5 Gorgeous Ways to Style Your Christmas Home and Table. Enter to WIN!


When it comes to up-styling your home or decorating a celebratory table this Christmas, Mum Central is here to help you harness your inner interior decorator.

With gorgeous products from dusk and a few simple rules you’ll fast be the talk of the town with your stylish, festive flair!

Here’s our domestic-goddess cheat sheet to nailing Christmas 2016!

[mc_block_title custom_title=”1. Creating a WOW-FACTOR Christmas Table “]

If you’ve flicked through the glossy magazines and felt overwhelmed at the gorgeous, styled festive tables – don’t be! Creating a stunning display is simple with a few basic rules:

  • Use a collection of similar-but-different items to tell a story
  • Use height to achieve the wow factor
  • Arrange your items using an imaginary line that starts from the highest part of your centrepiece to the length-ways end of the table
  • Your items do not need to be identical but buying in pairs allows for easy symmetry and overall repetition builds a stronger, more stylish look

Your Christmas table should reflect the mood of your party and your crowd. Mum Central has worked exclusively with dusk to share with you two gorgeous yet totally different concepts to inspire your own festive table creativity!

STYLE 1: The Traditional Luxe Table (Glamorous)

glamorous-christmas-duskWhen it comes to Christmas there’s never too much opulence or luxury! This fit-for-a-queen table is far easier to achieve that it looks.

dusk-christmas-glamorous-closeupsThe adorned branches provide the height that makes a grand statement. The beautiful glassware in two shades provides visual depth and interesting shapes.

Candles provide a warm, golden glow – be sure to light them day or night!

How to get this look: Gold Sequin Fabric from Spotlight, branches from the garden – any kind will do, gold baubles from Kmart. Gold & Silver Bon Bons from dusk $49.99, Snowflake Gold Tealight Bauble from dusk $14.99, Glitter Ribbons Tealight Bauble from dusk $14.99, Alessa Gold Glass Pillar Candle Sticks from dusk Large $29.99 and Small $24.99, Natalie Gold Dome Small from dusk $39.99, similar Table Mats from House $5.99 each or Kmart $2 each and gold sprig plate decoration similar from Koch $5.74 each.


STYLE 2:  The Tropical Alfresco Table (Summer Fun)

dusk-christmas-tropical-alfresco-tableAustralians delight in outdoor living and for Christmas entertaining there’s nothing more relaxed than celebrating alfresco!

dusk-christmas-alfresco-detailPerfect for it’s easy vibe, the fact the kids can sneak off to play and the ideal-for-a-cocktail temperatures, we so love casual Christmas!

Of course, casual need not mean without style and this tropical table brings all the right fun, fabulous, flair without traditional fuss!

dusk-christmas-alfresco-boardHow to get this look: Colourful table runner is fabric from Spotlight, centre piece phalaenopsis orchid created from living stock at Bunnings, you can however order from Fresh Flowers or many homewares stores offer silk ones, footed cake plate risers from Kmart $7 each, Merry Chrissy Tealight Holders (pink, yellow, jade) from dusk $7.99 each, Joy Glass tealight holders from dusk large $14.99 and small $9.99, Boxed Candles ‘Merry Chrissy’ and featured on cake plate (lids removed) from dusk $29.99 each (Fruit Trifle, Cool Ocean Breeze, Bushwalking), Pineapple Novelty Candle from dusk $19.99 each, Jolly White Tealight Lantern from dusk $9.99, White Christmas Tree Lantern $39.99.

When it comes to creating a Christmas table there are so many gorgeous options. The most important thing is that your table is host to laughter, love and creating the most beautiful family memories. Happy feasting!

Inspired to create a stylish table for your home this Christmas? We’ve two fabulous dusk hampers to giveaway, click on through to enter!

dusk hamper giveaway


2016-12 days-day-3-found-it

Congratulations you found it!

Today’s prize in our 12 Days of Christmas is a stunning gift hamper from our friends at dusk, valued at over $500!

To enter, simply answer the question in the graphic above (the answers in this article) and click here to complete the entry form and you could be today’s lucky winner!


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  1. Avatar of Ying Ying TAN
    Ying Ying TAN Reply

    It gives an instant transformation of the room to a Christmas atmosphere of warmth, generosity and love!

