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We’ve Got a SIGNED COPY of Graeme Base’s Animalia Up for Grabs – With Your Child’s Name on It!

Remember Graeme Base, the world-famous children’s author and illustrator of Animalia? Well he’s now teaming teaming up with gaming developer Maurice Wheeler to create multi-player app – for families!

The gaming app, The Magical Moopaloop Tree, can be played by up to 6 family members at a time. Mums, dads and kids can all work together, growing a magical tree and nurturing the Moopaloops. Game play begins with one Moopaloop in your tree. Players must scoop up MoopaGoop (a nectar that drips from the tree) with a MoopaScoop and feed the Moopaloop.

When your first Moopaloop is finally full, she’ll lay an egg. When it hatches you get a new Moopaloop. The game continues, with each family member pitching in to help the Moopaloops eat, lay eggs and grow as their own little family.

magic-moopaloop-treeOh, wait – the MoopaGoop doesn’t just make the Moopaloops lay eggs. What else happens when you feed any living (or virtually living) thing? Well, in this case, you get MoopaPoop. But, the poop isn’t just hilariously funny for your silly 6-year-old to see. It serves a purpose. The more poop the Moopaloops have, the more your tree is fertilised. The more fertilised your tree is, the bigger it grows!

Why do you want a bigger tree? The game allows you to hang magical charms on the tree. More charms equals more MoopaGoop (which also equals more Moopaloops and MoopaPoop). Added tree space is necessary to hang more charms.

Still in development, Base and Wheeler recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the app. Starting 20 June, the campaign will run for only 35 days and aims to raise $85,000. Kickstarter Rewards for supporters range from stickers, posters and colouring books to a thank you on Graeme’s website, limited edition prints, signed books, personalised poetry or a personal book reading with Base. The Rewards are dependent on the donation amount. Additionally, the first 100 supporters get a free download of the app when it launches.


mum central

Of the app Base says, “Until now I have focused on printed books, leaving the world of digital games to others, but when Maurice came to me with the idea for an app that engages whole families and encourages them to work together – just as they might with one of my books – I jumped at the opportunity and the Magical Moopaloop Tree was born.” He adds, “I very much hope this Kickstarter campaign succeeds and I can help Maurice make this enormously entertaining and worthwhile idea a reality.”

divider-3enter-to-winThanks to our friends at the Magical Moopaloop Tree, we have an autographed copy of Animalia up for grabs!  

The tried and trusted book has now sold over 3 million copies around the globe and inspired an animated TV series!

Not only will the winner receive the autographed book, but it will come with a special, personal message from Graeme Base himself! So, be sure to complete the entry form in full, comment below and tell us why you love this magical book, and you’re in the running to win!

Simply complete the entry form below, tell us in the comments at the bottom of this page why you’d like to win and your’e in the running!

Win an Autographed Copy of Animalia by Grame Base

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  1. Avatar of Richard Harrison
    Richard HarrisonReply

    I’ve loved Graeme’s books for years and now I have kids I’m loving introducing them and teaching them to hunt for things

  2. Avatar of Natina

    My toddler son is mad about animals, i am slowly getting him a collection of different animal books and would love to add this to his collection, especially with it being a book that any age enjoys so he will continue to love it as he gets older.

  3. Avatar of Luize

    I have loved Graeme Base books since I cant remember. I love the illustrations that suck you into the book and leave you with a wealth of knowledge, adventure and love of books.

  4. Avatar of joni

    I loved Animalia as a child and used to sit in the library looking at it but never owned a copy.

  5. Avatar of Alex

    I’d love to win as this was one of my favourite books growing up!

  6. Avatar of Cleo Sids

    Great book , would love to win this for my god-daughter

  7. Avatar of Calisto Brady
    Calisto BradyReply

    YES! For myself and yeah okay…. my daughter lol

  8. Avatar of SCOTT BRUNSKILL

    Animalia….a favourite in our family for many moons now….a brilliant book that stimulates and educates….I would love a personalised copy for my granddaughter so she too can absorb the magic and increase the passion for reading

  9. Avatar of Kirsty

    It’s so special to have an item that is personalized and what a classic Graeme Base’s Animalia is. Every child has a love for animals and I have fond memories I reading this over and over when I was a kid. Naming all the animal is great for learning and such fun.

