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Father’s Day Sorted: WIN 1 of 3 Mattresses from Emma, the Best Mattress in Australia

It’s the Father’s Day gift that keeps on giving – night after night. And not just for dad! This is a gift that benefits the whole tribe, including you. A comfortable, award-winning mattress, a restful night’s sleep, and a present that secures your status as Best Wife Ever?

It’s all possible with Emma – the Sleep Company and home to the best mattress in Australia.

That’s right ladies – we have an amazing opportunity for you to bring home an award-winning mattress from Emma, just in time for Father’s Day. Actually, you don’t even have to bring it home – it will be delivered directly to your door! It can’t get any easier than that now, can it!? Plus, we have three to give away!

Emma Comfort is the perfect sleep companion for all types of sleepers. Source: Supplied

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We have 3 mattresses to give away – 2 x Emma Comfort Mattresses (in any size dad wants) and 1 x Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress (in any size dad wants).

The kids can supply handmade crafts. You handle the brekkie and coffee in bed. And Emma will take care of the bed. How’s that for a perfect day for dad?

Take home the best mattress in Australia

If you haven’t discovered the sleeping joy that is Emma, let us introduce you to this heavenly experience.

Emma – The Sleep Company is the leading sleep brand worldwide and rightfully so. Their mattresses are next-level amazing.  They’ve won heaps of awards too – including CHOICE Top Scoring Mattress of 2021 and 2022 for the Emma Comfort Mattress.

Everyone who has an Emma absolutely LOVES it!

Emma offers a 100-night free trial, free delivery and returns nationwide, and a money-back guarantee. Their mattresses also have a 10-year warranty and are perfect for all types of sleepers.

I mean, you get to try it for yourself for 100 nights, and if for some reason you don’t like it, you can return it for FREE! Totally risk-free… you’ve really got nothing to lose and all the sleep in the world to gain!! 

Emma Sleep comfort mattress
Restful nights make for happy days. Source: Supplied

Discover the amazing difference a good night’s sleep makes 

Emma has a few mattress options as well as full bed frames but we recommend either the Emma Comfort Mattress or the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress.

Comfort matters: Meet the Emma Comfort Mattress

The Emma Comfort Mattress is ALL foam which makes it ideal for all types of sleepers – side sleepers, back sleepers, taking-up-all-the-blankets sleepers, snoring-like-a-banshee sleepers, about-to–get-a-pillow-in-their-face sleepers.

It’s especially popular for couples as the high-quality foam adapts to your body and comes with Zero Motion Technology so you won’t know when your husband is rolling around or getting up early for work. Except of course the fact that he will loudly announce, “I’m getting up now for work” before turning on EVERY LIGHT IN THE HOUSE.

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It’s also ideal for parents of night-ninja sleep-thieving children who like to crawl into your bed and co-sleep (AKA. karate chop you in the face with their little ninja feet).

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The Emma Comfort Mattress comes with four unique layers:

  • The Fresh Air Comfort Cover prevents your mattress from sliding and is made from a climate control fibre that regulates humidity and keeps moisture away.
  • The ultra-comfy Airgocell® layer is point-elastic which allows one area of your mattress to compress without impacting the rest. Airgocell® foam is also moisture-wicking to keep your sleep nice and dry.
  • The supportive HRX Foam layer is made with special zoning technology for proper hip, shoulder, and spinal alignment.
  • The grey bottom ensures perfect air circulation, so you breathe easy all night long.
Emma Comfort Mattress - best mattress in Australia
Four unique layers for total comfort and support. Source: Supplied

The Diamond experience: Meet the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress

Moving onto the Emma Diamond Hydrid, you get a mattress that features both foam + spring, optimised for deep sleep.

This is the mattress for you (ahem, we mean, your partner), if either of you has trouble sleeping, back or body pain, or are looking for the next level in amazing mattress quality.

This is the diamond standard, after all.

Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress
Plenty of space on the Diamond Hybrid. Source: Supplied

The Diamond features six unique layers: 

Diamond Hybrid Mattress - Emma Sleep
Discover the Diamond Standard of sleep. Source: Supplied
  1. The fully breathable, removable, and washable premium cover is designed to help facilitate heat dissipation of the Diamond Degree graphite foam. In other words? It lets the mattress breathe.
  2. The Diamond Degree® graphite foam layer is infused with diamond and graphite particles (fancy, right!)
  3. The Adaptive Comfort Foam layer adapts to your body and optimally distributes body pressure, allowing you to sleep comfortably regardless of your build or sleeping position (back, side, stomach).
  4. The individually encased steel pocket springs provide dynamic body adaptation and superior breathability over a standard foam mattress.
  5. The HRX Foam (same as Comfort)
  6. The grey bottom (same as Comfort)

What really sets the Diamond apart is its unique Diamond Degree® foam. The graphite particles work by dissipating excess heat, keeping you at the perfect temperature throughout the night. It’s also designed to help you fall asleep faster and extend the duration of your deep sleep phase.

Yes ladies and gents – your mattress can help you drift into sleep quicker and keep you asleep for longer. No promises on keeping the kids from whinging about wanting water at 2am though.

Price-wise, the Emma Comfort Mattress is slightly more affordable than the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress but both are actually on sale right now and the savings are quite insane – we’re talking 55% off in some instances!

The Leading Sleep Brand Worldwide – ON SALE NOW!

If you’ve been looking into a new mattress for your bedroom or the kids’ bedrooms, now’s definitely the time to shop!

Not only can you pass it off as a gift for dad (score!), but you can also get up to 55% on the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress and 50% off the Emma Comfort Mattress. That’s saving you well over $1,600 in some cases! Crazy right?!

Emma’s whole range is on sale too – 50% off the Emma Wooden Bed, the Signature Bed and the Foam Pillow as well!

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I would tell a dad joke about a bed, but it hasn’t been made up yet. Image source: Supplied. Dad Joke Source: My husband.

Emma – The Sleep Company has heaps of sleep products too. From bed bases to pillows and even quilts if you are after a smaller Father’s Day gift. Check out the full range and lock in your Father’s Day gift early.

The gift of sleep? The best gift ever in our opinion. And a Father’s Day gift that happens to benefit you too? Can’t complain about that!

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Be sure to also put your name down to win either the Emma Comfort or the Emma Diamond Hybrid for Father’s Day.

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WIN an Emma Comfort or Diamond Hybrid Mattress and you choose the size!

Valued at $1,929 (for the Comfort in King) and $3,749 (for the Diamond on King), this is an amazing Father’s Day gift for your hubby (and you, of course).  Best of all, if you win you can nominate what size mattress you’d like too

To enter, simply complete the entry form in full and you could win yourself a brand new Emma Comfort or Diamond Hybrid Mattress for yourself dad.

Emma the Sleep company - best mattress in Australia
Discover why Emma is the leading sleep brand worldwide. Source: Supplied

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