  2. Avatar of Richard Harrison
    Richard Harrison Reply

    It’s the perfect Christmas touch – classy and beautiful, really enhancing my holiday decorating!

  3. Avatar of Sarah McKenzie
    Sarah McKenzie Reply

    Because you just cannot get any prettier stuff then from the Dusk range…every year it just gets better and prettier!!

  4. Avatar of Shannon Wotton
    Shannon Wotton Reply

    I love Dusk’s Christmas candle and decor range because there are so many colours and styles to choose from. There is a look to suit everyone’s Christmas decorating style!

  5. Avatar of Michelle

    Their range is absolutely gorgeous. I love Dusk and all their products all year round, but I especially love their Christmas ranges. They are beautifully crafted and make any room seem magical.

  6. Avatar of Nicola James
    Nicola James Reply

    The elegance and the ease of creating your own individual look!

  7. Avatar of alanna jane
    alanna jane Reply

    i love the smell of Dusk when i walk in their shop, and i love the Summer Fun collection, modern and less traditional for a change

  8. Avatar of Melissa

    I love that the Dusk Christmas range caters to different styles and tastes

  9. Avatar of Wendy Compergirl D'Arcy
    Wendy Compergirl D'Arcy Reply

    I love that there are different styles for different tastes and Dusk smells divine

  10. Avatar of Bex

    The Dusk range of Candles and Decor create such a festive and unique uplift to any atmosphere, room and table. It provides that beautiful look the whole family would truly enjoy to be around.

  11. Avatar of Ashley

    Dusk is my favourite shop. I love it when they style to store for each season. Especially christmas. My favourite time of year. In love with the red tea light tree they have out this year.

  12. Avatar of Julia Morton
    Julia Morton Reply

    i love the pop of colour and decorative trims, keep me happy and in the xmas spirit all season long

  13. Avatar of Loz Hunt

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas with the gorgeous Dusk range. The stunning reds are brighter than Rudolph’s nose, the emerald greens would have me rockin’ around the Christmas tree. With O Holy Night playing in the background the candles would bring life to any room.

  14. Avatar of Kate Slack
    Kate Slack Reply

    The choice of colours is great something for everybody’s Christmas taste.

  15. Avatar of Samara Cassidy
    Samara Cassidy Reply

    The Dusk range has something for everyone’s style and taste!

  16. Avatar of Maree Gray
    Maree Gray Reply

    Fantastic range of candles and other items – something for everyone and every budget

  17. Avatar of Nat M

    I love that I could get pieces from all the ranges and they all fit well together.

  18. Avatar of Anita Louise
    Anita Louise Reply

    I love that there are styles to suit every taste! A very magical look with whichever style you choose 🙂

  19. Avatar of Trish Leonard
    Trish Leonard Reply

    I love everything!! Their range is beautiful and it would make Christmas extra special.

  20. Avatar of Naomi

    There is so much to choose from and I can make it suit my taste and style.

  21. Avatar of Rebecca Foster
    Rebecca Foster Reply

    I love all the ideas and all of the candles to decorate the Christmas table to make it an extra special day.

  22. Avatar of Ineedacoffee
    Ineedacoffee Reply

    If even i can find something i like, its proof they have something for all

  23. Avatar of Darren Earley
    Darren Earley Reply

    what a way to really dress up my home for Christmas it will look a million dollars

  24. Avatar of KK

    Love Dusks Frosty family…my daughter buys me a new one each year…

  25. Avatar of christine morris
    christine morris Reply

    I love all the bright and bold colours, i love the Summer Colours, thanks for the chance and Merry Christmas 🙂

  26. Avatar of Kelly Lucas
    Kelly Lucas Reply

    I love the summer fun set as this is what Xmas in Australia is about.

  27. Avatar of Vicki

    There is something for everyone’s taste & can be mixed & matched.Love Dusk.

  28. Avatar of merlest

    I love the versatility and range of Dusk’s products. They have quality products for all tastes and occasions to beautify your home.

  29. Avatar of Brianna Taylor
    Brianna Taylor Reply

    I love all of the different options – not just your standard green red and silver/gold decorations. So versatile and something for everyone!