  10. Avatar of Courtney Mills
    Courtney MillsReply

    Animalia Is one of my life long favourite books and the first thing I bought when I found out I was pregnant

  11. Avatar of Shannon Wotton
    Shannon WottonReply

    Animalia was my favourite book as a child. I loved the beautiful illustrations and the fact that there was so much to discover on every page. The funny rhymes starting with each letter of the alphabet could be recited endlessly. This is a book I’d love to share with my kids, I’m sure it would give them so much enjoyment as they get lost in and uncover the hidden secrets on each page as I did when I was a child!

  12. Avatar of Tori P

    i would love my 13 month old to have one as i did when i was little. this one is just extra special!

  13. Avatar of Rebecca Foster
    Rebecca FosterReply

    I loved Graham Base books as a child, then my daughter loved Graham Base books. Now my 8 year old grandson loves Graham Base books. His books are timeless and I love read and looking through the pages of the books now with my grandson. Such great childhood memories.

  14. Avatar of Paula Harris
    Paula HarrisReply

    I’ve been an Animalia fan for years and regularly read it to my grandson

  15. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole WoodsReply

    I have soooo many fond childhood memories related to this book. I’ve always wondered whether it contributed to my absolute love of animals or just solidified it. It would be amazing to be able to pass it onto my kids as well.

  16. Avatar of Bex

    Such a wonderful book is Animalia byGraeme Base. It is so visual, creative and enticing for children to read.

  17. Avatar of robfunk

    I love this book! I spent hours looking through this book in my primary school days. Such a great book!

  18. Avatar of Michelle Leach
    Michelle LeachReply

    Everyone should read this book it’s fun, creative and once you’ve done one page your addicted. I would love to spend some time with my god-daughter uncovering all the secrets on each page. Thanks for the chance xx

  19. Avatar of Kirstin Trehan
    Kirstin TrehanReply

    This would be perfect to add to my Graeme Base collection. I just love his books and love introducing my children to them

  20. Avatar of Blossom

    My children and their toddler cousin have a fantastic love of animals – native or domestic it matters not. They must inherit their choices from their parents and grandparents. Educational too.

  21. Avatar of Sueb

    I loved this book myself back in the 80s so I’m sure my boys would get the same enjoyment I did reading it

  22. Avatar of Shanna Woods
    Shanna WoodsReply

    Wow! I loved these books when I was little and now my kids love them.
    I remember going to the library at primary school & everyone would race to get the Animalia books.

  23. Avatar of Kathryn C

    This was one of my favourite books as I was growing up. Would love to introduce it to my daughter

  24. Avatar of Nyssa Johnson
    Nyssa JohnsonReply

    Animalia is one of those things that will always remind me of my own childhood!

  25. Avatar of Rach.

    I love kids books, and sharing the joy that reading brings to both my kids.

  26. Avatar of Noella

    Animalia is an absolute classic I remember if fondly from my childhood and would love to share it with my children

  27. Avatar of Ian Cowling
    Ian CowlingReply

    Graeme Base encouraged me to do illustration at uni. I love reading his books with my kids now. Hopefully they will get the illustration bug (and gene)!

  28. Avatar of Karina Lee

    This was my favourite book in primary school. It was constantly on loan to me from the library! Here is my chance to finally have my own copy..20 years later!

  29. Avatar of Louise Patterson
    Louise PattersonReply

    This is wonderful book. What a treasure for the child who wins 🙂

  30. Avatar of Patrick

    Wow, What a prize, The kids are crazy fans of Animalia!

  31. Avatar of Jon Donovan
    Jon DonovanReply

    My daughter loves reading books and to have one with her own name on it would be truly amazing for her

  32. Avatar of Mel

    Would love to win this for my lil one, he loves story books!

  33. Avatar of Charl Lowther
    Charl LowtherReply

    My daughter would love to add this book to her collection! It’s a great book 🙂

  34. Avatar of Julia Morton
    Julia MortonReply

    i loved this book as a child, my daughter would love it, educational, great pictures an honour to win such a book

  35. Avatar of Kmo May

    I can still remember our school librarian reading this book to my class. Would love to share this great book with my kids!

  36. Avatar of LilMiss Kibby
    LilMiss KibbyReply

    i just love this book! it would be a delight to share it with my youngest child

  37. Avatar of Tayw

    It’s such a lovely story, one I enjoyed 100 of times, and I’d like to have the same experience with my babies and make memories.

  38. Avatar of Narelle

    A signed copy would be wonderful precious to hold and read to my precious girls and then put in a special place teaching them to look after after something truly rare 🙂

  39. Avatar of Gigi H

    Graeme Base’s books are amazing. Adding a personalized book to his collection would be a great honour for my son.

