Parent Stabs Teacher at Byron Bay School

Let’s be honest, at one time or another we’ve all been slightly (or a lot) annoyed by our kid’s school teacher, but stabbing them with a pair of scissors…what next?

According to news reports, police were called to Byron Bay Public School after allegedly a female parent stabs teacher with a pair of scissors.

The incident, which was said to have taken place around 7.30 a.m. today at Byron Bay Public School, left the 28-year-old teacher wounded and in need of further treatment.

After receiving first aid at the scene, the man was taken to Byron Central Hospital for follow-up treatment before being transferred to Tweed Hospital to undergo surgery. He’s currently in a stable position.

Following the incident, the school went into lockdown, with the alleged attacker later being arrested at her home in nearby Suffolk Park.

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Community rocked by the news

Locals have taken to the Byron Bay Community Board on Facebook to share their disbelief and concerns for the school children.

A local resident posted…

Attention parents of Byron Bay Public School kids. There has been an incident at the school this morning, which has resulted in a teacher being hospitalized.

We have been reassured that our child and all the children are safe. Just wanted to let everyone know, in case you wanted to contact the school and check on the wellbeing of your child, although they can’t share any details of the incident.

While the children have been offered counselling following the horrific ordeal, some adults were quick to remind everyone that the teacher was the one who was injured.

One person posted…

Great to think about the children but it is the teacher who has been stabbed!

Are parents really becoming the new school bullies?

This event follows several news reports of teachers speaking out about how intense and difficult parents are becoming.

Professor of leadership and organisational psychology Dr Ronald Riggio, in a blog post for Psychology Today, writes..

The amount of “helicopter parents,” or those who are exceedingly protective of their children, is rising and in some cases these parents cross the line with teachers. Some of the bullying is subtle – demanding more and more from a teacher, asking for exceptions for their child, or tearing down the teacher’s reputation to other parents. Sometimes it reaches extremes.

He explains that research and conversations with teachers – at both junior and high school level – indicate that teachers are easy targets for bullies, that the bullying of teachers is on the rise, and that the bullying is coming from several sources—students, principals and parents.

As parents ourselves, whether we have little kids or school-aged kids, we all know the importance of education. Isn’t this why choosing a school can be such a conundrum?

Surely if we want our children to receive the best education we must support our teachers in dealing with the daily pressures of school life, the huge responsibility on their shoulders and the stresses of demanding curriculums.

Let’s put our scissors away and soften the sharp tongues. Let’s instead put our efforts into fostering a nurturing and supportive environment in which our children can safely learn and teachers can educate—without fear of attack.

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