everyone will gain, sharing is caring

  115. Rhiannon Sayers Reply

    Would love to spend this voucher at Macy’s. I’d be able to get great outfits for myself, hubby and kids all in the one store. Plus some beautiful homewares that are different to what I can buy here.

  116. Lego, Lego and even more Lego! Too often it’s the ridiculous shipping prices that prevent me from purchasing from overseas.

  117. TV series and technology before they are released in Australia.

  118. I’d give the $500 prize to my girlfriend who is from and lives in Holland. She and I first met a little over 2 months ago when she came all the way to Australia to meet me for the first time. The least I could do is give her this wonderful prize.

  119. I would spend $500 at Amazon on inspirational fitness trends; one of a kind
    Stunning fashion collaborations, toys and home wares wondrously entwined
    Hours of fun, enjoyment and fabulous family moments will be treasured/part
    As we say thanks Mum Central and Shop & Ship from the bottom of our hearts!

  120. Kerrie Moss Reply

    I’d definitely use Amazon! I’m always finding awesome things on there but the sellers often end up not shipping here. With ‘Shop and Ship’ I won’t have to ‘drop it and skip!’

  121. New merchandise from my favourite game series! I’ve been itching to purchase a particular figurine of my favourite character.

  122. Oh gosh it would have to be Lego for my Lego mad kids for Christmas ! 🙂

  123. Juanita Thorn Reply

    I would probably spend the $500 on all the amazing beauty brands I cannot buy here in Australia…sorry but I have fallen in love with so many of them.

  124. I would by some makeup, lego for the kiddies and sports gear for my husband

  125. Alicia Bardsley Reply

    My daughter is a huge American Girl Doll fan so I think the $500 would be spent making her very happy

  126. I’d Definatley stock up on clothes and toys for the kids for Christmas would come in handy so much

  127. Sacha Pech Reply

    Definately Lego! I mean, I step on enough of it in the middle of the night – may as well add to the joy.

  128. Ashley Beech Reply

    I’d be restocking my make up collection that has dwindled with all the birthdays over the last couple of months, then I might hopefully find some stuff to help with the kids make overs!

  129. – Georgia – Baby essentials for the little one due in November

  130. Babies are my top priority at the moment with a little one coming in August.

  131. Kristy Mac Reply

    I love this – What an amazing idea! I would spoil myself and use my $500 from Shop & Ship at Victoria’s Secret. Belated mother’s day present… to myself <3

  132. Charl Lowther Reply

    Where do I start! Love to say I’d spend it all on myself, but honestly I’d buy for my kids! Birthday presents and party stuff sorted! Yay!

  133. Rachelle S Reply

    Mac Cosmetics. Would love to mix up my makeup instead of wearing the same colours every day.

  134. Can go past The GAP, would love to buy clothes for the whole fam, and the US store would make the $500 go further than buying it here.

  135. Mary Iliadis Reply

    I would buy my 3 children and hubby whatever they want, it would be so wonderful to be able to do that.

  136. Kodie McMullen Reply

    Id love to buy myself some fitness gear and get myself into shape

  137. Five hundred dollars enough to treat everyone to a present in our family but I would get a new pair of sunnies and then share the joy

  138. Casey Kickett Reply

    I’d gladly spend $500 on some bearable undies, new workout tights and a pair of new joggers for basketball; it’d give me some motivation to get my butt moving in this cold weather! Add some perfume for Mum’s birthday and there’d be 500 more reasons to wait for the mail!

  139. I would love to get myself new athletic gear! Shoes, pants, shirts and sweaters

  140. Kelly Ryan Reply

    It’s all about LEGO in this house, the bigger the construction piece, the better!

  141. Heidi O'Day Reply

    Hats! Cool old fashioned,colorful,fun hats! Hats make me happy. I love so many and the ones I had went moldy in my last crappy flat so I need some new ones. No matter how boring and tired your outfits are, a hat always jazzes them up! I’m not super trendy when it comes to fashion but accessories I shine!

  142. britishstorm Reply

    I would love to buy a Kitchenaid mixer from America… #sooomuchcheaper or a RoboVac… I am all about home duties made easy!

  143. Cosmetics that I can’t get here and especially at the prices you can get them for over seas!

  144. Laura Scriven Reply

    Active wear from the States,
    The prices are great!
    And so much of a range,
    With $500 I’d so insane!

  145. Im not too sure, probably some nicely priced makeup or some kids wear for my daughters 3rd birthday. I am from england and i miss the shopping so much.

  146. Faye Hannam Reply

    NIKE! Oh my goodness me… I would have a field day spending this money at the Nike Store.. Very happy children and hubby (plus me..lol)

  147. Laura Baker Reply

    Now my baby is 10 months old, I’ve joined the gym. However, I feel self conscious. New Active Wear would help get my confidence back.

  148. Tarnia Fedele Reply

    I’d buy presents and gifts for all, online shopping is a ball! I’d buy some brand new clothes! So many things to buy, what I’ll get who knows?

  149. love to spendit on clothesand perfume or keep it for christmas as it not to far away

  150. I’d buy the ridiculously expensive tea strainer from Harrods for a daily giggle with it sitting next to my Kmart mugs. Rags to Riches!

  151. Elizabeth Davey Reply

    patty cake patty cake bakers man, I swear my kitchen Aid mixer can do more than I think it can, accessories are expense and so with glee I would shop Amazon for Kitchen Aid accessories

  152. My two boys would take anything gaming and are hinting about VR gaming. So I think that is what I would be buying

  153. michelle brown Reply

    Something for me, something for hubby and something for the kiddies 🙂

  154. Stacy McKenzie Reply

    Anything baking related, I love to bake healthy foods for my family and friends.

