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From Stroller to Trike, WIN the smarTrike That Ticks all the Boxes

Sometimes, a pram simply won’t do. Especially if you’re a determined little toddler who prefers to be in the driver’s seat! And, let’s face it, what toddler doesn’t love to take charge, especially on outdoor adventures?!

This is why a smarTrike® is always such an invaluable purchase for parents. And not only parents of toddlers, but babies and preschoolers too.

What’s the smarTrike STR range, you ask?

STR is the ultimate fold-and-go tricycle for kids, it is fun to ride and folds compactly for easy travel.

These trikes go from a cozy stroller for babies 6 months+ (depending on the model) to an independent tricycle for up to 36 months in just a few simple conversions. Not only is it super versatile, it’s also super safe!

SmarTrike 7 in 1
A stroller, parent-controlled trike and independent tricycle, smarTrike does it all! Source: Supplied

But not only that, there are FIVE or SEVEN different configurations to grow with your child (depending on the model) and give your little one a chance to cruise the streets just like the big kids do.

There are a few different models in the smarTrike STR range, all great for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

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Best of all, we are giving away THREE different smarTrike STR models to three lucky children! Our lucky winners will get to choose the model of their choice – so here’s what’s up for grabs – pick the one best suited to you!

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Prize 1: The comfortable STR3 Journey 6-in-1 Trike (valued at $319.99)

The SmarTrike® STR3 Journey 6-in-1 Trike is a fully-folding, stroller-certified, baby tricycle. Designed to grow with your baby from 10-36 months.

Prize 2: The sleek STR5 7-in-1 Trike in black and white (valued at $349.99)

The SmartTrike® STR5 7-in-1 Trike is a 7-in-1 trike. Designed to grow with your baby from 9-36 months, this tricycle folds up compactly, making it the ideal travel choice for families.

Prize 3: A cruisy STR7 7-in-1 Trike in red (valued at $379.99)

The smarTrike® STR7 J folding tricycle is a deluxe 7-in-1 trike (6-36 months). The high-back seat reclines for nap times. It converts from a baby trike into a training tricycle for 18-month-old toddlers and a tricycle for two-year-old kids.

All STR trikes are fully folding trikes, comfortable, convenient, and an absolute godsend for parents!
Welcome to the smarter way to cruise the streets with your little one in tow!

From stroller to trike

The STR stroller trike starts out as a stroller. Sure, they may look a tad different from a traditional stroller, but, they come with all the bells, whistles and safety features you want from a pram. We’re talking five-point safety harness, safety bar, a sun-safe hood, and a parent-controlled braking system. 

The slightly inclined padded seat and leg rest make for an extra cozy ride too, even if your little one dozes off.

The smarTrike isn’t just a trike, but a fully certified stroller too. Source: Supplied

One-touch steering

They are easy to push and the one-touch steering patent gives us effortless manoeuvring control. Lightly touch the parent handle and the trike intuitively steers in the right direction.

This isn’t just a feature in stroller mode – one-touch steering is part of the whole package, regardless of what conversion the trike is in.

But what happens when your independent little one decides they no longer want to sit in the pram? This is where the magic happens.

SmarTrike 7-in-1 trike
The perfect ride for independent toddlers. Source: Supplied

Ready, set, trike!

A quick bippity boppity boo and your child’s stroller is now a … drum roll, pleaseTRIKE!

And not just any trike but one that keeps them completely safe no matter how old they are! smarTrikes convert into five or seven different trike options (depending on the model), suitable for children 6 months to 36 months.

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With 7 different conversions, smarTrikes are suitable for babies 6+ to 36 months. Source: Supplied

Parent or child controlled – you decide!

As your child grows, they can gain more control over the trike as they learn how to steer it themselves.

Yep, toddlers can take the wheel, but we parents are still in complete control with the dual-parent/child control (sssh, don’t tell them though).

The Control Button on the front wheel mudguard allows parents to easily switch control over to baby and back again when they are tired, or getting frustrated.

SmarTrike 7 in 1 trike for kids
Look ma! No help! Source: Supplied

Putting the TRY in Trike

Little ones love being in control and with a smarTrike, they really are. Expect your toddler to develop motor skills, confidence and balance all the while learning to cruise independently.

They even come with removable pedals to turn our baby’s push trike into a toddler tricycle ready to ride and explore. Next stop? Pushbike!

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Safety and comfort at every age 

Here’s another cool thing about the STR stroller trike. You know those luxe features that made them suitable for babies? Like a padded seat, rear-brake system and five-point harness? These safety features REMAIN with them no matter how old they are.

SmarTrike STR range
No plastic seat here, friends. It’s comfort ALL the way. Source: Supplied

And we’re not just talking about a padded seat. The smarTrike stroller trike boasts patented shock absorbers and puncture-free EVA wheels too. It’s smooth sailing, or riding, at every stage.

Folding trike for easy grab and go

Comfortable for them, convenient for us, the smarTrike easily folds, perfect for the boot. Take it anywhere – on family outings, camping trips and holidays or simply on your next adventure to the park.

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Take the smarTrike 7-in-1 anywhere. Source: Supplied

Get your smarTrike for 20% off

If you’re searching for that next step for your baby or toddler, we know you’ll love the smarTrike STR range. It makes a great first birthday present and is sure to set the pace for family fun adventures for years to come.

Shop now at and enjoy 20% off any smarTrike too using code MUMCENTRAL at checkout – offer ends 18 April 2021.
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