SRC Pregnancy And Recovery Shorts and Leggings For Before AND After Baby

Whether you’re pregnant or have just given birth, there’s one thing that every mama-to-be and new mama needs; support.

While we can’t be there to hold your hand during labour, we CAN help with the physical stuff. Say hello to SRC Health and their range of game changing compression wear products that offer ‘support for life.’

And the best news? We’re giving three lucky readers the chance to choose a pair of SRC Health compression products, which are endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Choose from:

  • 1 x pair of SRC Pregnancy Shorts or Leggings
  • 1x pair of SRC Recovery Shorts or Leggings
  • 1 x pair of SRC Sports Activate Capris or Leggings

The total prize value is $600 so keep on reading to find out how to enter to get the support you need from pregnancy right through to the post natal period.

SRC compression leggings

1.  SRC Pregnancy Shorts and Leggings for mamas-to-be

Pregnancy can be TOUGH on your body. Stuff stretches and strains and grows more than you think is possible. It’s a rare mama-to-be who doesn’t waddle home during the last trimester and wonder how on earth they’ll actually be able to get up and move the next day. Whether you’re suffering the usual heaviness, aches and muscle fatigue or something more specific, like Sciatica, Pelvic Girdle Pain or Vulval Varicosities, pregnancy can be mighty uncomfortable.

Enter SRC Health Compression wear products. Designed in consultation with an obstetrician and with input from a whole team of health specialists, SRC Leggings and Shorts offer much needed support to your growing and changing body. A specialised compression garment, SRC Pregnancy Shorts and Leggings are all about relieving some of the stress pregnancy puts on your body.

pregnancy compression leggings

How do they manage this magic? It’s all thanks to the gentle medical grade compression and anatomical support panels. These were specifically designed to apply targeted pressure where pregnant women need it most. And all while supporting the pelvis and encouraging the pelvic muscles to remain active. Take that backache and pelvic pain!src-health-pregnancy-panels

When thinking about ‘medical grade compression‘ you may think ‘thick and hot fabric’ (and no pregnant mama needs to be dealing with that!) Thankfully, the clever people at SRC have created their support wear out of a soft, lightweight and breathable fabric. It’s not only super stretchy and unrestrictive but also accommodates your growing bump, without losing compression or shape.

SRC Pregnancy And Recovery

I suffered from pelvic girdle pain and Symphis Pubic Dysfunction during all three of my pregnancies and my SRC Pregnancy Shorts were an absolute lifesaver. Recommended by my physiotherapist, they held my (very) loose joints together and offered snug support to my tender pelvis. I wore them both in summer and winter and they fit perfectly under whatever I was wearing.

mum central

2. SRC Recovery Shorts and Leggings for post-baby body

Ahhh birth. There’s a reason they call it ‘labour’, it’s hard work! The days and weeks after your precious bundle has arrived can leave you sore, raw and pretty darn uncomfortable.

‘Fit for purpose’ SRC Recovery Shorts and Leggings were designed in consultation with an obstetrician to help women to feel comfortable and supported after birth. If you’ve given birth before, you’ll know the shock of realising that your belly doesn’t just ‘bounce right back’. Not to mention the ouchy perineal (thank you tearing and/or stitches), muscle separation and pelvic instability. If you’ve had a c-section, you might also be dealing with a very tender wound.

SRC pregnancy shorts and recovery leggings

SRC Recovery garments can help reduce the symptoms of the post birth aches, pains and surgery scars. Medical grade compression and anatomical support panels deliver targeted compression to help heal your perineum or C-Section wound and any abdominal muscle separation. And with three different lengths, you can choose to wear your garments underneath your ‘normal’ clothes or on their own.

mum centralI used the SRC Recovery Shorts for eight weeks after my daughter was born and they were a game changer. They supported my shrinking belly while helping hold my pelvis in place. They also helped accelerate the healing of my abdominal separation.mum central

3. SRC Health Activate Leggings and Capris get you workout ready

When you’re ready to get moving again, you want to make sure you’re supported! Built with the needs of women in mind, SRC Sports Activate Leggings and Capris are perfect for supporting you during exercise. Featuring the SRC signature anatomical support panels, the leggings hold your pelvic floor, lower back and legs in place, no matter what you’re doing.

post baby exercise leggings

Not all leggings are created equal.

The SRC Sports Activate Leggings and Capris are not your everyday legging either!  The SRC fabric was subjected to 100 wash cycles followed by a fabric extension test. After 50 washes, the results showed that the leading competitor compression fabric had not only shrunk significantly, but was less resistant in the stretch. The SRC fabric had minimum shrinkage and retained its stretch resistance under higher force. The shrinkage of both fabrics stabilised after 100 wash cycles, but only the SRC fabric retained the same high level of compression at the conclusion of the testing. Bravo and a true testament to the quality, integrity and effectiveness of their product!

mum central


Want to win an SRC Health compression product of your choice?

To be in the draw, simply fill in the form below, choose the product you’d like to win and leave a comment in the post telling us why having an SRC Health product will make your pregnancy or post-baby life easier! Good luck!

Win a SRC Health Compression Garments Prize Pack, valued at up to $600!

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  1. Avatar of Casey Thompson
    Casey Thompson Reply

    I’d love to win the SRC recovery leggings as I had some issues after my previous birth and feel these probably would have helped me.

    • Avatar of Kim B

      I love the recovery pants. Would love to try the activate leggings.

  2. Avatar of Bree

    I would absolutely love to win. I’m due Sept with bub #2 and these will be amazing for my pregnancy and recovery. I wish I had them with my first!

  3. Avatar of Liz

    With two other children to look after as well as a new baby I know I’m going to be time poor, so the SRC Recovery garments will give me the support I need to deal with the aches and pains while I focus on my family.

  4. Avatar of Elise M

    I really noticed it after my second child that recovery just wasn’t as easy! And we’d like at least one more child so I’m sure this would help!

  5. Avatar of Naomi P

    I have had 2 children, the first a natural birth and the second an emergency c-section. I wish I had these after both my births now, looking back! We are planning a third and it is likely I will have a c-section again. With two other little ones to run around after I will need to be able to recover quickly and I think the recovery shorts would really help. I would love to win a pair!

  6. Avatar of Caira

    With only 3 months left to go I would love to win a recovery pair of leggings to help with my recovery after birth

  7. Avatar of Di

    I wish in had invested in the recovery shorts after the birth of my 1st son. My recovery time would have been alot quicker. Would love to have the opportunity to win a pair this time.

  8. Avatar of Diana Angel
    Diana Angel Reply

    I wish i new about these when i was pregnant anyway id love to win to help me with getting some great exercises.

  9. Avatar of Nicole

    Would love to win some as I have heard the help a lot after bub is born!

  10. Avatar of Rebecca Tompsett
    Rebecca Tompsett Reply

    After 4 babies, my body is crying out for some recovery leggings to get back to some semblance of its former self.

  11. Avatar of Jodie

    I would love to win the recovery shorts because i will have a newborn and a very actice 20 month old to run around after once the baby is born in July!

  12. Avatar of Kim

    I had always planned on purchasing some recovery shorts for when bub arrives so to win them would be awesome.

  13. Avatar of Penny

    I had a really tough pregnancy and lost my husbands grandfather right before conceiving. This has been really hard on out family. I also have very little support where I currently live, being over 6 hours from my family.
    I have heard wonderful things about the SRC recovery shorts and would love to win some!

  14. Avatar of Lara

    My bub is 5 months old now and I would like to win the active wear leggings. I am still recovering from a difficult pregnancy and have hip dysplasia. Would love to feel more secure trying to move my excess baby weight.

  15. Avatar of Emma

    You said it yourself – as a FTM I’m going to need support. I’ve read heaps of great comments about this product and believe it will be amazing support for later stages in the pregnancy and also once bub is born.

  16. Avatar of Alicia T

    My post partum recovery was terrible with my last child. This time I really hope to take care of my core strength and pelvic recovery with the help of the SRC recovery shorts so as not to worsen any of my current health issues.