  155. Belinda Bee Reply

    Beautiful new sheets and fluffy towels! a luxury we often that we put off buying due to a strict budget but gosh it would be nice to have some quality linen!

  156. Belinda Bee Reply

    Beautiful new sheets and fluffy towels! a luxury we often we put off buying due to a strict budget, but gosh it would be nice to have some quality linen!

  157. Lizzy Archer Reply

    Definitely some good quality bed linen that stays in one spot! My slippery son struggles to stay in his sack to sleep and this suffering soul seriously needs to save sanity with a substantial snooze!!

  158. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    The true is that Australia has GST for most goods. I love big brands with a affordable price. Shopping Dior fragrances and last advanced technology would be fabulous items for this Christmas time. It is a serious shopping website for my shopping spree.

  159. Natasha Andrews Reply

    I’d go crazy on American clothes and accessories like JCrew Kate Spade and Banana Republic

  160. Stylish winter clothes!! Can’t afford any new winter clothes this year. Barely scraping by on a tiny vet nurse salary 🙁

  161. Janelle Meares Reply

    It would have to be Lego. I’m one of those parents that love it when the kids go to bed so I can build & create without the interruptions.

  162. Thisislinds Reply

    I’m at the start of my first pregnancy so I will be buying some bigger clothes for the impending bump :/

  163. Tess Howard Reply

    My son is an Usain Bolt wannabe and is going great guns in Little Aths. This year he moves into proper starter blocks and spikes, but the problem? He’s got really small feet and those sizes of spikes are very hard to get here in Aus. Would go for some swanky sports gear from USA for my future Olympian!

  164. I would love to take advantage of the cheaper prices on clothing and make-up overseas!

  165. Bec Church Reply

    I would love to buy my family a nice dinner out and a movie, time together.

  166. There are so many things I’d love to buy: Morph merchandised toys for my kids (from the UK), kooky homeware items that either aren’t available here or are marked up 700%, clothes from the US that actually fit when they arrive, makeup that actually matches my pale, Casper-esque skin, books that cost 2.30 GBP yet sell for $14.95 in stores here, specialist art and craft supplies that are SO cheap overseas but prohibitive at art suppliers here…it’s a very long list.

  167. Melinda Scott Reply

    Shopping at Walmart America, they sell absolutely everything and I’d love to buy some clothes and toys for my toddler’s birthday!

  168. Not sure where to start, there are any number of small, specialty stores that create absolutely stunning products where the shipping costs are simply prohibitive. I’d start with some specialty shortbread molds from England, purple Flylady rags and go from there.

  169. Madelaine Howe Reply

    I would love to buy $500 worth of lootcrate- goodies and shirts <3

  170. I’ve often day-dreamed of filling my drawers,
    With all I could carry from my favourite stores,
    Some high end make-up is what I’d choose,
    Along with Ralph Lauren fashion in all different hues!

  171. Joyce Madden Reply

    Currently 8 months pregnant with my 2nd child so I would love to be able to spoil my 3 year old and newborn with some brand names that we could never otherwise afford

  172. To be able to buy a tech device ‘before it is available in Australia’ would be what I would buy.

  173. Jocelyn Henderson Reply

    Updating my wardrobe as my kids have a larger and better wardrobe than me

  174. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    There would be big difference to change my online shopping website experience with this mega giveaway prize this year. It is truly wonderful way to enjoy big brands with reasonable prices as Shop & Ship can shipping over 22 countries. I would love to have some French beauty products for me and my girls.

  175. I would love to buy new work clothes as I’ve returned to work after decades raising 4 children!

  176. pogi_boi84 Reply

    Some baby furniture and essentials to prepare for our first bub due November this year =]

  177. carolineavard Reply

    A new bed for my hubby because he snores and neither of us sleep, so id buy him one and we can both sleep once again yipee…

  178. I only have one granddaughter and would love to buy her some clothes that are unique having been bought overseas at a good price.

  179. Narelle Emerson Skelly Reply

    I would spend my $500 at Net – A – Porter, so many beautiful choices!

  180. A new winter wardrobe for myself, I normally spend all my money on making sure the kids look
    Nice and are warm that poor mum is left looking very daggy!

  181. Let me go wild on eco toys and homewares that gives make to small little communities! Love giving back to the people! Especially for my 2 little men!

  182. I would love to win for my girls so they could have new clothes or toys and party stuff they like

  183. Milly Howells Reply

    Ooo so many choices!! Sneakers from the US for the kids and my husband and some funky linen clothes from Japan for me!

  184. Debbie Dye Reply

    I’d love to spend the cash on toys for Christmas, it would take so much pressure off in December!

  185. New clothes for the kids as usual & maybe something nice for myself as well!!

  186. Evelyn Damjanovich Reply

    Gosh, where to start, just go mad on clothes, shoes, toys, gadgets… amazing fun!!

  187. Jennifer Robertson Reply

    So you’re telling me I can get my hands on Lego that I otherwise couldn’t have? – I’m in.

  188. I’m a huge Next fan so would love $500 to spend on their fabulous home-wares and clothes

  189. I need a new wardrobe! Just had abdominal surgery and finally back to myself. I feel like I deserve some new threads!

  190. jody buhagiar Reply

    WOW! I would start with a new winter wardrobe! Perfume, shoes and some new makeup 🙂

  191. Katherine Bamford Reply

    For once I’ll be selfish and splurge on lots of new activeware for myself! Ok, and an American doll and Lego spaceship for my kids 😉

  192. Amber Cubis Reply

    I’d love to spoil hubby with his favourite athletic wear that isn’t available over here plus spoil the kids with clothes as well

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