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smarTrike’s STR7 Stroller Trike: Safe, Smooth and Fun Adventures Ahead!

Imagine all the fun adventures ahead with the award-winning smarTrike STR7 7-in-1 Stroller Trike! It grows just like your little one does – starting as a cosy stroller for babies 6 months and up, transforming into a parent-guided trike, and eventually, a classic trike that your kiddo can ride all by themselves.

Your tiny explorer will adore their days out, taking in the world around them with their very own steering bar. And as they grow? The independence and excitement of a stroller trike is second to none.

Parents will LOVE easily manoeuvring the streets with their little ones in tow, all the while watching them learn new skills and use up all that excess energy. And not having to carry them when they get tired or want “uppy”? Priceless!

Go from a fully-functioning stroller to a fully independent trike in seconds, and for under $350 too. Source: Supplied

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We’ve teamed up with smarTrike to give away four of their award-winning trikes. Simply scroll to the bottom to put your name down to WIN.

But first, let’s take a look at how the SmarTrike STR7 7-in-1 Stroller trike is transforming family fun, one stroll at a time.

Family adventures ahead! Source: Supplied

Start with a stroller, transform to a trike

smartTrike ticks all the boxes for family fun. So many parents we’ve spoken to agree that a stroller trike is by far the best thing they’ve ever bought for their kids and we couldn’t agree more.

What makes the smarTrike the best on the market is the fact that it’s the only stroller-certified stroller-trike out there. It may look like a trike, but it functions exactly like a stroller for infants 6 months and up.

Start with a stroller, then onto a parent-led trike and finally an independent trike! Source: Supplied

So many ways to stroll

  • 6 months + Two ways to stroll as a stroller: Choose from an upright seat to see the world or go with a reclined seat for younger infants and for those sleepy treks.
  • 12 months + As a parent-led trike: Remove the baby footrest and unfold the toddler footrest for more room and a more upright position.
  • 18 months + As a parent-led trike: Remove the canopy and watch your little one build balance, curiosity, and confidence.
  • 24 months + As a parent-led push trike: Close the footrest, remove the safety bar, attach the pedals and use the Control Button to switch between parent and child control.
  • 30 to 36 months, As an independent trike: Close the parent handle and watch your little one go, go, go! The high back support and 5-point harness keep toddlers secure while they pedal happily on their own. So much fun!
  • Folded: Store conveniently, or wheel around with the extendable parent handle for easy transportation.
Foldable stroller trike from smarTrike
The smarTrike STR7 7-in-1 stroller trike easily folds flat. Source: Supplied

Safety from the start

Safety-wise, the stroller comes with a five-point harness, shock absorbers, a safety bar, baby footrest, and a rear-wheel locking system – the same features you’d expect from a high-end pram.

The five-point harness is especially important as you know your little one is safe, secure, and not able to unbuckle themselves and escape mid-stroll.

Your little one is safe and secure no matter where the day takes you. Source: Supplied

You’ll also love the padded seat cover and reclining seat, which makes the trike incredibly comfortable for longer walks and even for naps on the go.

Sun safety is important as well, so it’s great that the SmarTrike 7-in-1 trike has an adjustable sun canopy.  Source: Supplied

A perfect steer and smooth ride 

Another thing that parents love about the smarTrike STR7 7-in-1 stroller trike is that it’s incredibly easy to steer and control, regardless of what stage you’re using.

The stroller comes with both a parent and child steering option and you can swap between them with just a simple click of a button. Sometimes kids will want to have a go, only to decide 10 meters later that they don’t want to steer anymore. No dramas – just press the button and you’re back in control.

Go from child-led steering to parent-led steering with just a click of a button. Source: Supplied

You can also go from stroller to trike in just a few clicks – there are no tools needed. 

Pushing the stroller trike is also a dream with effortless one-handed steering. Carry your phone, balance a coffee or hold a dog’s lead in the other hand all the while pushing your tot.

The shock absorbers also help to provide the smoothest ride and protect your child from obstacles along the way so you can easily push them over kerbs, on grass and on dirt tracks too.

Foldable too

But what about when the stroller is not in use? Or when you want to take it to the park and need to drive them? No worries – the smarTrike STR7 7-in-1 stroller trike is fully foldable and easily fits in the back of any boot.

Take your stroller trike anywhere. Source: Supplied

You can even wheel it around while in the folded setting in case you want to move it from the car to the garage or anywhere else.

The smarTrike STR7 7-in-1 stroller trike also includes a large storage bag to keep the stroller trike in when not in use. So handy!

The stroller for ‘big kids’ 

Another great thing about the smarTrike STR7 7-in-1 stroller trike is that it does look like a ‘big kid’ trike, which is something that’s very important to toddlers. Prams can often be seen as “babyish” when our little ones transform into toddlers.

The smarTrike STR7 functions as both a stroller and a trike
A “big kid’s” dream ride. Source: Supplied

With a stroller trike, there’s never a drama to get them to sit in a trike and you won’t have to play that game where you attempt to make them sit while they arch their back and cause a mega scene. Trust us, you won’t miss that battle!

Educational-wise, a trike is also such an important tool for teaching kids how to balance, encouraging independence, improving motor skills, and building up their confidence that they can take on the world, or at least the bike path!

Expect years and years of family fun ahead 

Thousands of parents have uncovered the absolute joy that is a stroller trike and we know this is one purchase that both you and your little one will LOVE.

It’s an ideal Christmas or birthday gift but it’s also a great option for anyone looking for a pram that goes above and beyond. Get yours today at smarTrike with FREE shipping, a one-year warranty, and finance options available.

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We have 4 of the amazing smarTrike STR7 7-in-1 stroller trikes up for grabs, thanks to our friends at smarTrike!

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