  40. Avatar of Tessa St Clair
    Tessa St ClairReply

    I loved it as a kid, my kids love both the book and the TV showl. I love that it has the fun element of animals doing crazy things, the game element of finding the child, the learning element of the alphabet and the beauty of the pictures and the imagination they bring.

  41. Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
    Barbara FehmelReply

    What a wonderful book this is, children would love this story.

  42. Avatar of Rebecca Evans
    Rebecca EvansReply

    I have always loved the details in the illustrations, they are incredible

  43. Avatar of Margaret

    My son loved this book as a kid, and would love to win a signed copy for him now he’s an adult

  44. Avatar of Hellie

    I would love to win this. It would put a smile on my face each time I read it, remembering the magical time of being a child

  45. Avatar of Natasha Page
    Natasha PageReply

    I loved this as a child and now my son loves it too. How Amazing to be able to read this to his own children in about 20yrs time!

  46. Avatar of Kat Rogers

    Definately one of my favorites growing up, would certainly love to introduce the 3 girls to it

  47. Avatar of Kimmibon

    Graeme Base was my favourite author as a child. Reading this book is one of my earliest school memories as a five year old prep student. I would love this book for my five year old, Sean who is starting school next year.

  48. Avatar of Scott Crumlin
    Scott CrumlinReply

    For a lovely little girl who loves to read called Zoey.

  49. Avatar of Christina Lionello
    Christina LionelloReply

    This was my favourite book in primary school so naturally id love to win a copy (signed copy!!) for my bookworm 6 year old son 🙂

  50. Avatar of Lenna Reinhard
    Lenna ReinhardReply

    My fav book when I was a kid my daughter would love a copy signed of this who wouldn’t this book is amazing

  51. Avatar of Tess Howard
    Tess HowardReply

    I try to instill the love of books in my children and so far so good. But I know that I have a few special books from my childhood and would love for them to have one of their own. What a special treat this would be!

  52. Avatar of longhairy1

    Reading is our favorite past time, my children are BOOK WORMS. Getting a signed copy would be an awesome and an added bonus

  53. Avatar of Carly B

    my daughter loves this book we have read it so many times – it would be an honour to have autographed copy

  54. Avatar of Leanne Baker
    Leanne BakerReply

    This beautiful book we’d love to win,
    To let our magical adventure begin.
    A family favourite that I’d love for our home,
    A signed copy would be amazing to own.
    It would be great to light up my daughters face,
    By winning a copy of Animalia by Graeme Base!

  55. Avatar of Dawn Taylor
    Dawn TaylorReply

    My son is 33, and still has the Animalia book he was given as a little boy.

  56. Avatar of Lauren Jordan
    Lauren JordanReply

    I loved this book growing up! Would love to share it with my own children. The dragons eating delicacies were my favourite!

  57. Avatar of Kim

    My girls love this book, but to have it autographed would be fantastic!

  58. Avatar of Mel

    I would love to win such a special book that I enjoyed immensely as a child. To pass down and let my son live in the magic of Animalia, amazing!!

  59. Avatar of Melindy

    When I was at uni doing my graphic design degree. Graeme base was my idol. I used to illustrate. I created mock children’s books and dreampt of getting them.published. his illustrations are incredible. The detail, his concepts and imagination out of this world. I would be honoured to own a signed book with my son’s name on it as a keepsake and reminder of my dream and butiin to follow in his footsteps as a children’s book illustrator someday.

  60. Avatar of Gee

    Graeme Base was my favourite when i was I little kid – and still is!!

  61. Avatar of 78DaysofSummer

    it takes me back to my childhood and having fun with my friend and her Animalia books, i’d love to share this with my children

  62. Avatar of Natalie Hage
    Natalie HageReply

    Reading his books is like entering into another world full of wonder, magic and beauty

  63. Avatar of BJ Lee

    I remember reading the books and trying to copy the pictures on my own. It was such a mesmerising world to be in.

  64. Avatar of Amanda

    It’s a lovely book and would make a beautiful family keepsake.

  65. Avatar of Emma Gunn

    It is a beautifully illustrated book that I know my 2 children would love

  66. Avatar of Rachel K

    With over three million copies of Animalia sold worldwide this amazing book is also one of my favourites! Animalia’s incredible imaginary world intrigues all readers, whether or not they know their ABCs and they certainly will know them when they’re finished.

