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Mixing Fun and Creativity: Iconic Smeg Stand Mixer Gets a Play-Doh Mini Makeover!

Whipping up magic in the kitchen just got even more eggciting – and not just for us mums! Your little ones can now join the cooking fun with their very own mini Magical Mixer. A Smeg stand mixer for you, a mini one for them – and just wait until you see how adorable their little mixer is too!

It’s all thanks to Smeg, one of our very fave kitchen appliance brands. Smeg has recently partnered with one of our very fave kids’ toy brands, Play-Doh, to celebrate creativity, imaginative play and fun in the kitchen.

When you purchase a Smeg Stand Mixer, you’ll receive a Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Magical Mixer Playset so your sous chef can work alongside you.

Not since bread and butter have we seen a better combo!

Accessories – and mini mixer – included (for a limited time). Source: Supplied


The mixing magic that is Smeg

Smeg is known for its top-tier kitchen appliances and its best-selling stand mixer is about as iconic as it gets. Bright, bold and a whiz in the mixing business, Smeg’s Stand Mixer remains a staple on any kitchen bench.

And yes, you’ll be happy to keep it out, loud and proud, on your bench – just look at how pretty it is!

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No need to hide something this stylish in the cupboard! Source: Supplied


Not only it is a show-stopper, but it’s also an absolute gun in the mixing, whisking and kneading department. It comes with an impressive 800 watts of power with optimum torque for mixing heavy doughs. There’s no concern about the motor cutting out or overheating – Smeg is built to handle even the toughest doughs!


Even at full power, you won’t hear much! Smeg’s stand mixer is as quiet as a mouse (okay, maybe not a mouse), but it mixes without the loud engine noises.

smeg-play-doh collaboration
Quiet, powerful and pretty – a recipe for the perfect stand mixer. Source: Supplied


Another thing we love about the Smeg Stand Mixer is how easy it is to use. The automatic smooth start is a big plus as it prevents ingredients from spilling out of the bowl and means less clean-up for you.

Using the Smeg is also incredibly easy, even for those who are newbies to the baking world. The variable 10-speed control is suitable for both left and right-handed people and the quick symbol guide indicates the correct speed for each accessory.


Speaking of accessories, Smeg’s Stand Mixer comes with everything you need for sweet and savoury baking and cooking including:

  • a stainless steel whisk
  • an aluminium flat beater
  • a flex-edge beater
  • an aluminium dough hook
  • 4.8L bowl with ergonomic handle pouring shield
We predict this Play-Doh set will be a huge hit for little ones! Source: Supplied

Buy one for yourself, get one for your mini MasterChef

If you happen to have a Smeg Stand Mixer on your wish list, now’s the time to bring one home. 

When you do, you’ll also receive a Play-Doh Magical Mixer, a lookalike kid-friendly version of Smeg’s own best-seller. It comes with five colourful Play-Doh containers and plenty of cookie and cake moulds to mix up fun, creativity and silliness. 

With every Smeg Stand Mixer purchase, you’ll also receive a Smeg/Play-Doh apron and Magical Chef’s cookbook filled with simple recipes such as cupcakes, Margherita pizza and cheeseburgers that can be created easily with a Smeg stand mixer and a little help from a grown-up.

The Magical Mixer is suitable for kiddies 3+. Source: Supplied

This magical offer ends on 31 May 2023 

The Smeg Stand Mixer retails up to $829rrp and it’s 100% worth the investment, especially if you enjoy baking or want to bring more baked goods into your life (yum!). A pressie for Mother’s Day perhaps??

If you want to take advantage of the Smeg Play-Doh Magical Chef promo, you’ll need to act fast as this promo ends on 31 May 2023. The promo is available across Smeg small appliance retailers in-store as well as online. To view Smeg stockists, click here.

For more information, visit the Play-Doh Bonus Offer. 

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