  30. Avatar of Cecilia Warrick
    Cecilia Warrick Reply

    Stunning, inspiring, something for everyone! I love the concept of telling a story.

  31. Avatar of purplesp8y
    purplesp8y Reply

    Silver, gold, bright colours or subdued tones, if you can’t find what you’re looking for at Dusk….then you’re not going to find it anywhere

  32. Avatar of Shannon Lucas
    Shannon Lucas Reply

    I love the ellagance and style, it screams Christmas but is not tacky and over the top.

  33. Avatar of luvacuppa

    Dusk makes it so easy to put a beautiful look together for your sideboard or dining table, you can do no wrong!

  34. Avatar of Stephanie McNamara
    Stephanie McNamara Reply

    I love the variety that dusk has to offer! So gorgeous, something different for everyone!

  35. Avatar of Michelle Green
    Michelle Green Reply

    I love the beautiful and wide range of colours and the novelty candle range of Dusk’s Christmas Candle & Decor range. Christmas is a time to be bright and happy and I love to add bright colours into my home during the festive season and the Dusk range will be a perfect addition to my new home this year.

  36. Avatar of Narelle Emerson Skelly
    Narelle Emerson Skelly Reply

    I love the quality and affordability of Dusk products, perfect for gift giving or updating my own home

  37. Avatar of Isabeau Jane
    Isabeau Jane Reply

    They’re so versatile! you can leave your Christmas candles up year round if you feel like it! They have excellent specials and great quality items, everyone loves a beautiful, aromatic candle!

  38. Avatar of Helen F

    I would love this Gift pack as the Dusk range bring back magnificent memories of my time living in the US and the aromas are divine

  39. Avatar of Jade o

    I loved my local Dusk store before it closed down, I would be in there weekly buying candles and gifts for everyone. I now have to travel 2 hours to get my fix but it doesn’t stop me coming home with some delectable scents!

  40. Avatar of Ian McDonnell
    Ian McDonnell Reply

    Santa didn’t make it to outback NSW when I was a kid, but since I caught a dose of Christmas spirit , I go all out to make the day special for my family, lights, decorations and lots of presents for everyone, because I know how it feels to miss out !

  41. Avatar of Eva Kiraly
    Eva Kiraly Reply

    These are gorgeous, a special way to dress the house up for Xmas

  42. Avatar of Lisa

    I love the range, I can have different themes in different parts of the house but still have continuity 🙂

  43. Avatar of ChriS

    I love that they are gorgeous, add a warm glow & a touch of festive magic!

  44. Avatar of RLRowberry
    RLRowberry Reply

    I like how it’s going to fill the void of my grandpa not being with us since his loss 1 month ago. We will light a candle in his honour and let it burn for the rest of the day. I love how festive and classy all the decorations are. We always shop at dusk for our candles for their quality.

  45. Avatar of BrisNed

    They have so many simple but attractive items so no two households will be the same if they decorate with dusk

  46. Avatar of Kristy Winters
    Kristy Winters Reply

    each theme is filled with beautiful pieces that can be Individualy styled

  47. Avatar of Belinda Mouk
    Belinda Mouk Reply

    All the products are unique and make perfect Christmas gifts!!

  48. Avatar of Cassy26

    I love that Dusk have partnered with the Make-a-Wish foundation again! Such an amazing cause. Christmas is all about magic and making wishes come true and I love that Dusk is supporting this and continuing to bring joy into people lives over the festive season just as they do all year round 🙂

  49. Avatar of Christopher King
    Christopher King Reply

    I love that Dusk offers me attractive festive ranges from which to choose. I might have a particular theme or style in mind, and be instantly inspired by one or more of their offerings. That’s the problem. Too much wonderful choice. Too many bright, shiny things..;)

  50. Avatar of Nikki Cashion
    Nikki Cashion Reply

    Love all the variety and prices are great . Helps to prepare an amazing atmosphere

  51. Avatar of VickyK

    It isn’t Christmas without some Dusk decorations around the house. Love to give Dusk products as gifts too 🙂

  52. Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
    Barbara Fehmel Reply

    I walk into a Dusk store and I am always greeted so pleasantly. The variety is outstanding and I love the smell and look of the store. Even if it is a little over crowded with items.