  67. Avatar of Lauren barnes
    Lauren barnesReply

    So many Primary school memories with Animalia, this will provide some nostalgic bed reading

  68. Avatar of Lyndall Crisp
    Lyndall CrispReply

    I grew up with this book and would love for my kids to have the same!

  69. Avatar of Debbie Moody
    Debbie MoodyReply

    I remember these books, they are great I would love to share the joy I had with them with my grandchildren.

  70. Avatar of Penny Cooper
    Penny CooperReply

    So many childhood memories of Animalia that I have owned copy upon copy upon copy. My kids know how lost I get when I open it now, and my fondest memories will be exploring it with them. I would love to know that somewhere in the future this tradition is continued with their children too.

  71. Avatar of Mikaela Cowan
    Mikaela CowanReply

    This was my favourite book as a child! To win would be amazing

  72. Avatar of Sharon Markwell
    Sharon MarkwellReply

    Animalia has been a part of our family’s lives for over twenty years. We love critters with a passion and Animalia helps with this love.

  73. Avatar of Sarahmary92

    I loved Animalia as a child, so I’d love to share this cool experience of books with my own kids, so they can experience some of the magic.

  74. Avatar of Mandy Smith
    Mandy SmithReply

    That beautiful book is something my kids and our future grandkids will be able to enjoy as it is timeless and enjoyable for all.

  75. Avatar of Alex

    I’d love to win because this book was such a big thing when I was a child and it would be marvellous to share it with Master 5!

  76. Avatar of Gillian Harridge
    Gillian HarridgeReply

    Animalia is one of the best books one could ever own. Awesome pictures and story.

  77. Avatar of Rachel Edmondson
    Rachel EdmondsonReply

    My Ridiculously Radiant Rosy RILEY and Absolutely Amusing and Ambitious ALEX would love this book as much as I still do 🙂

  78. Avatar of carly

    My daughter is an avid reader and she would be thrilled to add this to her collection 🙂

  79. Avatar of Tara Nikelis
    Tara NikelisReply

    I would love this for our home library for everyone to share.

  80. Avatar of Megan

    This is a classic, our copy got chewed up by the baby! (we’d be a little more careful with this one though ;-))

  81. Avatar of Ebony Carr

    My son Jaxon would love a copy! He loves searching for the little boy

  82. Avatar of AmberB

    Because I loved these books when I was young – so fantastic that the next generation get to enjoy them too!

  83. Avatar of Susie

    Have enjoyed sharing this book with many children over the years. Would love to do the same with my son too when he’s old enough.

  84. Avatar of Nichole Mckee
    Nichole MckeeReply

    I remember loving Animalia as a child myself sitting in the library and at home glued to the pages, now I’m so much older it would be lovely to share that with our growing kiddies too

  85. Avatar of Glenda

    Five year-old grandson would go ape over this, followed by his copy-cat little sister.

  86. Avatar of Claire H Simmons
    Claire H SimmonsReply

    i loved this book as a kid, i would hunt for the animals for hours and then giggle as i found them

  87. Avatar of Vanessa Brown
    Vanessa BrownReply

    Absolutely love this book, would love to win a signed copy to share and read with my daughter

  88. Avatar of daniela barbaro
    daniela barbaroReply

    I’ve always loved Animalia growing up and I’d love to share it with my girls

  89. Avatar of Melissa Kagie
    Melissa KagieReply

    My favourite book as a child, now I would love to share this beautiful book with my own children.

  90. Avatar of Fotini Christmass
    Fotini ChristmassReply

    Love this book and all of Graeme Base’s books. Such a brilliant author!!

  91. Avatar of Christie Louise
    Christie LouiseReply

    I’ve loved this book for many many years. Such beautiful illustrations, inviting the reader in for a wonderful journey!!

  92. Avatar of Ern

    As a kid I loved this book, be great for my little angel to experience the same joy.

  93. Avatar of D I A N A

    This was my most borrowed book from the library when I was in grade prep, the pictures held me spellbound. Will be lovely to enjoy it again, only now with my own little ones 🙂

  94. Avatar of Samala Cambridge
    Samala CambridgeReply

    Amazing book that I grew up with. My grandma use to read me this every time she visited. Would love to pass this tradition on.

  95. Avatar of Eamond Tomaszewski
    Eamond TomaszewskiReply

    Graeme Base is a legend and will always be immortalised as an iconic part of our children’s lives please we would love this

  96. Avatar of Kylie T

    A beautiful kaleidoscope of literary and photographic wonderment one of a kind to celebrate intrinsic expressionism and charming animal amazement creatively entwined. Inspiring little hearts with a generational journey of love, explorations and fun, always part!.

