Dollhouse Delivery! Gabby’s Dollhouse LEGO is Coming Soon

Shut the cat door, everyone! Our preschooler’s favourite character will be launching in LEGO form. That’s right – Gabby’s Dollhouse LEGO is coming soon. Four adorable sets, including the iconic Gabby’s Dollhouse Purrfect Dollhouse, will be ready for assembly 1st August 2023.

And wait until you see how catriffic these LEGO sets are – my four-year-old is going to LOVE these!

Best Dollhouse Delivery ever. 

I’m sure most of us are aware of Gabby’s Dollhouse, the DreamWorks Animation #1 preschool series which follows Gabby and her colourful cats into a magical dollhouse. Gabby’s a pretty cool character and her collection of cats is impressive, all with quirky personalities. There’s music, dancing, lessons and unboxings galore. We can see why kids love it so much.

So when we heard that Gabby’s Dollhouse was teaming up with LEGO, we were pretty stoked.

Gabby's Dollhouse Lego sets coming soon
Gabby’s Dollhouse LEGO is sure to FLY off the shelves. Source: Supplied

There are four Gabby’s Dollhouse LEGO sets to watch out for. 

1. Bakey with Cakey

Gabby's Dollhouse Lego - Bakey with Cakey
Bakey with Cakey retails for $10.99. Source: Supplied

The LEGO Bakey with Cakey Fun features Cakey (she’s one of the many Gabby cats) and is a firm favourite in my household. The Bakey with Cakey Fun set comes with Gabby figurines, a Cakey figurine and a buildable small kitchen with a mixing bowl, ingredients and more, plus a giant cupcake with decorations and a revolving top section.

The set is absolutely adorable and I can’t even deal with how excited my daughter is going to be about this.

2. MerCat’s Ship and Spa

Gabby's Dollhouse Lego - MerCat Ship
Two cute builds in one – the MerCat Ship and Spa retails for $19.99. Source: Supplied

Next, we’ve got Gabby and MerCat’s Ship and Spa and again, the discovery of MerCat in LEGO form is going to result in tears of joy from my daughter.

Mercat’s Ship comes with Gabby and MerCat figurines, a buildable boat and spa salon and several accessories including sunglasses, a life vest, mirror, hair products and an extra wig for Gabby.

3. Kitty Fairy’s Garden Party

Gabby's Dollhouse Lego
Kitty Fairy’s garden includes an epic playground. RRP: $34.99. Source: Supplied

Moving into the world of Kitty Fairy who is a cat AND a fairy and, well, I’m sure we all know popular she is with preschoolers. This is our top pick for imaginative play as it features a treehouse and slide with a bed, snacks, a garden, flowers and a swing, slide and roundabout.

Of course, you can’t have a garden party without guests! Included are a Gabby figurine, a Pandy Paws and Kitty Fairy figurine.

4. Gabby’s Dollhouse Purrfect Dollhouse 

Gabby's Dollhouse lego set
A-meow-ing! Source: Supplied

I’ve saved the best for last and it’s pretty flippin’ cool! It’s the dollhouse from Gabby’s Dollhouse, in LEGO form!

This epic set comes with 498 pieces and includes 8 colourful rooms and a sliding cat-a-vator. It looks EXACTLY the same as the dollhouse on the show and I won’t lie, I’d be pretty stoked to put this together.

Gabby's Dollhouse Lego Sets
Source: Supplied

The LEGO Gabby’s Dollhouse comes with a houseful of figurines including Gabby plus THREE cats – Pandy Paws, MerCat and Cakey. Plus heaps of accessories too including a banana, berry, cupcake, cup, bowl, bottle, scissors, paintbrush, palette, hairbrush, shampoo bottle, book, flower, microphone, guitar, saxophone and lots more. RRP: $79.99 

Pre-order now

All the Gabby’s Dollhouse LEGO sets are suitable for kiddies 4+. Watch out for them on shelves in August too – we predict these will be pretty huge sellers for Christmas and birthday presents.

Gabby’s Dollhouse LEGO sets are also already available for pre-order now through 

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If your child can’t wait until August, we’ve done a few reviews on other Gabby’s Dollhouse products that little girls and boys will love including the Gabby’s Dollhouse Dress-Up Closet as well as the Gabby’s Dollhouse Purrfect Dollhouse. These are available now.

The Dress-Up Closet is an on-the-go dollhouse which includes 14 accessories and four different rooms. There’s a rotating stage, a hair salon, a dressing room and a catwalk. It’s pretty darned cute and takes up minimal space on our playroom shelf – perfect for bite-sized pretend play. Check out our review here. 

For more imaginative play, Gabby’s Dollhouse Purrfect Dollhouse has been hailed a must for Gabby fans. Check out our review of it here. 

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