  53. Avatar of cat helbig
    cat helbig Reply

    I love the fact that not only do they look pretty, they smell so amazing aswell. Tey are the perfect addition to your christmas settings

  54. Avatar of KE Hodson

    Their products are beauty at it’s simplest. They made it easy to look like a professional by making it easy to colour coordinate your decor.

  55. Avatar of Blossom

    There is so many options to decorate your dining and other areas to creative a fantastic joyful atmosphere for Christmas. Many combinations can easily be used on other occasions.

  56. Avatar of Kat Rogers
    Kat Rogers Reply

    A little glizt and glamour brings the festive season to life and makes the whole house alook festve

  57. Avatar of viviennedobin
    viviennedobin Reply

    I love the Dusk range it smells so nice and makes it easy to decorate

  58. Avatar of Jane Gardam
    Jane Gardam Reply

    Dusk has some absolutely gorgeous items to decorate this Christmas, I actually really enjoy decorating , especially the table. Every year products get even more beautiful. What a wonderful time to celebrate, so lets do it in style with Dusk.

  59. Avatar of Dale Pearce
    Dale Pearce Reply

    There appears to be something for everyone with a variety of colours and scents.

  60. Avatar of Natasha Page
    Natasha Page Reply

    Such a huge selection from which to choose to suit any personality!

  61. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole Woods Reply

    I love everything about Dusk and have done for many years. Their candles have amazing scents and they make so many gorgeous things to display them in (votive cups, hurricane lamps, etc.). They make fantastic gifts too!

  62. Avatar of Sammy Minshull
    Sammy Minshull Reply

    these are gorgeous. love who you can tweak to suit any style, personality or budget!

  63. Avatar of Sam Hackett
    Sam Hackett Reply

    Totally love the style and scents that dusk do 🙂 would love Christmas to smell and look gorgeous this year..

  64. Avatar of Juanita Munro
    Juanita Munro Reply

    It brings out the colour and joyful spirit of everyone in this silly season!

  65. Avatar of Mary Moschovakis
    Mary Moschovakis Reply

    perfect for any home, adds variety and great for gifting too

  66. Avatar of Brigitte St Quintin
    Brigitte St Quintin Reply

    I can never walk past Dusk without walking in. The beautiful fragrances get me every time and the candles range from simple to elegant designs. Something for everyone.

  67. Avatar of Thalia

    I love how they capture the essence of Christmas and add to the cheer and spirit of the season! You can’t help but fill festive when using this range 🙂

  68. Avatar of Carissa Harford
    Carissa Harford Reply

    They look and smell amazing! And they last and last – you can use them the entire festive period, not just on Xmas day 🙂

  69. Avatar of tracywed

    I love the variety and scents and how I can get everything matching

  70. Avatar of Lenna Reinhard
    Lenna Reinhard Reply

    I love everything about Dusk and have for years love my candles even my kids now are into candles. Their candles have amazing scents and they make so many things that we can display them in that are absolutely gorgeous. Dusk make fantastic gifts too 🙂

  71. Avatar of Jemma Hansen
    Jemma Hansen Reply

    I love the Dusk Christmas novelty candles, especially the Gingerbread House candle. A great way to get into the Christmas spirit. I like to light a candle on Christmas eve and take a quiet moment to think and remember those that won’t be with us at Christmas.

  72. Avatar of ggrugger

    I am in love with the glitter candles and what a bargain for a 50hr candle! There is a great range, something for every style of Christmas celebrations.

  73. Avatar of Catherine Howard
    Catherine Howard Reply

    There is always an awesome new item you can get each year to add to or freshen up the house

  74. Avatar of Kim

    I love the seasonal scents.and that there is always something for everyone

  75. Avatar of elizabeth agha
    elizabeth agha Reply

    The stunning Dusk range turns any house into an inviting home at Christmas. The ambiance it creates is mesmerizing.

  76. Avatar of Wendy Christidis
    Wendy Christidis Reply

    I love the novelty Christmas candles – so cute and they make the perfect gift for teachers and Secret Santas 🙂 Dusk is my first stop when I do my Christmas shopping each year!

  77. Avatar of Amanda

    Dusk has got me in the Christmas spirit now. They have succeeded where the shopping centres have failed.