  17. Avatar of Flick

    Pregnancy leggings will help me to continue to exercise up until my baby is born

  18. Avatar of MV

    I would love to be comfortable while getting back into shape after having my baby 1 1/2 years ago.

  19. Avatar of Pauline

    I’d love to win the SRC pregnancy shorts to help me get through the rest of my twin pregnancy. I already had an unstable pelvis before so I feel they would really help!

  20. Avatar of Sarah Bauer
    Sarah Bauer Reply

    I would love to win pregnancy leggings as I am hoping to avoid varicose veins and I feel these will help along with my exercise routine. I would also love to avoid a weak pelvic floor so any support I can get with that is a win in my book!

  21. Avatar of Jordana Hodgetts
    Jordana Hodgetts Reply

    I have a large five finger stomach muscle separation. The SRC recovery shorts/leggings would be amazing to help support my body as I recover from giving birth to my daughter three weeks ago. I now have two children under 18months so my poor body has been through a lot with close together pregnancies! Our extended family all live overseas, so with having no on call family support locally it is up to me to be on the go 24/7 with my two children – I can’t stop for back/hip aches!

  22. Avatar of Sally Flower
    Sally Flower Reply

    I would love to win these. Expecting my first child and would love all the help possible to recover the best I can

  23. Avatar of Elizabeth Kaminski
    Elizabeth Kaminski Reply

    Would love to win to help me bounce back afterwards. These also look so comfortable!!

  24. Avatar of Allyce O’Hare
    Allyce O’Hare Reply

    I would love to win these SRC recovery shorts or leggings as I have been told by my midwife that my abdominal separation at 28 weeks is too large already and I need to try and control it with compression bandage, physiotherapy and to take it easy for the next 12 weeks, I will be definitely purchasing a pair but it would be a dream come true to win some and have an extra pair!

  25. Avatar of Jaimie

    I would love to win a pair of recovery shorts as I am a first time mum and ended up having an emergency csection, these shorts would help me a lot during recovery

  26. Avatar of Tania

    I’d love to win the recovery leggings – after a Caesar last time I know recovery is longer & more uncomfortable & knowing I’m having another one with this bub so these would be awesome to help me recover.

  27. Avatar of Jessica J

    I would love to win a pair of SRC recovery shorts – I am having an elective caesarean in 10 weeks after needing an emergency with my first child 18 months ago. I wish I had gotten the SRC recovery shorts the first time, so would love the opportunity to use them this time, especially with needing to get back on my feet to chase a toddler!

  28. Avatar of Kenny Barillas
    Kenny Barillas Reply

    I would absolutely looove to win a pair of recovery short!
    I have two gorgeous boys and I’m now pregnant with my third.
    These shorts would definitely help me with the healing process as I get tearing as well as abdominal separation.
    Thank you so very much for the opportunity!!

  29. Avatar of Tammy

    It would be amazing to win the SRC Recovery Shorts or Leggings, I have suffered quiet severly with Pelvic Girdle Pain since 20 weeks pregnant, Now nearly 30 weeks Physio has become a weekly occurrence. So it would be great to have for recovery so I can get back to being able to just walk again after.

  30. Avatar of Laura Want
    Laura Want Reply

    So looking forward to having the recovery shorts this time round! Currently 23 weeks pregnant and recovery was a massive struggle physically last time.
    Laura Want

  31. Avatar of Laura

    Would love to win a pair of SRC recovery leggings! Bub number one due soon and I have developed a significant abdominal separation – I’ve heard my sisters and friends sing the praises of SRC leggings and would love to experience the benefits myself!

  32. Avatar of lily goodwin
    lily goodwin Reply

    My best friend and i have both given birth over the last 2 months, these leggings would benifit both of us in our recovery.

  33. Avatar of Steph

    Would love to win them to help with my ab separation since having bub

  34. Avatar of Sandra

    Giving birth in July. Would love some recovery shorts as I had a pretty bad pelvis and injured my back due to poor post natal recovery in my last pregnancy.

  35. Avatar of Tiffany Smith
    Tiffany Smith Reply

    I’m 33 weeks with baby #6 and have some serious abdominal separation this time. I’m hoping the src recovery shorts will help me heal faster and reverse the effects of my final pregnancy. The back pain is incredible lol

  36. Avatar of Chloe Heatherill
    Chloe Heatherill Reply

    I’m 11 weeks post-partum from baby #2, my abdominal separation has rectified and I am ready to get my rectum back into shape haha! The SRC Sports Activate Leggings and Capris would give me the confidence to ditch my baggy yoga pants and get into a pair of fitted leggings thanks to the clever support in all the right places to keep my “bits” in where they supposedly should be. And even if I don’t get to exercise like a normal person at a gym, at least my toddler will think I look darn good while I do my 5000th settling squat for the day to get the newborn to sleep! =P

  37. Avatar of Kirstie shiel
    Kirstie shiel Reply

    I would love to win a pair of SRC pregnancy shorts. I have a large abdominal muscle separation and my growing belly needs all the support it can get!

  38. Avatar of Jodie

    I would love to win the pregnancy shorts as I am currently 6 weeks pregnant with my 2nd Bub. I had abdominal separation with my first Bub and am suffering from pain already in my current pregnancy

  39. Avatar of Erum Ziaullah
    Erum Ziaullah Reply

    This isnt a luxury but a need for me. I am due to give birth in 2 weeks via c section and recommended by my doctor to get a pair for post birth recovery. Abs seperation during pregnancy hasnt helped either and I’ve heard rave reviews about these and would absolutely love try them.

  40. Avatar of Shona

    I would love love the SRC recovery shorts. Currently pregnant with my second bub due in 10 weeks and think I’m going to need all the help I can get to recover from this one.

  41. Avatar of Amy Gallagher
    Amy Gallagher Reply

    I would love to win the SRC recovery shorts, I’m due with Bub #2 in about 11 weeks and have heard nothing but good things about these shorts! After an episiotomy and broken tailbone during first birth, and expecting the same again this time these would greatly help my recovery this time!

  42. Avatar of Renee

    I would love to win a pair of SRC recovery shorts or leggings! This is my first pregnancy at the age of 40 and I have had previous issues with blood flow in my legs, varicose veins, spider veins etc, plus back pain and other muscle issues. I am sure SRC shorts or leggings would help aid me in my recovery and be at the top of my game as a first time older mum!

  43. Avatar of chloe

    Having an emergency c section with my first bubba 2 years, im 6 weeks away from giving birth and trying for a VBAC. Wether im succesful or not ill need all the support for my body as possible. SRC is the brand i want to be wearing post partum. For my body and my looks.

  44. Avatar of Candice M

    I would love to win the SRC recovery short. My 4th a final c section is fastly approaching ( my last one being 12 years ago !!) and I have heard nothing but positive feedback in regards to recovery from wearing this product. I will need all the help I can get with healing and wish this garment was more readily available when I had my previous c sections.

  45. Avatar of Alyce sky

    Would love to win some pregnancy leggings as I am having bub 2 and been having a lot of issues with my legs.

  46. Avatar of Tj

    I’m about to have my second child. Recovery shorts would be fantastic to help me with my recovery and chasing after a toddler.

  47. Avatar of Bronwen S

    I’ve had three c sections, separated stomach muscles and permanent leg swelling. My last was so painful, so I ran out bought a pair despite my private health insurance not coming to the party. I really wish I could have bought two pairs as I needed a second pair because struggled the days I needed to wash them. It would be so fantastic to be able to have them this time.

  48. Avatar of Sophie

    Would love to win a pair of SRC Sports Activate Leggings – would be great to have on at my mums and bubs work out sessions! Determined to get back into my pre baby jeans!!!

  49. Avatar of Tina Watts
    Tina Watts Reply

    I’m having my second child at the end of May and already have ab separation from my first. Would love to win this to help my stomach muscles go back to normal.

  50. Avatar of Tianna

    Would love to win a pair of SRC Sports Activate Leggings i am currently 8weekspp and started getting back into my fitness. I had a csection with first bub 4 years ago and wish i knew about these leggings then! Definately would’ve helped immensely!