  97. Avatar of Sheree

    MY girl just loves to read…. with her name in it i’m positive she will be reading ‘her’ book to anyone who walks in the front door 😀

  98. Avatar of Bec L

    Animalia was around when I was a child and now my children also love this book. It is a fantastic moment to enjoy together and is fun for both the child and the adult!

  99. Avatar of Melinda Bolitho
    Melinda BolithoReply

    My girls haven’t read this book yet, what an amazing way to introduce it to them – with a special note from the author!

  100. Avatar of Anda

    my kids dont knwo about it,I would love them to have the chance to discover it.

  101. Avatar of Andy G.

    My Animalia copy is now adored by my children and we’ve just borrowed, from the local library, ‘My first ANIMALIA” with its ‘lift up’ flaps. Older ones are now delighting in ANIMALIA jigsaws…We all went to an exhibition of Graeme Base’s illustrations… We just can’t get enough Graeme Base in this household. Magical Moopaloop? yes please.

  102. Avatar of Ashley Beech
    Ashley BeechReply

    I remember this book when I was younger, and loved it. Would like to pass that love down to my 3 children!

  103. Avatar of Julia Mason
    Julia MasonReply

    I’d love to win this classic story book, it’s a visual adventure for adults and kids alike, and a total treasure to keep in my bookcase, one that I’ll share with my Children and their Children for years!

  104. Avatar of tracywed

    id love to win so I could share this with my grand kids

  105. Avatar of Nassep

    This is one of my fav childrens book, the pictures are brilliant

  106. Avatar of Sharee Hogben
    Sharee HogbenReply

    I remember reading this when I was young and would love to share it with this new generation.

  107. Avatar of Juanita Munro
    Juanita MunroReply

    OMG, This was around when I was a little child, I’d love to win & pass it onto my own son now like an air loom lol

  108. Avatar of Kacey

    To have the Author, Graeme Base sign a copy of this and it be mine, would certainly go ‘straight to the pool room’!

  109. Avatar of Lauren Thomas
    Lauren ThomasReply

    I’d like to win so I can give this signed copy to my little sister.

  110. Avatar of Dale Pearce
    Dale PearceReply

    Love this book 🙂 signed copy would be sooooooo exciting

  111. Avatar of Beksmum

    First book my mother bought for my eldest daughter, still have it today – would love to give my grand daughter the same (but personalised)

  112. Avatar of Amy Ginis

    I loved this book as a child and I would love my children to experience it!

  113. Avatar of Katrina Potter
    Katrina PotterReply

    I loved this book as a child and now my children do also. It would be amazing to have a signed copy

  114. Avatar of Sam Byrne

    This book is so classic, we would love a signed copy.

  115. Avatar of Sarah Armstrong
    Sarah ArmstrongReply

    A beautifully written and illustrated book. I’d love a copy on my bookshelf to share with my family.

  116. Avatar of Chrissy07

    This book is just amazing. It’s brilliant and we would love to have it join our treasured library of books we read the children.

  117. Avatar of L Conroy

    Such a fantastic book I enjoyed when I was little, would love to share with my little man

  118. Avatar of Sarah Fairley
    Sarah FairleyReply

    Animalia has stood the test of time with good reason. It’s a classic, and I’d love another copy so the kids could have 1 each

  119. Avatar of Jemma C

    Love to win this book to teach my son the alphabet. It would be that much more special and encouraging to have his name penned in it by Graeme Base!

  120. Avatar of Suzanne Langley
    Suzanne LangleyReply

    Purchased one of these classic books in the late 1980’s for my own children.
    It was read cover to cover, over and over and was never put down – greatly cherished and loved by all!
    So much so, that age and use have now caught up with it.
    Would love to win a new one for my grandson and grand-daughter to share between themselves.
    Thanks for letting me enter your generous competition.

  121. Avatar of mustangmum

    I remember this book from my childhood, would love to see it again with my child’s name..

  122. Avatar of Michelle Warwick
    Michelle WarwickReply

    This book never gets boring. There’s so many new things to discover every time you read it. My kids grew up with this book and I can’t wait to share the excitement and adventure with my grandchildren.

  123. Avatar of jaime farrands
    jaime farrandsReply

    I never read this growing up but I’ve heard lots of great things about it

  124. Avatar of Adele Smith
    Adele SmithReply

    The alliteration and imagery combine to create such a magical experience and one that never tires. Grandchildren Gathering Greedily Grasping for Graeme’s Gift of Greatness!