  78. Avatar of Juanita Thorn
    Juanita Thorn Reply

    I love Dusk and have for years…their products just exude quality & style. And if I was lucky enough to win, Dusk products would create a beautiful Christmas-ey atmosphere throughout my home. 🙂

  79. Avatar of Bianca Bonakey
    Bianca Bonakey Reply

    I love that DUSK smells delish .. the moment I walk in there I’m instantly in love .. I find what I need within minutes and yet I still buy something that’s not on my list

  80. Avatar of Gee

    The smell makes me instantly fall in love with all of Dusk’s products!

  81. Avatar of Natalie Hage
    Natalie Hage Reply

    Dusk is a one stop shop for gifts no matter what the Occassion. There is nothing quite like giving the gift of light accompanied by elegance and a delightful aroma

  82. Avatar of Stacey

    I love Dusk’s novelty candles,
    The Pearl Penguin and Polar Bear,
    Displayed in a silver glass dome,
    Will make a cute Christmas pair.

  83. Avatar of Amy

    I love how stylish and easy it is to add the range to any style of house!

  84. Avatar of Yvonne 'von' Ryan
    Yvonne 'von' Ryan Reply

    I love The Dusk Christmas Candles and Décor range, they have a warm welcoming feeling for any home .

  85. Avatar of Nadine

    Dusk’s candle and decor products are totally divine – and their Christmas range is no exception. Such beautiful pieces and great variety – something lovely for everyone to bring a touch of pure Magic to the festivities!

  86. Avatar of Andrea

    Everything that Dusk sells is quality made and classic in design.

  87. Avatar of Donna Bennett
    Donna Bennett Reply

    Gorgeous products from Dusk make any table setting look amazing. Something to suit every ones style of decorating. They look stunning and add elegance and class.

  88. Avatar of Rebecca Evans
    Rebecca Evans Reply

    They always have a gorgeous collection, especially their glass snowmen. They are an affordable enhancement to our Christmas table spread

  89. Avatar of Courtney

    For me, it evokes magic, love and dreams, how my family celebrates Christmas.

  90. Avatar of Ann Maree Sculley
    Ann Maree Sculley Reply

    Dusk really brings Christmas to life , what gorgeous settings we can all have and would love to enhance with these products , I personally love the tropical look for Summer .

  91. Avatar of Tina Hopkinson
    Tina Hopkinson Reply

    Dusk’s Christmas Candle and Decor Range, has something for everyone,whether it be traditional,elegant or something a little more bold.Festive,chic and fun.A big thumbs up from me.

  92. Avatar of stephen elsworthy
    stephen elsworthy Reply

    My wife would think i was very special if I gave her this prize!

  93. Avatar of laureneve

    A gorgeous range of items, I gave my Mum a big wooden german ornament from DUSK last year. We think of our german holiday every Christmas.

  94. Avatar of Sacha Pech
    Sacha Pech Reply

    There’s something for everyone’s taste and style. Dusk make the most beautiful candle products; and they’re reasonably priced as well as a treasured gift.

  95. Avatar of Jacqui Lagaluga
    Jacqui Lagaluga Reply

    Styling my home for Christmas is made easier by Dusk as no matter the theme I wish to create there is always a wide range of candles and accessories to chose from.

  96. Avatar of Belinda M

    I love how Dusk is so on trend with everything, they give class to any function

  97. Avatar of Tess Howard
    Tess Howard Reply

    The sheer variety! Styles and scents of the candles; not to mention the holders and accessories. I adore it and the kids roll their eyes every time we walk past a Dusk store and I just want to pop in.

  98. Avatar of W. Hodson

    When ever you shop there you can always find a wonderful gift for any occasion. Dusk makes shopping easy with their beautiful range of products.

  99. Avatar of Courtney

    Dusk has beautiful and stylish candles and gifts, i love the different scents and pretty designs.

  100. Avatar of jody buhagiar
    jody buhagiar Reply

    Dusks candles and home decor complete my home. Their range complements every room in my house. The smells are addictive and very appealling.

  101. Avatar of MelJD

    This range is classy, but also affordable, and I think it would suit almost any home.

