Meet SitR Circle – the New App That Connects You with Babysitters Referred by Your Friends!


There’s nothing worse than not having a babysitter, or one you can trust. Especially if it means missing out on important social events.

End the #FOMO and say goodbye to cancelled plans with SitR Circle. It’s a whole new world of reliable carers – specifically referred by your own network of friends & sitters you might currently use.

This brand new app is revolutionising the art of connecting with, booking and paying babysitters you & your friends know and trust.

How does it work? How are my friends the ‘difference’? 

The difference is huge! This is not just a database of any-old-sitter/carer.  SitR Circle is a new super-smart app that enables you to connect with child-minders that you and your friends have used and personally recommend. By creating a network of parents who know each other, and the sitters they endorse, you’ll never be short for childcare again. SitR Circle means no longer just having one or two people available to mind your kidlets, you can choose from dozens. Plus, if your connected sitters invite their friends who sit, you can connect with them too.

SitR Circle only links you with child-minders that you & your friends know, like and trust!

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Here’s why we love this fab new service.

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After the free download, you’re prompted to set up your parent profile, then, via your contacts, start inviting friends, and sitters you might currently use, to your SitR Circle. With just a few connections, SitR Circle helps you build a community of babysitters, parents and friends who can all be linked allowing for further connections and recommendations to be made. Just remember, with time your network will continue to grow as more parents and babysitters you know join your network!

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Ready to book a sitter? Simply post a booking straight from the app to the babysitters in your SitR Circle. Your booking can also include odd jobs that are often very helpful when the kids are having downtime or are in bed, like folding the washing, or unstacking the dishwasher!

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By posting a booking to the babysitters in your SitR Circle, available sitters can respond immediately. You’re then able to go through a shortlist of available babysitters and choose the best candidate based on their profile, price, availability and even any extra qualifications they uniquely have.


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With the entire process carried out in the app, SitR Circle stands true to its tagline, ‘Connect, Book, Pay!’. Parents pay via the app with one click – just like Uber! They can then give their sitter the thumbs up for a job well done!

[mc_block_title custom_title=”SirtR Circle was designed by an Aussie mum and she gets it (plus she is the founder of the successful Picture Postie app)”]

Aussie mum Jennifer Roberts designed SitR Circle after finding time after time just how difficult it was to source a great sitter for her own two kids. And because she’s a regular mum just like us, she knows how important it is for the app to be quick and easy to use. Jennifer is also the founder of Picture Postie, a top-rated photo printing app, so she knows how to make a great app!

Never miss an important social event again!

What are you waiting for? Download SitR Circle now for both Apple and Android phones (it’s free!), and start your SitR Circle today.

It’s time to start planning your next night out. Go on mum, you deserve it!

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