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Lessons in Labour as Teacher Gives Birth Outside School

How’s this for a story about school spirit!?

A principal in Denver can add “Baby Deliverer” to her resume after finding herself as the key support person during a teacher’s unexpected labour on school grounds.

Sixth-grade teacher, Lindsey Agbalokwa, 33, wasn’t due to give birth until next week so when she woke up with mild cramps, she assumed they were Braxton Hicks. She wasn’t on maternity leave just yet and had a busy day with her students, handing out core value awards.

However, after the awards’ ceremony, the cramps strengthened so she thought she should play it safe. She called her co-teacher, Marisa Kast, to watch over the class and excused herself.

Hands-on Learning 

Within minutes the pain intensified and she found herself in full-blown labour. At school!

With the school’s principal, Natalie Lewis, and the dean of students, Chris Earls, by her side – Lindsey managed to waddle outside of the school and away from the students.

“The pain went from zero to 100,” Lindsey told Yahoo. “I said, ‘We should call 911 — I think the baby is coming.”

Fortunately, co-teacher Marissa Kast had a sleeping bag in her car so she laid it down on the sidewalk outside the school while the principal called an ambulance.

Unexpected School Birth

“We put the dispatcher on speakerphone, who started giving delivery instructions to Natalie and Chris,” the new mum said.

While Lindsey tried to get through the pain, her principal sat with her, coaching her through the contractions. A fire truck pulled up to the school just in time for baby Zara to make her grand appearance.

teacher's at school birth
Image Source: Yahoo News

Lessons in Labour 

Zara was born outside of the school grounds with a team of co-workers cheering her mumma on. Zara is now at home with her mum, dad, and her 17-month old brother.

“I was in so much pain, I didn’t care that these people are my bosses,” Lindsey recalls about her school birth. “They were my support people.”

Both Principal Lewis and Dean Earls are parents so the whole process wouldn’t have been completely strange to them. But, wow! What a story to tell at assembly!

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So, class, what lesson did we all learn from today’s school excursion? That babies will come when they are good and ready.

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