  51. Avatar of Renee

    Id love a pair of recovery pants to help speed along the process. This is my 3rd pregnancy and it will be much harder recovery than the others. I’m older! Need all the help I can get

  52. Avatar of Linda Pepper
    Linda Pepper Reply

    Would love to win as i have heard great reviews regarding your src leggings. I am still yet to find a great wearing activewear. I have tried different brands and have spent hundreds of dollars and still havent got one that i love to wear everyday. (Husband has stopped me from buying more activewear) after having 2 kids my body is just not the same it once was

  53. Avatar of Stephy

    I would LOVE to win a pair of the src recovery shorts as they now come in a shorter length! I wore these with my last pregnancy and i swear by them but unfortunately ill be needing a bigger size now!

  54. Avatar of Alex

    I would love a pair of the arc pregnancy leggings. This would make working out pre and post baby so much more comfortable especially as this will be my first time.

  55. Avatar of Leah

    Close to giving birth to my 3rd and this time round my body has not been handling it so will need that extra support for recovery.

  56. Avatar of Hayley

    I would love to win src recovery tights for the upcoming birth of my second baby, never had them 1st pregnancy but feel like I need them this time around

  57. Avatar of Saadia

    Ive always wanted the recovery tights but was unable to afford them. Also i only found about them 8 months after giving birth. I had no pain killers during birth but had several 3rd and 4th degree tears for which i had to have surgery and get a spinal after my baby was born, so none of the midwives or doctors helped with recovery. Ever since then ive had terrible water retension and swollen legs but no amount of elevation is getting rid of it, im now 15m pp. So the compression in these will definitely help when worn regularly. Thank you for this opportunity src and mum central

  58. Avatar of Lisa Mattiussi
    Lisa Mattiussi Reply

    I would really love to win a pair of the src pregnancy leggings. I would really love to see if the pregnancy anatomical support panel works for my pelvic pain.

  59. Avatar of Jaz Li

    2nd pregnancy means even more stress on the body, would love some SRC help to relieve some of that stress, help me look and feel good, and importantly recover faster!

  60. Avatar of Jessica Watson
    Jessica Watson Reply

    I am due to have my 2nd daughter in 7 weeks, so will definitely need some support during the post partum period running after my first 15 month old daughter with a newborn!

  61. Avatar of Christine Augst
    Christine Augst Reply

    I would love to win the SRC recovery shorts! This is my first baby and think I’ll need all the help I can get!

  62. Avatar of Sally Coward
    Sally Coward Reply

    I’m having my second baby in June via c-section. I have managed to keep fairly active during my pregnancy and plan on getting back into exercise asap post partum. A pair of SRC Sports Activate leggings are exactly what I need to help me on my way.

  63. Avatar of Katie Kate
    Katie Kate Reply

    I’d love to win a pair of SRC recovery leggings. I’m not really able to afford a pair at the moment and with bub due in two weeks the leggings would be so handy. I struggled with bad pelvic and back pain after my first two babies were born and would love to avoid that this time around.

  64. Avatar of Michelle

    This is my third pregnancy and my body isn’t holding up as well as it did previously. With varicose veins in unmentionable places, any and all additional support would be welcomed

  65. Avatar of Kirstin

    These would be so good after bubs is born to help me get back and feel good after birth. Thank you

  66. Avatar of Lisa kimball

    This is my first pregnancy and am an avid gym go-er. I would like all the support I can get with the recovery of labour and I have heard wonderful things about these!

  67. Avatar of Sarah

    I would love to have a pair of SRC Recovery leggings for my recovery in a few months. It will be my second C Section and I wish I had them with my first!

  68. Avatar of Jade J-N

    I have heard great things about these recovery pants and being my first pregnancy, I have been reading alot about postpartum recovery and being able to get active again. These would be so helpful in being able to recover quicker to be able to get active with the new little arrival.

  69. Avatar of Sharna

    The shorts were a lifesaver after my first child but my body has changed and I need a larger size! I’ve had heaps more pelvic pain this time so realllly need the recovery pants to get my body back in order while running after a toddler!

  70. Avatar of Amanda Tait
    Amanda Tait Reply

    I would love to win as after a long labour followed by a c-section I don’t feel comfortable moving around during my recovery without support and these would be perfect. I would love something to help me move around more and help get back into exercise.

  71. Avatar of Van

    I’d love to win the recovery leggings.. I’m a first time mum due late April and I’ve heard great things about the brand and product. I’d like to win the recovery leggings as I think it will help with my overall recovery and start being active again so I can be fit and healthy for myself which will help me better take care of my new family.

  72. Avatar of Lisa

    I would love to win your pregnancy support leggings as i suffered from pelvic separation during my pregnancy and would love to have them for my next. I found your products right at the end of my pregnancy and bought your post partum support shorts and they were very helpful.

  73. Avatar of Tara Abbot
    Tara Abbot Reply

    Oh how I need these, I have two very young kids and number 3 is on his way, this pregnancy is taking its toll on my body having the extra support before and after birth would make such a difference.

  74. Avatar of Belinda Lim
    Belinda Lim Reply

    Expecting no 2 in 6 weeks.. definitely need some help to get back in shape and this will come super super handy.

  75. Avatar of Aimee

    I would love the active pants as I am finally starting to get active again and with muscle separation and a bad back from children, these would help me get healthier quicker!

  76. Avatar of Kristy McLoughlin
    Kristy McLoughlin Reply

    Would love a pair of recovery shorts… this is my 2nd pregnancy and I have suffered separation for the 1st time. I’m suffering a lot trying to care for my 2 year and worry about what I’m going to do when bubs is here in 8 weeks. I feel these pants would give me the support I need to be physically able to look after both kids!

  77. Avatar of Lucy C

    I would love to win some recovery leggings to help with recovery after my c-section.

  78. Avatar of Megan

    I would love to win this fab prodcut, my friend recommended this to me to ease my aching legs and horrible veins. I am a high school teacher so am on my feet running around all day. I think this product would help me through my pregnancy and help me and my body grow my baby safely until we meet.

  79. Avatar of Georgina

    I’m already wearing (and loving!) the pregnancy compression shorts so I’d love to win the recovery shorts to help after birth. Love the quality Of SRC products.$

  80. Avatar of Marie c

    I really need a pair of recovery shorts. I had a c section previously and my stomach didn’t recover very well so struggling this time

  81. Avatar of Jacky wise
    Jacky wise Reply

    I would love to win a pair of these amazing SRC recovery pants. Currently 30 weeks and would love to try these to help relieve symptoms.

  82. Avatar of Ana Lopes

    Having one of the recovery shorts would make my cesarean recovery so much easier. I can only imagine the feeling of having everything “tucked in”.

  83. Avatar of Peggy O’Sullivan
    Peggy O’Sullivan Reply

    After 2 pregnancies and a c section I would love the extra support to help my recovery. I’d love to try the leggings for everyday use and exercise.

  84. Avatar of Danielle Palmer
    Danielle Palmer Reply

    I would love a pair of the post pregnancy recovery leggings please! Am edging towards the end of my third pregnancy & will be having a third csection & these would be fantastic to help this Mama whale try to get back into shape!

  85. Avatar of Mel

    Pregnancy leggings have helped to keep active and have been great, so recovery ones will be amazing for their purpose as well!

  86. Avatar of Kate Marconi
    Kate Marconi Reply

    I’d love to win the recovery leggings as I am 34 weeks and already have a bad abdominal separation and am having an elective c section. I would love something that will support me and aid my recovery so I can look after my toddler and a new baby and not feel uncomfortable

  87. Avatar of Kara Hennessy
    Kara Hennessy Reply

    I would love to win the SRC recovery shorts. Bub is due in June and they would be perfect to assist with the recovery.

  88. Avatar of Bridgette

    I would be delighted to win a pair of pregnancy tights to help keep me active in preparation for birth and motherhood. Thanks for making such am incredible product.