  125. Avatar of Amanda L

    In a world of uncertainties what a beautiful way to get lost in a myriad of hide and seek. Simply a joy for both the young and old!

  126. Avatar of joburkey

    I have been a fan of Graeme Base since my old next door neighbour gave me a copy of ‘My Grandma lived in Gooligulch’. I instantly fell in love with the story and the illustrations. On a school excursion i met him at a book house prior to the launch of Animalia which is now my all time favourite because you always find something new. I met him a couple of years ago at the Melbourne zoo where I introduced my little daughter to the wonders of him, his stories and his pictures.

  127. Avatar of ElkeH

    My son absolutely loves him! Reads his books for hours. 🙂

  128. Avatar of Sarah Shelley
    Sarah ShelleyReply

    I remember as a child, this was my favourite book to read. Adventurous and sooooo creative, the illustrations are magnificent. My boys would love this book as much as i did and now their a little older, 8 & 6 would look after such a treasure a lot better than when they were younger. Something this precious though, I might even consider just keeping it for myself. Hehe

  129. Avatar of Joanne Parkinson
    Joanne ParkinsonReply

    This would be perfect for my children on rainy days because it would keep them occupied and helping each other find the objects

  130. Avatar of Kim

    My daughter is animal obsessed and also loves reading – so combining her two passions.

  131. Avatar of Paul McCallum
    Paul McCallumReply

    I loved this book – exposing a finding something new every time. Now seeing my little one discover it too is fantastic.

  132. Avatar of Vanessa Di Cicco
    Vanessa Di CiccoReply

    When I was a kid, this book made me feel so special. It was absolutely magical and I truly believed I was searching for one of the greatest secrets in the world as a flipped through the pages every night. Loved it!

  133. Avatar of Ineedacoffee

    I never saw the book till i was an adult
    Love it, so will miss 6

  134. Avatar of Sarah Turnbull
    Sarah TurnbullReply

    I would love to win this for my kids. I love these books and would love to introduce them to my kids as I know they would love them as much as I do

  135. Avatar of Tabatha Voss
    Tabatha VossReply

    it has been far too long since I have read this classic

  136. Avatar of Natasha

    I grew up with these book and I simply loved them. I still love sitting and looking through the 11th Hour and Uno’s Garden……..Animalia is my daughter’s favourite.

  137. Avatar of Fiona

    I an looking forward to sharing this classic with my little boy. An autographed copy would make a great collectors piece to start a family tradiion with. I’d love him to one day read it to his children.

  138. Avatar of kathy clark
    kathy clarkReply

    I love these the are getting better every time a new publication comes out

  139. Avatar of Emmi Collins
    Emmi CollinsReply

    Witty, fun, charming – Animalia is a colourful journey through the Alphabet!

  140. Avatar of Kylie Embury
    Kylie EmburyReply

    Animalia has been my favourite book since it first came out in the 1980’s! I was studying to become an Early Childhood Educator at the time and it was the most amazing Chileren’s book I’d ever seen. Now 30+ years later, my two oldest children wore it out studying each page most nights when they were younger. I keep meaning to get a new copy for our 5 year old so he can be as enthralled as we all have been 🙂

  141. Avatar of JessD

    This my family’s favourite childhood books. Shown by being one of the only books that has remained intact through five children and 4 grandchildren. I would love a copy to add to my collection for my children. My eldest has just reached the age to enjoy it.

  142. Avatar of Julie Ford

    loved this book as a child and would cherish reading and sharing with my children

  143. Avatar of Rebecca Smith
    Rebecca SmithReply

    I would love to win as I loved this story when I was young then I passed on my love to my boys who in turn now love this story too and our copy is so well loved that it is falling apart

  144. Avatar of Deb Lee

    I loved searching for all the different animals as a kid and would love to share that joy with my children now

  145. Avatar of Jenny Mansbridge
    Jenny MansbridgeReply

    My sons loved this and would love to introduce it also to my grandchildren

  146. Avatar of Alex He

    The book looks colourful and interesting and my boy would love to read it.

  147. Avatar of Lauren Ibbotson
    Lauren IbbotsonReply

    They have this book at the hairdressers so whenever we go my children want me to read it to them. They are fascinated by it!

  148. Avatar of Mon Seven

    My absolute favourite book from my childhood! I still have my copy and love sharing it with my three little ones. Especially love to spot things beginning with each letter.

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