The Simple Trick to Get Babies To Take Their Medicine

Have a sick bubba who is refusing medicine? We’ve all been there.

One clever mumma has shared a brilliant solution for getting babies to take their medicine that will end the medicinal meltdowns once and for all.

Like most babies, little Alfie doesn’t like to take medicine. And like most mums, Helena Lee doesn’t like to watch her little one struggle when the symptoms can be eased with medication.

So what do you do? Easy. You trick them.

Enter the Bottle Teat Trick

Simply place the medicine into a syringe or dispenser, add a baby bottle lid and feed to bubba like a bottle.

Bub is tricked into thinking it’s a bottle of milk. And you’ve got a way to get that medicine down the hatch without your infant spitting most of it back up.


As Helena writes on her Facebook post, “Not one bit got wasted. And no tears.”

Baby feels better. Mumma feels better. And the peace is restored (until the next dose anyway).

Bottle Teat Hack for the win!

Of course, this hack might not work as well if your wee one doesn’t take a bottle. But, hey, if your baby or toddler does have a bot bot, then give it a go! Hopefully, by the time they wean off the bottle, they will also be old enough to bribe. Then you’ve got a whole new outlet for getting kids to do stuff they don’t want to do, including taking their medicine.

Breastfeeding mummas, we’d love to hear what hacks or tricks you have to get babies to take medicines. Let us know in the comments below or drop us a line on Facebook.

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