  89. Avatar of Elizabeth

    I would love to win a pair of these amazing leggings to help get active again after the birth of my son 8 weeks ago. Comfortable supportive leggings are exactly what i need in order to start my journey to get my pre baby body back. With a 6 and a half year gap between my 2 beautiful kids and a acl injury getting my fitness back has been challenging. These would be an amazing step in the right direction.

  90. Avatar of Linden Favero
    Linden Favero Reply

    SRC recovery shorts please. I had a pair when I had my first baby a few years ago & I believe they helped me recover from my caesarian. I hardly took them off. I’d love a new pair in a different size for my recovery after my second bub later this year.

  91. Avatar of Charlotte gray
    Charlotte gray Reply

    I’ve just started running (completed a 5k, 10k & 15k) and I’ve also had a baby and things are jigging! I need some good compression garments please!

  92. Avatar of Jess D.

    I would love to win a pair of Recovery Leggings! At almost 29 weeks pregnant, I am trying to prepare for my recovery after birth and strengthening my muscles as quickly as possible – I’ve already been having back problems and am looking to minimise its impact as much as possible.

  93. Avatar of Jess

    I’d love to win the recovery shorts- I have back issues and given back is connected to front, I am anticipating that they will help immensely with my recovery, and help to keep my back from being too shoddy post-labour after the pressure it’s had to deal with during pregnancy.

  94. Avatar of Jesse S

    I would love a pair of src recovery short because they sound amazing! I’ve only read good reviews 🙂

  95. Avatar of Carlie

    I would love to win the SRC pregnancy and recovery shorts as I’m pregnant with my third child and could use all the support I can get!

  96. Avatar of Rach

    I’d love to win these. Theres nothing quite like them on the market. I really would love a pair. Brilliant for pregnancy and the recovery!!

  97. Avatar of Karina Lee
    Karina Lee Reply

    I need to trick everyone into thinking that I still have my hour glass figure..after 2 kids and no exercise!

  98. Avatar of KateyJ

    I would love to win, to support my recovery and repair of my body so I can improve my fitness, giving me the health and energy to be the best mum for my babe ♡

  99. Avatar of Diana

    To hold me in place, comfortably and securely as I shrink back to my normal self!!!

  100. Avatar of Bec

    I’d love to win a pair of SRC pregnancy and recovery leggings as I’m 31 weeks pregnant with my 5th boy, yes that’s right 5 children! I have had pubis Symphosis with all my pregnancies and terrible sciatica and I’m currently hobbling around in pain wishing my pregnancy away! If I had something that could help the pain and my recovery it would be absolutely amazing.

  101. Avatar of Jess Knight
    Jess Knight Reply

    I would love the pregnancy shorts or leggings as I have always suffered from lower back pain and can only imagine what it will be like towards the end of my pregnancy! The extra support would be great!

  102. Avatar of Tarsh

    I would love the pregnancy recovery shorts or leggings as they sound amazing and ive always had back problems and having these would help to get my butt into gear to tone up after having bub no 3.

  103. Avatar of Kylie

    I would love the Sports activate leggings so I can look more yummy mummy and less frumpy at the gym.

  104. Avatar of Lizzy Zwalf
    Lizzy Zwalf Reply

    I work full-time as a Midwife, and the shorts would give me so much more support while I’m running and walking all over the hospital during a busy shift while I’m pregnant!

  105. Avatar of Katt

    I’d like to win to get the support I need to get active again as soon as possible after birth to be the fittest & healthiest mum I can be.

  106. Avatar of Ellie

    I would love to win to put back my elephants legs transforms back into a my twiggy legs

  107. Avatar of Philippa Tudor
    Philippa Tudor Reply

    Wish I’d known about these after my c section. Now 5 months pp and struggling with an separation. Would love the exercise leggings to help support me while I exercise

  108. Avatar of Kylie & Cinta
    Kylie & Cinta Reply

    I would love to win any of the pregnancy recovery products for my daughter, she is 17 & her bones are still soft & her muscles arent strong enough from separating. I think she might struggle with healing because of this. Im already taking her to chiro weekly to help support her the best I can. Thanks so much.

  109. Avatar of Harriet Blannin-Ferguson
    Harriet Blannin-Ferguson Reply

    These pregnancy leggings would be amazing! So much more stylish than the white hospital-style full leg compression stockings and hip/back/belly brace I’m currently sporting!
    To have one product that covers so many pregnancy ailments is unique! Would definitely look into the recovery legging postpartum too to assist with the abdominal separation too!

  110. Avatar of Danni-elle M
    Danni-elle M Reply

    I would love to win this pack. I gave birth last week and am recovering from abdominal separation and loads of tearing and stiches after a forceps delivery.

  111. Avatar of Belinda Knott
    Belinda Knott Reply

    I would love to win the recovery shorts as 4 weeks ago I had an emergency C-section to deliver my baby at 26wks 5 days due to placenta failure. She is doing well at the NICU and while I am more mobile I know these shorts will help me recover fully so I can be more active again.

  112. Avatar of Nicole Kent
    Nicole Kent Reply

    The Activate leggings I truly need
    Stabilising my core guaranteed
    3 kids later I’m not the same
    Getting my body back in the game!

  113. Avatar of Tara Tasker
    Tara Tasker Reply

    I really wish I had known about this product before, during my first pregnancy- where I suffered terribly from the after effects of a traumatic delivery and labour. This activewear could assisted with the healing process as I regained my fitness and active status, but I didn’t achieve what I needed to before conceiving for the second time. My shrinking waistline and possibly stitches site will thank me this time around (I hope)!

  114. Avatar of Kerryn Davies
    Kerryn Davies Reply

    The recovery leggings would be great as I am having a c-section this time and would like the extra support to assist with healing.

  115. Avatar of Jacinta Nimmo
    Jacinta Nimmo Reply

    I wish I had had some of these when I had my first ( twins) would of helped alot,

  116. Avatar of Sammmason

    I would love to win the recovery shorts for after Bub – second c section coming in 3.5 months and would like a little help

  117. Avatar of Natalie King
    Natalie King Reply

    I would love to win the recovery shorts as I have had ongoing sciatic issues that were worsened during pregnancy etc.

  118. Avatar of lex_pi

    With two under two,
    I may not be able to control the kids but at least with SRC I can control all my wobbly bits.

  119. Avatar of Luize

    Would love to get back into my active days again. Tgese would be terrific.

  120. Avatar of Chelsea Blazewicz
    Chelsea Blazewicz Reply

    I need support in my pelvis and abdominal area after my last pregnancy pushed my hip joint out of place after birthing my 10 pound 3 bundle of goodness. This product would be a huge relief!

  121. Avatar of Mel A

    Three kids in 5 years… it’s been an amazing ride but I’m finally coming out the other side and craving opportunities for some active me time! The SRC Sports Activate Leggings and Capris would be the answer… quality clothes, a brand I can trust and style to boot! Yes please!

  122. Avatar of Paula H

    I’m going to be a Nana again in September, so would love these for my daughter 🙂

  123. Avatar of Tamara

    What a great addition to help me get my body back into shape after having my babies!

  124. Avatar of Gemma

    I’d love to win the recovery leggings to help me with a very difficult recovery from my recent category 1 emergency caesarean. I really need some assistance to repair my damaged core.

  125. Avatar of Freya

    I’d love to win a pair of SRC recovery shorts, having just given birth to my 3rd beautiful bub 2 weeks ago, these would be perfect!

  126. Avatar of MelD

    With my second Bub due next month I’d love all the support possible in recovery so I can continue to play with my toddler! 🙂

  127. Avatar of Andreea Nicolescu
    Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    Would love to be able to be active while knowing that the support is excellent letting me continue with daily activities

  128. Avatar of Tricia Leonard
    Tricia Leonard Reply

    I would love to win some SRC Pregnancy Leggings for my daughter in law who is pregnant with my first grandchild. I want to support her as much as I can because she has already had some complications to deal with unfortunately.

