11 Things I Should Have Bought Shares in BEFORE I Had Kids!

There’s lots about being a mum that is unexpected. The lack of sleep. Poop explosions.

And let’s not even get started on the sheer amount of stuff you have to buy!

Here’s 11 things I wish I’d bought shares in before kids came along, because I never imagined just how much of each of them I’d go through!

1. Band-Aids

Oh bless Band-Aids, the fixers of all injuries both bleeding and imaginary! Simply asking ‘do you need a Band-Aid’ seems to stop oh so many tears! I buy them in bulk. It feels like buying little strips of instant happiness.

mum central

2. Nappies

Of course I knew we’d need nappies. But so many?? Box after box after box. There were times my spare room looked like a Huggies warehouse.

3. Wipes

What a wonderful, undiscovered thing is the baby wipe! Of course they are perfect for all kinds of poop explosions, but also so many other unexpected things too! Cleaning up spills, dusting, detailing the car…

4. Bibs

How I love thee. Savers of cute outfits from copious amounts of dribble and baby mush! If only I owned a company that made them.

Baby Led Weaning Versus Puree

5. Kids paracetamol and ibuprofen

Wonderful reducers of all kinds of sickness, sadness and bringers of sleep! My only complaint is that with three kids, they should come in larger sizes – like litres!

6. Kids socks

Not because I love them, though they are super cute and teeny tiny, but because SO many have disappeared into odd sock space. Meaning I have bought far too many socks compared to the number of tiny feet I have in my house! Check out how many socks you’ll use in your life as a mum!

7. Hand soap

Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands. How many times have I said that in 10 years of parenting! All of which means hand soap, and lots of it!

children and germs

8. Body wash/shampoo/conditioner

In fact pretty much anything in a pump container in the bathroom. I don’t know what my kids do with the stuff. I’m sure some gets sloshed onto their bodies but with the sheer quantity we go through, my entire bathroom should smell of apple guava!

9. Towels

Bath towels. Hand towels. Beach towels. So. Many. Towels.

10. Sunscreen

I’m all for sun smart, but watching my kids apply sunscreen is like watching cash burn. I guess at least my little ones won’t.

child putting on too much sunscreen

11. Snacks

All of the snacks. Never ending, never have enough, mum-I’m-hungry-have-we-got-any-snacks snacks.

Oh and of course contraception. There’s nothing quite like little people to make you check that there won’t be anymore until you are well and truly ready. And have bought some shares in all of these!

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