  102. Avatar of Christie Louise
    Christie Louise Reply

    I love how classy a centrepiece can look with help from Dusk.
    My mother passed away 5 years ago, and her birthday was generally shared with mine as mine is dec 25th, mums dec 26th.
    I would love to create a beautiful, yet classy area dedicated to my mother, complete with a beautiful photograph of her and candles.
    This way, every Christmas (or even year round), we can dedicate this to mums memory.

  103. Avatar of Rebecca Yangzon
    Rebecca Yangzon Reply

    Love dusk candles and have a few but alas we live 4 hours away from the city that stocks them so this prize pack would be amazing 🙂

  104. Avatar of TanyaCrerar
    TanyaCrerar Reply

    Candles help bring a warmth to the room that has nothing to do with the scorching summer heat. Dusks Christmas candle range will be the perfect finishing touch to our Christmas table.

  105. Avatar of Jennifer Robertson
    Jennifer Robertson Reply

    The decor is almost too nice to ever pack away and the candles too pretty to light.

  106. Avatar of Tayw

    They are unique, freash and bring traditional Christmas into a modern twist.

  107. Avatar of Scott Crumlin
    Scott Crumlin Reply

    Contemporary with a hint of edge, they are eye catching but not too much.

  108. Avatar of Sandi Porter
    Sandi Porter Reply

    Dusk is dangerous for me to walk into, it ends up being a very expensive day because I just love everything!!

  109. Avatar of Sue Bou

    love the wide range of the Christmas candles and decor, the many styles from bright & cheerful to glamorous and luxurious

  110. Avatar of Rebecca Costa
    Rebecca Costa Reply

    I just love how the aroma of dusk candles bring back memories of christmas joy as kids waiting at 5am at passage door for all us 7 kids to be together to open door and run to see what Santa had brought us!!

  111. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Dusk Candles have maganificant scents with superior quality. I love Dusk’s festival packages designed. They are bringing Christmas spirit into my family. It is a wonderful prize for everyone. Thank you for this beautiful prize.

  112. Avatar of Rachel

    I love the colours! They can instantly transform any home and they smell amazing too!

  113. Avatar of Pauline

    I love how the scents really help set the scene for an enjoyable, relaxed Christmas full of joy

  114. Avatar of Teresa Clark
    Teresa Clark Reply

    Love the variety and the scents, how the scents can bring back memories and give even more special meaning to the holiday season.

  115. Avatar of Mez

    Love the extensive range of scents and colours! Too many to choose from!!

  116. Avatar of Glenda McDonnell
    Glenda McDonnell Reply

    Christmas is the perfect time to unwrap the love in your heart and let it flow over all the special people in your world, beautiful decorations and scents are all part of creating memories they’ll never forget.

  117. Avatar of Mario W

    I love the range of products they have – something to suit everyone

  118. Avatar of Kristy F

    They have so much to chose from that they cater for all tastes when it comes to Christmas decorating.

  119. Avatar of Kerrie Tullipan
    Kerrie Tullipan Reply

    I just love the magic and beauty of the Dusk Christmas Candle and Décor range. For me, they are essential ingredients for Christmas. They will act as an amazing centrepiece for my table setting this Christmas. I love playing around with different scents and textures.

  120. Avatar of Jayde Gelencher
    Jayde Gelencher Reply

    I love both styles of the Christmas candles and decor range from dusk but the beautiful colours in the colourful range are fun and will brighten up my home for Christmas! (my 7 year old son chose the colours one because he said Christmas should always be fun and colourful!)

  121. Avatar of Sharon Howe
    Sharon Howe Reply

    Hello, I love the glamorous range from dusk – it just makes that time of the year special for the bigger kids. 🙂

  122. Avatar of Jocy

    I love the bright colours of the summer fun range. Would really brighten up the house.

  123. Avatar of Kylie T

    Dusk’s Christmas Candle & Décor creates beautiful memories; one of a kind
    Evoking happiness and joy – inspirationally entwined
    Artistically seasonal expressionism a wondrous part
    Deeply treasured spirit beloved in our hearts!

  124. Avatar of Tessie D

    Stylish and guaranteed to suit every home, personality and lifestyle.