  129. Avatar of IndyC

    Love to get all the support I can in terms of mentally and physically. 😉

  130. Avatar of andie harrie
    andie harrie Reply

    I wanna be supported during exercise
    anatomical support panels will be surprise
    holding pelvic floor and lower backn place,
    means getting on with the movement at my pace
    fabulous way to be
    held together for exercise confidence not jiggly

  131. Avatar of Anastasia Spiers
    Anastasia Spiers Reply

    The SRC recovery shorts would be a fantastic help. I had bub no 3 eight days ago and these would help support my tummy, ab seperation and perineum recovery especially whilst I chase after my eldest two.

  132. Avatar of Catherine G
    Catherine G Reply

    Currently 25 weeks pregnant with my 2nd and begin to feel the start of some pelvic pain – struggled with this through my first pregnancy but would love a pair of SRC leggins to help me through this pregnancy especially now I have a very active toddler to chase after – no rest here!!!!

  133. Avatar of Kirsty Perkins
    Kirsty Perkins Reply

    Suffering from diastasis recti after having my kids, my tummy is sadly lacking in the strength it used to have. I’d love to have some extra support whilst getting back in to a fitness routine

  134. Avatar of kristy sciberras
    kristy sciberras Reply

    I would love to win as i had SPD with my first and it was horrible. Since then i was in a car accident and suffer from chronic back pain due to sacroilliac joint damage and facet joint tears in lumbar region i am now pregnant with number to and i think i will help me greatly and give me the support and relief i will need.

  135. Avatar of bee

    The support these leggings give would be fantastic – i’d love to give them a try.

  136. Avatar of Amy

    I would love to win as I am just about to start post baby exercising

  137. Avatar of Jeynelle

    I would love to win the src recovery shorts because i didnt get them with my first and its something that i regret everyday

  138. Avatar of Rachel Morrissey
    Rachel Morrissey Reply

    I would love a pair of SRC Sports Activate Leggings. After 3 children, my pelvic floor is shot and I have been waking everyday for 6 weeks with lower back pain. I’ve started back at yoga and these would be awesome.

  139. Avatar of Tracey Huddle
    Tracey Huddle Reply

    This would be great as I need to wear compression leggings for health issues I have. Fantastic!!

  140. Avatar of Belinda S

    I would love to win the SRC Recovery Shorts because as a mother to a toddler and having to look after a new baby soon as well I know I’m going to need all the help I can get to support me so I can focus on my family.

  141. Avatar of Julia Burford
    Julia Burford Reply

    I would love to win because I’m 36 weeks pregnant with my 4th baby and I’ve struggled physically the most this pregnancy, and I think extra support postpartum will be very needed as I recover!

  142. Avatar of Georgia

    I would love to win a pair of SRC Sport Active Leggings. I had my first baby back in September 2017. These would help a lot getting my body back into shape!

  143. Avatar of Danielle

    I have a lot of abdominal separation from my firstborn that hasn’t gone back to normal – pregnant with my second now and I think I might need a little help.

  144. Avatar of Donna Boerema
    Donna Boerema Reply

    I lived in my recovery shorts after my last pregnancy. Would love the recovery leggings to wear after my winter baby.

  145. Avatar of BellaB

    I’m struggling to get myself active again after four babies – including twins, which resulted in a huge separation – and some major medical issues as a result. The sports activate leggings would be a huge help in aiding me to get fit so I can keep up with the kids!

  146. Avatar of Linda

    I would love to win SRC Sports active leggings, I need the support running around after a toddler and have back issues after birth. Planning to have a second child soon.

  147. Avatar of Vanessa Ahern
    Vanessa Ahern Reply

    I would love to win a pair of the SRC Sports Activate Capris or Leggings to help me with getting my body to a place that makes me feel confident again.

  148. Avatar of Emma Pritchard
    Emma Pritchard Reply

    I am currently pregnant so these would be amazing for post parturition recovery!!

  149. Avatar of Kirstie

    Good work out leggings are hard to come by! I’d love a pair of these ones to help me be more comfortable while working out.

  150. Avatar of Brittany

    I am currently pregnant & when I am ready to go back to exercising I want to feel supported, comfortable not to mention stylish. As I lead an active lifestyle this would be such an investment to my wardrobe!

  151. Avatar of Rebecca Jackson
    Rebecca Jackson Reply

    Recovery leggings sound wonderful. Having my 4th caesarean but this time with a vertical and horizontal scar. I am wondering how this will effect my recovery time with a new Bub. I’d definitely appreciate extra support on my wounds.

  152. Avatar of Emily Robinson
    Emily Robinson Reply

    Id love some recovery shorts for after bubba is born as ive heard so many reccommendations.

  153. Avatar of Danielle Wilkins
    Danielle Wilkins Reply

    Currently 34 weeks pregnant and booked for a few section next months, these would be amazing for my post recovery

  154. Avatar of Tayla Liston

    I have a little one who loves to be held for most of the day (and night ) which has resulted in some horrible lower back pain. I’d love some extra support while working on getting strong again.

  155. Avatar of Rachel Tindale
    Rachel Tindale Reply

    I would love to win because I have flabby C section skin that I need to tone while I am on my Healthy Mummy program. Im eating well and exercising well, would love the extra support from the pants too.

  156. Avatar of Jiana Sumner
    Jiana Sumner Reply

    I would love the SRC active capris as I have worn both the pregnancy shorts and post natal recovery pants and found them fantastic so believe that the active capris would be amazing too!

  157. Avatar of Lorraine Johnson
    Lorraine Johnson Reply

    I want to look like a “MILF in progress” when Im out walking with my little man (11 weeks) & do it with more confidence knowing my leggings are supporting me!

  158. Avatar of Caitlin

    I’d love the Recovery Shorts to help me recover from pregnancy optimally.

  159. Avatar of Axelle

    After an emergency c section with my first bubba the recovery took forever… I’m now 6 months pregnant and I know that with a toddler and soon a newborn I can’t afford to take so long to get back in shape, so the recovery leggings would literally be a god send!

  160. Avatar of Hayley

    Winning this makes me feel less worried about me and my bodies recovery, so lucky to be having a third baby but I don’t get to think of myself often so this would be perfect.

  161. Avatar of Amy

    This is my second bub and this time around my lower back and hips are taking a huge hit. I have had to stop my regular exercises and everyday routine with my son and the housework have become a huge struggle. I struggle with the pain all day and night.
    These support leggings would be a life saver for me and would help me to function as normal as possible for a pregnant woman.

  162. Avatar of Chandelle Payen
    Chandelle Payen Reply

    Because my legs are an 18 and my belly is till a 22 from the c section and ligation

  163. Avatar of Marian Cronin
    Marian Cronin Reply

    After having one baby I noticed my tummy didn’t quite go back to how it was before, having these would have been an amazing help. I’m now trying for a second baby and they would be fantastic.

  164. Avatar of Michelle Hay-Chapman
    Michelle Hay-Chapman Reply

    I have heard only really great things so would be great assistance

  165. Avatar of Alicia Payne
    Alicia Payne Reply

    With T minus 2 weeks to go till baby #1 (give or take!) some recovery leggings in the post baby vault would be the most amazing way to feel prepared and get me back on my feet in the best time possible! Wanting to be an active mumma, I’ll be doing everything I can to recover and this is number 1 on the list. Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  166. Avatar of Melzie86

    Would love the active recovery leggings please. Like others I’ve still got ab separation after having twins then another single bub 6 months ago. Both were by caesarian, now I’m just starting to get back into exercising but these would help out so much

  167. Avatar of Jordan Grice
    Jordan Grice Reply

    I would love to win the SRC recovery shorts as I had a very long recovery with my daughter after a traumatic labour and birth. I didn’t realize they could help with the recovery process until quite a while after. I’m due in 4 weeks so these would be perfect this time. It’s looking like I might have a c section too. These would be a great help, especially as I have a toddler to look after too.

  168. Avatar of Sally Jones
    Sally Jones Reply

    Pregnancy support shorts…yes please! With pregnancy no3, id love some additional support to help keep my back, tummy and muscles in as good condition as they possibly can!

  169. Avatar of Janice Hammill
    Janice Hammill Reply

    Mirror mirror on the wall
    With the secure feeling of my SRC recovery leggings after my c-section
    I thank you all.

