Sealord Hoki Fish Fillet Review … Our Mums Have Spoken!


One of the most frustrating and annoying things about motherhood is having to think about what to cook for dinner. EVERY. NIGHT.

Really? Every night? But I just cooked dinner yesterday! And every night before then. Why are you always so hungry??

Of course, that’s not the only challenge. There’s also:

  • once you’ve decided what to cook, realising that you don’t have the ingredients,
  • trying to come up with something healthy for the family,
  • and then finally serving it up to kids who proclaim their deep hatred of your dinner offering.

We know you know what we’re talking about! It’s all about the “little wins” and it certainly keeps us on our toes and always on the lookout for the perfect dinner weapon solution.


So a few weeks ago, we asked you to come on board and become a Sealord Taste Tester and share your little wins with us… and man, did you guys win!

The feedback was almost unanimous. Sealord Hoki Every Day Frozen Fish Fillets ticks all the right boxes!Sealord-Hoki-Fish-Fillets-Review


Here’s what some of our reviewers had to say:

Jo, mum to kids between 3-5 years old

“Hubby and kids loved them, they were a hit in our house.”

Rebekah, mum to kids between 5-10 years old

“I enjoyed seeing irregular, fillet shapes in the packet as it’s great to see real fish fillets.”

Elizabeth, mum to kids between 5-16 years old

“The perfect size for lunch or dinner. They were quick, nutritious and moreish.”

Sasha, mum to kids between 1-16 years old

“Great fish and good tasting . Will be sure to add these to my shopping list as a regular meal.”

Kirsty, mum to kids between 3-16 years old

“The fish was really tasty, fresh and had a great texture. I loved how the sweet Chilli taste went through the fish. Really tasty.”

Maureen, mum to kids between 3-10 years old

“Sealord Fish fillets were really tasty, moist and tasted far better than other fish we’re used to buying. The kids loved it and it made for a wholesome meal without huge preparation!”

Evelyn, mun to kids between 1-10 years old

“My kids and I loved them! They really were tender and juicy inside, and I would definitely buy them again, budget providing. If they weren’t on special, I’d almost be tempted just not buy fish unless another brand was on a really, really good special. Once you taste Sealord Hoki you never go back, or something like that haha.”

Erin, mum to kids between 1-5 years old

“My children both love fish, however I find a lot of the frozen fish to not have any taste & to be offcuts instead of real fillets. The Sealord Hoki fish however I was suprised with. It was delicious and actually tasted like fresh fish. I was a happy mother as they went to bed with tummies full of nutritious food which they enjoyed eating! It took the battle out of dinner time!”

Kelly, mum to kids between 5-10 years old

“Love this product and makes missing NZ fish and chips that much easier to take. Having moved from NZ the type of fish is very important to my husband.”

Belinda, mum to kids between 1-5 years old

“This fish was beautiful and didn’t seem to be made up of “fillers”. It’s the real deal. My kids loved it and even asked for more! Will be getting these again for sure!”

Joanne, mum to kids between 1-10 years old

“Love this fish and always happy to feed the kids food they will actually eat”




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