  125. Avatar of amandagorton
    amandagorton Reply

    I fantasize every time I walk past the Dusk store! Every season (well occasion too) there are pieces that are completely new. The Christmas range covers every decor theme so whether you love the traditional, the colourful, the luxe trend etc you can find your treasures at Dusk
    I LOVE IT!

  126. Avatar of Nicci Traeger
    Nicci Traeger Reply

    I am loving the simplicity of it yet how elegant it makes your home look

  127. Avatar of Alex He

    Dusk’s Christmas Candle and Decor are simply stylish but make your home full of Christmas atmosphere.

  128. Avatar of Louise Powell
    Louise Powell Reply

    I love dusk for Christmas! Lots of gold touches make for lovely luxe details. Even better the gifts are gorgeous, tick tick ticking off the list…

  129. Avatar of Louise Patterson
    Louise Patterson Reply

    I love how simple it is to use Dusk products to create a beautiful atmosphere.

  130. Avatar of Lyndall Crisp
    Lyndall Crisp Reply

    Dusk – they know how to do it all, fun,simple, elegant, beautiful! They suit everyone!

  131. Avatar of Jill-Anne

    With deliciously delightful DUSK decor/candle products you don’t have to be a design/decorator expert to create the magical effect. All things are there, colour co-ordinated – ideas to copy or to do your own thing.

  132. Avatar of Laura Powers
    Laura Powers Reply

    Fantastic stylish pieces add a real touch of class to any home

  133. Avatar of Charl Lowther
    Charl Lowther Reply

    Lovely, fun, affordable products to add a touch of style and theme to any room. A great Christmas range for everyone!

  134. Avatar of Robyn Smithwick
    Robyn Smithwick Reply

    These look so beautiful and festive. Would love to win either of these lovely hampers.

  135. Avatar of Bec Jane

    I love dusk you can mix to match, any piece to suit your own designed inspired Christmas theme. Merry Christmas!

  136. Avatar of Sheryl

    Dusk always has the perfect thing to celebrate any occasion and their Christmas 2016 collection is stunning!

  137. Avatar of Karen Smart
    Karen Smart Reply

    So beautiful and so festive! Dusk always make such beautiful candles! Thank you for the chance to win.

  138. Avatar of LF

    Thank you so much for these amazing Christmas ideas and for the sublime opportunity to win this in time for the Festive season to begin.

  139. Avatar of jaime farrands
    jaime farrands Reply

    The smell of dusk candles is beautiful. Would love a christmas that smells so good

  140. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    I love to decor Christmas tree and table with my two autistic children, it is fun and bringing closer relationships between me and my daughters.

  141. Avatar of Cathie Mills
    Cathie Mills Reply

    The smell in Dusk is always amazing. I love these 2 hampers, what a great idea.

  142. Avatar of Danidrose

    How amazing are these competitions, the prizes are so great and I now know what a vingette is. Have heaps of ideas not o ly for Christmas but for general decor. Thank you Mum Central.

  143. Avatar of Anneliese Scopelliti
    Anneliese Scopelliti Reply

    These hampers both look amazing and I bet they smell even better.

  144. Avatar of Sharon Markwell
    Sharon Markwell Reply

    I love the variety of Dusk’s Christmas Candle & Decor Range. There is something for everyone’s individual taste, and all so bright and happy.

  145. Avatar of Sarahmary92
    Sarahmary92 Reply

    The price! Affordable means everything at Christmas time, so its fantastic to have such quality and gorgeous items to choose from.

  146. Avatar of Beksmum

    There is always something beautiful I can get for my friends at Dusk without spending a fortune 🙂

  147. Avatar of Kylie Embury
    Kylie Embury Reply

    There’s so much to love! The green and raspberry large pillar candles are my favourite and remind me of Christmas candles my parents used to have, many years ago. There is such a great range at Dusk with something to suit every possible theme this Christmas, even my “ad hoc the kids have helped” theme 😉

  148. Avatar of Ines Nobel
    Ines Nobel Reply

    I love the dusk Christmas range because of their vibrant colours and fun designs to make Xmas cheerful – and their candles always smell divine!

  149. Avatar of Debbie Jones
    Debbie Jones Reply

    Traditional Christmas Spinner Vignette I love the colours, perfect for Christmas

  150. Avatar of Caroline White
    Caroline White Reply

    Love watching Nieces and Nephews enjoying opening there presents.