  170. Avatar of Winsome

    Would absolutely love to win some SRC activate leggings and capris. My name is Winsome but I haven’t been feeling all that winsome lately with all the Easter eggs gorging. These leggings will give me support whilst I jog my way back to a smaller size and make me fill like everything’s held in instead of hanging out.

  171. Avatar of Wendy

    Pregnant again! After a caesarian with bubs #1, I had decided to lose weight and get fit. I was well on my way, having lost over 18kgs. I was enjoying the new friendships my fitness journey had brought too.
    Then I became pregnant again! Unfortunately, due to my age, high blood pressure and previous pregnancy, it is likely I am going to need another caesarian.
    I would dearly love help to recover ASAP. My health journey must continue!

  172. Avatar of Dominique Towns
    Dominique Towns Reply

    I had so much back pain and trouble getting up during my last pregnancy, these would be an absolute Godsend. I’m so glad that this product has been developed to help out pregnant mamas

  173. Avatar of Andrea B.

    It looks so comfortable to wear and would help a lot on the body pains! Good luck all pregnant moms!

  174. Avatar of Natalie M

    I have severely separated stomach muscles now and will probably need surgery as their not no matter the exercise or strapping getting any better so I would like them to not get worse.

  175. Avatar of Angela Brown
    Angela Brown Reply

    After delivering twins via csection in Late December I’m having difficulty with my stomach muscles not closing properly. And my SI joint is being made worse by tight Piraformis muscles. I’d love to have a pair of SRC Recovery Shorts if they were going to be beneficial in my long term recovery.

  176. Avatar of jenn

    I’d love to win the recovery leggings as im carrying quite low on my first baby and now i can feel it more on my second one (third trimester now). I gotta try this as im suffering from placenta previa and varicose veins.

  177. Avatar of Camilla

    My past pregnancy were not kind on my stomach and I’m feeling it much more this time around. The recovery leggings sound exactly like what the physics is recommending to make my stomach separation recover

  178. Avatar of Carly

    Baby number 2 is due in November and I am already getting lower back pain, the SRC pregnancy shorts will be a lifesaver! Plus you can wear them underneath pants in winter, even better!

  179. Avatar of Em S

    Without these recovery shorts my baby years have been a mess,
    I need those lifesavers in my life to cancel out unnessary stress.
    The pain that comes after csections is one you’ll never forget,
    Not having this item in my world when I needed it, I regret.
    When next baby enters the world I’d love to be all set to recover,
    Unlike my belly after both births, this time I’ll certainly love er ❤️

  180. Avatar of RachelG

    My biggest regret was not investing in a pair of SRC recovery shorts and instead relying solely on compression sock when I first gave birth. My separation is still quite big and the lack of core strength has resulted in really quite painful and, at times, debilitating lower back pain.
    I would live in these now!

  181. Avatar of jessica de feudis
    jessica de feudis Reply

    I would love to win the recovery shorts 4 babies and 4 c-sections these would help me so much after birth

  182. Avatar of Jo

    I would love to win these. I’m due with my 3rd baby soon and wish I had these for my first two kids. I always get lower back pain with pregnancy and in the weeks after birth so these would be fantastic for extra support.

  183. Avatar of Leanne Richardson
    Leanne Richardson Reply

    After losing 45 kg I have a lot to hold in and it prevents me form exercising properly. These would be great to help get me in shape again.

  184. Avatar of Juanita Munro

    I would love a pair as I believe keeping active during and after pregnancy is essential for the body and mind, I love that these support you on that journey and on too your recovery!

  185. Avatar of Jade

    I would loooove to win a pair of SRC Pregnancy tights to support me throughout pregnancy, I haven’t been through it before but I’ve had friends with issues from lower back pain to hips moving independently from each other to varacous veins right where you really don’t want them and to be completely honest it’s terrifying! These tights sound like they would be perfect in preventing a lot of these things!

  186. Avatar of Angelique

    I’d love the recovery leggings as having recently having had a C section, I need the support to be able to recover properly and these look amazing!

  187. Avatar of AmyMcC

    I would love to win the SRC Health Activate Leggings. I’ve had 3 pregnancies and now am busy chasing after 3 active children, I would love a pair of these leggings to wear while chasing after them all – as well as for when I actually get the time to get in some exercise for myself too.

  188. Avatar of RhiannonB

    I would totally love the recovery leggings! I needed them after my first baby, but wrongful chose a cheap option because I didn’t realise how bad my abdominal separation was. Currently pregnant and already have bad separation.

  189. Avatar of Ashley Grant
    Ashley Grant Reply

    I would love the SRC pregnancy leggings as this is my Third pregnancy with pelvic girdle pain! It’s arrived earlier and more painful than previous pregnancies (possibly because I am running after a 2 and a 1 year old now).
    I would love a bit of relief to make it through the next 20 weeks!

  190. Avatar of Anna Lam

    I’d love and know I need the recovery leggings to help me with aches and pains, especially with a second birth.

  191. Avatar of Charlene

    Would love the recovery shorts/pants as due for second c-section and have an active toddler to care for so quick recovery would be great

  192. Avatar of Christine Thexton
    Christine Thexton Reply

    I am currently 34wks pregnant with my 4th child, so my body has been through a lot! These recovery shorts will be amazing to help get my muscles & body back into good health after baby arrives.

  193. Avatar of Chont

    I was born with hip dysplasia and the back pain has gotten much worse after 2 pregnancies- especially as one was posterior

  194. Avatar of Emma Myers
    Emma Myers Reply

    I’ve had 2 emergency c-sections and both recoveries were quite difficult. I teach dance so finding pants or tights that were comfortable for me to wear and support my stomach, wound and muscle separation was impossible. These would help me so much as we want a 3rd child and my body will find it needs a lot more support a 3rd time. I would love to win these.

  195. Avatar of Stacey.W

    I would love a pair of SRC leggings as I have struggled with my pelvic floor and separated abdominal muscles since my last pregnancy and having a disability has made the recovery process a lot harder, and I think these could really help me get back in shape for my kids.

  196. Avatar of Rebekah Ballingall
    Rebekah Ballingall Reply

    SRC Recovery Shorts – pregnancy is the easy part, its the recovery that takes time and getting back to your pre-pregnancy body

  197. Avatar of S J

    I’d love to win these for my sister, she is pregnant at the moment and has been told she will need a c-section due to some complications with the baby. These leggings would be great for her now and during recovery.

  198. Avatar of Rachel Brown
    Rachel Brown Reply

    I love the look of the Activate leggings/capris and think this is the missing piece in my wardrobe to help me get fit and fabulous! I had my miracle baby 8 months ago and now my body needs all the help it can get!!

  199. Avatar of Meegan

    I would love to win this as I’m planning on getting pregnant soon!

  200. Avatar of Stephanie P
    Stephanie P Reply

    I would love to win the SRC recovery leggings. With my first pregnancy I had abdominal muscle seperation and agin with this pregnancy. The seperation along with having an emergency cesarean meant healing was a terrible and long painful experience. I am now scheduled in for another cesarean for baby number 2 in August and with the difficulties I went though with healing last time these leggings would make a very big difference for me when it comes to healing

  201. Avatar of chers

    Why Why Why didn’t i know about this for my 1st child. Now expecting my 2nd i definitely need this miracle clothing wear

  202. Avatar of Chantal B

    I have heard such amazing things about these and I regret not investing in a pair with my first pregnancy. With only a few weeks left to go in this pregnancy it would be great to have a pair this time around

  203. Avatar of Kathryn

    I really wish I had these when I was pregnant! I’m now at the stage where I could do with a little helping hand to support my body while I increase my fitness and strength.

  204. Avatar of Jann

    My friend is due in 2 weeks and this would be grea ftor her to give her a helping hAND.

  205. Avatar of lorexstevex
    lorexstevex Reply

    My hips have been hopeless post birth and I’m hoping these will help!

  206. Avatar of Stephanie

    If only I knew about these when I was pregnant! I would love to own a pair to help support my body while trying to get fit again and because you can never find a good pair of leggings when pregnant or post birth!

