Parents of Baby Born in a Hurricane Celebrate With a Stormy Name

When a category five storm strikes, the last place anyone wants to be is in its direct pathway. Or in labour.

But that is exactly what happened to at least three heavily pregnant women in Florida this week.

First-time mum Cara Kesling found herself in labour only hours before Hurricane Irma ripped through the Key West community where she lives with husband Jeff.

Cara and Jeff fled to Miami to try and escape the hurricane brewing. Cara managed to make it to a hospital in Miami-Dade where she gave birth to a little girl.

Meet Baby Stormborn

baby born in hurricane irma

The couple suitably named their cyclonic cherub Nayiri Storm in honour of her unforgettable birth story.

Can we get a collective “Nawwwww”?

The new family were escorted to a hotel by Miami-Dade Police where they will wait out the storm and find out if it is safe to return home.

Hurricane home (alone) birth

Nayiri Storm isn’t the only baby born in a hurricane this week. Another woman in Florida also gave birth in the midst of Hurricane Irma’s wrath. The woman was cut off by the storm and had to deliver her baby at home, alone.

Paramedics, a dispatcher and a doctor from Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami walked the woman through her childbirth on the phone, including delivering her own placenta and cutting the umbilical cord.

And a third hurricane baby arrived on the bathroom floor, delivered by her shocked grandma. This time the parents chose a tamer name – April.

#BREAKING: Kudos to our 911 Dispatch, Coral Springs Police and Coral Springs Fire Department for delivering a baby girl safely at home during #HurricaneIrma @cbs4 @nbc6 @wsvn

Posted by Coral Springs Fire Department on Sunday, September 10, 2017


“When we got there, she was pretty much all the way out… and the mother of the person in labor was actually pretty much delivering the baby – her own granddaughter – in the bathroom on the floor,” Assistant Fire Chief John Whalen told reporters.

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