Kids Get Ultimate Revenge After Mum Confiscates Their Phones Overnight

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and (grudging) acceptance.

They’re the five stages of grief. And if you’re the parent of a tween or teen, they’re also the five stages that come after you take away their phone.

It’s a rare parent who hasn’t done a nightly device round up. ‘Hand over your phone,’ we tell our kids, who are often less than pleased with the request.

Mum confiscates phones, kids crumble

Mum-of-four Michelle Giggler thought she had the teen mobile phone situation sorted with her blanket nightly round up of her kids’ devices.

“I teach high school, and I see the sleep-deprived faces all day of pupils who, admittedly, were up all night on their phones,” Michelle explains on Twitter. Removing her own kids’ devices when the sun sets seemed the best way to get her kids to disconnect.

So far, so good. What Michelle didn’t count on is just how crafty a pod of screen deprived children can be.

All that effort and team work, it (almost) warms your heart.

Other parents react

Fellow Twitter users were quick to add their two cents (what’s new?). Some applauded Michelle’s efforts to minimise all night screen marathons, while others were quick to pull on their sanctimonious hats and question why such extreme measures needed to be taken (because teenagers is surely the only and best answer?).

Thankfully, despite the concern from random internet strangers, all four kids survived their grounding and have lived to tell the tale.

We hear that devices will now be turned OFF at night. Probably for the best!

Wondering how to reduce your kids’ screen time? We’ve got 6 screen busting strategies to try.

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