  207. Avatar of Kasey E

    I’d love the compression support garment for after having baby number 5 in September. With my last pregnancy I had abdominal seperation and had to wear an uncomfortable compression that looked like a tight bandage, so this time I’d love something comfortable and supportive to help me.

  208. Avatar of Rachael

    I would love to win a pair of recovery shorts. I want to get back into excersing as quickly as possible after bubs is born and heard very good reviews on these.

  209. Avatar of Rachael

    I would love to win a pair of pregnancy leggings or shorts, I am currently pregnant for the first time and I am really struggling, constantly in pain and would love the support these could give!

  210. Avatar of sharon mclean
    sharon mclean Reply

    I would love to win a pair to hold in menopausal weight gain round the middle

  211. Avatar of Kate

    I would love to win a pair of recovery tights. Im pregnant with twins and love to exercise, so I want to do everything I can help my body after the babies arrive.

  212. Avatar of Madi B

    I would love to win a pair of pregnancy tights to support my Sacroiliac Joint pain during my current pregnancy.

  213. Avatar of Tash V

    I would love to win the recovery leggings. They will become very handy in the winter during recovery as im having a winter baby. I also think they will be vital in my recovery process. I have only heard great things about SRC recovery wear. They will be super comfy under tunics and dresses, as well as during exercise

  214. Avatar of Karen Mc

    Im about to have my 2nd child. Im now 10 years older and 30 kg heavier. Im struggling to move now. I can only imagine how I’ll be post birth. Something that holds me together, supports and actively helps heal will be an essential

  215. Avatar of Beccabelle16
    Beccabelle16 Reply

    I used recovery shorts for my first and rave to everyone so this time I would love to try the pregnancy leggings to help with my back pain

  216. Avatar of Rehannon

    After dedicating now 7 years of my bodies life, through medication, TTC and IVF to making this baby come to fruition, a pair of ARC recovery shorts would be the perfect way to help me regain my body after birth.

  217. Avatar of Jess

    I’d love to win a pair of the SRC recovery leggings to help me look and feel great after the birth of our first bub in July!

  218. Avatar of Jane

    The Activate Capri’s look super comfy! I’d love to win a pair!

  219. Avatar of Pelin

    I’ve been told great things about the SRC Recovery shorts and leggings by friends and would love to win a pair after the birth of our first little girl a few weeks ago!

  220. Avatar of CC

    After years struggling with hip & back injuries from a car accident I’ve successfully navigated the pregnancy with lots of auppprt from physio & pilates but support from post partum leggings would be great to help me once bubs arrives so I don’t have to think about it

  221. Avatar of Phoebe H

    After 3 kids and 3 c secs, my abdominal region is not quite the same as it used to be, and working out I need leggings with good back and tummy muscle support and I feel this would be perfect to help me!

  222. Avatar of Rhi

    Would love these! My physio was only singing their praises yesterday and said they would be perfect for me late in my 2nd pregnancy and chasing after a busy 3 year old.

  223. Avatar of Jhezzebel

    I would love a pair of the recovery leggings to help support and conpress my post baby body

  224. Avatar of Debbie

    I had really bad an separation with my daughter and I have heard that src recovery shirts could have helped.

  225. Avatar of Emily

    I used the SRC recovery shorts after my last birth and it was a complete game changer – I would recommend them to anyone! I would love to win the pregnancy leggings this time to assist with my (already pretty big) bump!

  226. Avatar of Kara

    I would love to win a pair of recovery leggings, soon will have a newborn and chasing a toddler these would help emensly.

  227. Avatar of Cass

    I would love a pair of SRC Recovery Shorts or Leggings i have abdominal separation and this would really help me . Thank you

  228. Avatar of Nicole S

    Now pregnant with bub number 4 and not having sorted the abdominal separation and pelvic floor issues from last pregnancy I am scared to see what state my body will be in once I deliver this one. These tights sound amazing! I haven’t seen tights that assist with pelvic floor issues before, exercise since my last bub was so limited due to this problem. I can’t wait to try these tights!

  229. Avatar of Haylee

    Definitely SRC recovery shorts-second time around I’ve realised how much my body didn’t heal properly from my first baby. I’m hoping the SRC shorts can help with healing my abdominal separation

  230. Avatar of Sarah

    I would love to win the recovery shorts/pants. I’m 33 weeks pregnant and I know it will help me to recover quicker after I give birth. I’ve heard so much about SRC pregnancy and recovery pants from my friends this time around but couldn’t really afford them for myself. I have a 3 year old that I’ll need to run around after too so hopefully with the help of the recovery pants it will make my life a little easier.

  231. Avatar of Jodie

    Would love to win all 3 as i am currently pregnant with my first and would love to avoid having issues and pain as much as possible

  232. Avatar of Ebony Fuller
    Ebony Fuller Reply

    I would love to win a pair of recovery tights as I’m currently pregnant with my first child. I feel the tights would help me feel myself again and be a happy and healthy Mum, the best Mum I could be for Bub.

  233. Avatar of Catherine Mccreilly
    Catherine Mccreilly Reply

    Would love to win some recovery shorts to keep active after my 1st pregnancy

  234. Avatar of Katherine

    I used src recovery shorts after my last pregnancy and they were the most amazing thing in the world. You really noticed the difference when you were not wearing them. Now I’m expecting my second bub but a lot of time has passed and I gave away all my baby stuff so having to save to buy everything again. But definitely budgeting for src recovery pants!

  235. Avatar of Jasmyne

    Would love to win these to help with my arthritis in pelvis and spine which is complicating my pregnancy

  236. Avatar of Julie H

    The support in these sounds great and the fabric quality excellent

  237. Avatar of Sarah J A

    After my first was born I remember feeling like I needed to hold my tummy in so when I was pregnant with my second I got some SRC recovery shorts and LOVED them. She’s 6months now and I’m ready to get back into shape so the active capris would be awesome and if I hve another bub I’ll be investing in some pregnancy shorts or leggings!

  238. Avatar of Rachael EJ
    Rachael EJ Reply

    I would love to win the pregnancy tights as I have just finished my first trimester with my first child and am already experiencing significant lower back and joint pain. I would love to stay active throughout this pregnancy but so far I am finding it difficult without the proper support. These leggings look like the perfect solution to help me maintain my own health whilst supporting the little jelly bean in belly perfectly.

  239. Avatar of Emily whiting
    Emily whiting Reply

    I’m due in 3 weeks and my pelvis feels like it’s about to fall apart! I’d love a pair of recovery leggings to help stabilize everything after birth!!

  240. Avatar of Emma

    I would love to win src recovery leggings as I had my baby last week and am really suffering with abdominal separation. This is my fourth baby and they have all been over 9lb 5oz so I think my body would really benefit from them.

  241. Avatar of Melanie Wegener
    Melanie Wegener Reply

    I’d love to win some SRC pregnancy tights,
    to keep comfy while still looking alright!
    Maternity clothes are expensive and often ugly too,
    but these tights are gorgeous- thank you!

  242. Avatar of Melissa Mowat
    Melissa Mowat Reply

    I would love to win src active capris as this is my first pregnancy and I have a pre existing lumbar disc bulge. I’m trying to stay as active as I can as long as I can throughout this pregnancy and am quite concerned that as the pregnancy progresses and the load on my lower back increases, I’m going to run into problems with pain.

  243. Avatar of Sarah visser
    Sarah visser Reply

    Necessary for comfort and safety for the recovery for mum I believe. I would love to win the recovery leggings please.

  244. Avatar of Michelle Allen
    Michelle Allen Reply

    With a 6yo and a 3yo who were both over 9lbs 5oz i STILL have abdominal separation. Ive finally decided to look after Me and have joined a gym. I’d love a pair of the SRC Active please!

  245. Avatar of Laura

    I would love to win a pair of recovery leggings for after my 3rd c-sec coming up in July! Thanks!

  246. Avatar of Alicia

    With just7 weeks until my 2nd little munchkin enters the world, I cannot wait to get my hands on a pair of your recovery pants!

    • Avatar of Kim

      Would LOVE a pair of recovery leggins! Pregnant with my 3rd now and struggling with hip and back pain from my 2nd still as well as dreaded varicous veins.

  247. Avatar of Juanita

    I would be very thankful to win a pair if these SRC pregnancy tights. This is my first pregnancy and have suffered from Sacroiliac Joint disfunction since an injury in my early 20’s. I am already wearing a sacro belt already for my pregnancy and my physio just suggested investing in the SRC pants. I tired hers on and knew she was correct! Winning these would be a fantastic bonus so I can put the money in would spend on the pants towards additional physio sessions I need throughout my pregnancy.

  248. Avatar of Katey Hird
    Katey Hird Reply

    I have learnt so much about the pregnancy and recovery shorts and tights. Being my first pregnancy these products are a definite need. So beneficial for my body. Cannot wait to try them.

  249. Avatar of Kerry Aungles
    Kerry Aungles Reply

    I am on my first pregnancy. I habe had trouble with pains in my abdomin and feel that the recpvery leggings would be great for me to help everything get back to working optimally once baby is born.

  250. Avatar of Agnes

    Recovery leggings sound like a dream come true for a first time mum lugging round a 9kg 4 months old still not feeling 100%

  251. Avatar of LJ

    Would love to win a pair of recovery leggings as I’m having a c-section in 5 weeks and having a toddler these would be an awesome help in recovery.

  252. Avatar of Naomih

    Would love to win a pair of leggings as due for bub number 4 in 5 weeks and they wpuld come in very handy during recovery and running around after my older three boys

  253. Avatar of Heather

    I’d love the recovery leggings to help me after this bub is born in June – bub #3 and my pelvic instability has made it so hard to walk!

  254. Avatar of Lauren

    These look amazing! I am pregnant with my first child and would love the pregnancy leggings to keep me on track.

  255. Avatar of Penny E

    I need to return to work relatively quickly after birth, I would love to win the recovery leggings to help with this.

  256. Avatar of Erin

    I’d love a pair of the pregnancy leggings to help with back and pelvic pain in my third trimester

  257. Avatar of LindsayT

    The recovery leggings would be perfect to help me get back into my normal routine and to help include baby.

  258. Avatar of Kat

    I would love to win these for my beautiful daughter -in-law who is 6months pregnant. I know she would really appreciate them, especially as she had a baby last year too.

  259. Avatar of Megan

    Would love a pair of recovery leggings. Don’t have any just yet!

  260. Avatar of Michelle Crossley
    Michelle Crossley Reply

    25 weeks into my third pregnancy, I’ve got varicose veins where you really shouldn’t have such things! I’ve just received my first pair of src pregnancy shorts and they’re making a huge difference already. But I feel I’m going to need a pair of the pregnancy leggings as well, just to do some washing!

  261. Avatar of RISSI86

    I’d love try pregnancy leggings. It’s so hard to find good quality leggings that fit comfortably around my growing bump!

  262. Avatar of Bella Ri

    I’d love to be able to get ACTIVE, feel comfortable and get back into shape. I’d love to get my confidence back.

  263. Avatar of Kylie T

    An inspirational SRC Health Compression Garment will captivate my heart
    Wondrous kaleidoscope’s of beautifully comfortable luxury, creatively part
    Helping the body to recover & offering support every step of the way
    Innovation and reliable activewear that will be treasured each/everyday!

  264. Avatar of KellyD

    As a first time Mum-to-be I’ve heard so much about these leggings! Other Mums have raved about their effectiveness in maintaining a strong tummy and getting back to shape quicker post-bubs!

  265. Avatar of Chantel

    I’ve heard so much about these and think they would be invaluable for my third pregnancy especially as I’m much more active this time around.

  266. Avatar of Laura McNeice
    Laura McNeice Reply

    I would love these to help me with my Pelvic Girdle Pain!

  267. Avatar of Juanita

    I’d love the Recovery Compression Garment as I have surgery in the near future and I will need support around that are. These would be pain savers.

  268. Avatar of Ashley Beech
    Ashley Beech Reply

    I’ve seen how beneficial these can be for new mums.
    A friend of mine is execting twins in August
    this would be the perfect baby shower gift;
    something for her1

  269. Avatar of JenJen

    I had a pair of the Recovery Shorts for after my c-section and they were amazing! Now i’m trying to lose the baby weight i’d love to try the Active Leggings.

  270. Avatar of Brooke

    I would love to win the SRC activate leggings to help encourage me to exercise away my Mum tummy after having my bub 6 weeks ago.

  271. Avatar of Sam

    My wife would love these pregnancy leggings, it is hard to find ones that are both comfortable and supportive

  272. Avatar of Nicole W

    Stunning, stylish and majorly FUNCTIONAL. Would love to try these.

  273. Avatar of Toni B

    The pregnancy leggings, my first baby was huge, so structured support this time around would be great!

  274. Avatar of klo

    I would love to win these SRC leggings for my daughter so she can carry on her fitness in comfort.

  275. Avatar of Sofia

    I still have a lot o’ healing to do… Recovery leggings would be heavenly!!

  276. Avatar of Zoe

    I’d love to win these as they would really help the back and seperation issues I always suffer after birth

  277. Avatar of Janelle

    I’d welcome ANYTHING that offers to make this pregnancy easier on my poor body.

  278. Avatar of Denise

    I would gift the SRC recovery leggings to my pregnant daughter.I had bad veins whilst I was pregnant so I know what a bonus these compression tights would make!

  279. Avatar of Erika AC

    It would be amazing to try the SRC Health Activate capris. Which might look like full length tights on my short legs but that’s the goal. I am slowly building my fitness back up, almost 11 months post partum and would love some solid workout tights that don’t shrink and stitches keep intact (unlike my current ones, sad.)

  280. Avatar of Laura Scriven
    Laura Scriven Reply

    I’m an active lass,
    And gym time I’ll miss fast!
    So this will have me back at ease,
    My health and sleep would be pleased.

  281. Avatar of Anna Cashmore
    Anna Cashmore Reply

    Winning SRC Health Activate leggings would be the best
    They are just the casual wear item needed to assist my fitness quest
    Winning these leggings would be totally great
    Motivating me to regain my pre children weight!

  282. Avatar of TahnWe Schick
    TahnWe Schick Reply

    I would love to win a pair of SRC recovery leggings! With a 4cm separation after birthing my 4.32 kg son, I need all the help I can get to regain optimal function!

  283. Avatar of k keel

    I would love the SRC Sports Activate Leggings or Capris to support me while exercising I find exercise pants/leggings uncomfortable due to where the sit on my stomach the compression to keep my pelvic muscles in place sound wonderful.

  284. Avatar of Maree Wood
    Maree Wood Reply

    The SRC Sports Activate Leggings or Capris would be perfect foe me! They would give me the extra support I need..

  285. Avatar of nicole larsen
    nicole larsen Reply

    These will e perfect to get me back into exercising and feeling good about myself

  286. Avatar of tracy wedding
    tracy wedding Reply

    would love to win for my daughter in law as she is ready to have another baby

  287. Avatar of Karen K

    These would be perfect for my pregnant daughter who has had to have an emergency appendix removal.

  288. Avatar of Tess Doyle
    Tess Doyle Reply

    I would love to win the activate leggings. I’m 9 months PP with my second, and I’m wanting to get back into exercise, however following a traumatic delivery with my first I still suffer from some pelvic floor dysfunction, resulting in pelvic pain and pressure during and after exercise. I’d live to get back into fitness the right way!

  289. Avatar of Louise Patterson
    Louise Patterson Reply

    I would love to win the leggings for my niece as she runs around after her toddler whilst pregnant with number two 🙂

  290. Avatar of Maggie

    Those sports activate leggings looks amazing. Where have they been all my life. Such an amazing idea, I know there are lots of mums who would love to try these. Active wear is the new 24/7 attire with a new bib for sure!!!

  291. Avatar of Mikaela

    These leggings will keep me looking great before, during and after pregnancy!

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