  151. Avatar of Bet Hogan

    Dusks range of home decor and candles, has bright pops of colour, modern shapes with hints of cheekiness. The smells are delicious.

  152. Avatar of Karina Lee
    Karina Lee Reply

    Dusk would make any miserable hum bug home look amazing and festive!

  153. Avatar of Mary M

    Tradition and fun combined with style and glamour..the perfect balance for a wonderful family Christmas.

  154. Avatar of Lorna M

    Dusk Christmas range is gorgeous, perfect to add some glam and festive ambience around the house

  155. Avatar of Kel. G.

    Slack I know, but so busy. Haven’t decided on colour theme for this year’s Christmas lunch but whether traditional red and green…glittery gold or silver DUSK has it all covered. Thanks for making the choice easy DUSK.

  156. Avatar of Troy Simpson

    There’s something about candles — Dusk, in particular — that evokes warmth and fond memories. These candles would create an ideal atmosphere to reminisce and reflect and hope for a better 2017 than 2016.

  157. Avatar of Nyssa Johnson
    Nyssa Johnson Reply

    I love that they have stylish choices for Christmas, not just brightly coloured things

  158. Avatar of Matt Brown
    Matt Brown Reply

    Love the colours, designs and scents. Dusk is always on point

  159. Avatar of Valerie Wee
    Valerie Wee Reply

    I love colors so do my children. They would love to see colorful Christmas decoration which attract them to look forward for this special festival.

  160. Avatar of Jennalee Izzard
    Jennalee Izzard Reply

    Brings modern and traditional Christmas ambiance to the family dinner table! Stunning and affordable!!

  161. Avatar of Jenny Edwards
    Jenny Edwards Reply

    Love the Silver Taper holder. Would look so stunning on a Christmas table. Love the colours of the Glamorous range too.

  162. Avatar of nicolemorris
    nicolemorris Reply

    im such a HUGE fan of Dusk and LOVE LOVE LOVE the Christmas range. Always have beautiful things. I love getting a couple of new things every year and people who visit me at home always comment on my beautiful Dusk pieces.

  163. Avatar of Kasey Taege
    Kasey Taege Reply

    I love the smell and quality of dusk candles. Love that there is a range of themes t sujt everyones personal style

  164. Avatar of michelle brown
    michelle brown Reply

    Such lovely range of products, very unique and interesting pieces and the candles smell amazing!

  165. Avatar of Gillian Harridge
    Gillian Harridge Reply

    The colour, scent and designs are always gorgeous at Dusk.

  166. Avatar of Debra Black
    Debra Black Reply

    I love the smell of dusk every time I go to Marion, I know when I’m near the store

  167. Avatar of Lynnette Bull
    Lynnette Bull Reply

    I love that they have set ups in store as I have no idea hke to style do with Dusk I can just choose a style I like and buy all those items

  168. Avatar of Jade

    I love how how gorgeous and cosy the amazing dusk range makes my house feel

  169. Avatar of robfunk

    I love that I can get a whole set of great products all coordinated with the same theme.

  170. Avatar of Michelle Budge
    Michelle Budge Reply

    Dusk is my favorite place to visit. The smell is devine, the products elegant and unique. Thankyou Dusk, my home is fragrant and inviting.

  171. Avatar of Lorraine Reid
    Lorraine Reid Reply

    The Christmas candle and decor range from Dusk is just Devine. Adorning my home making it look and smell fine.

  172. Avatar of joni

    Dusk has such a wonderful variety of candles For Christmas that there is no excuse not to have a beautiful Christmas display!

  173. Avatar of Kimberley De Luchi
    Kimberley De Luchi Reply

    I absolutely love dusk and the range they have for Christmas is amazing. I bought the Christmas crackers last year and they are the best I have ever had. They came with a little wind up toys and a race track and a celebrity heads game. I have never had more fun with crackers and we all played for hours.

  174. Avatar of Tammy

    I can’t walk past a Dusk storefront without going in.. it smells so divine and takes me on a sensory journey. The Silver star holders are so simple and sweet! Adore!

  175. Avatar of Natalie Wright
    Natalie Wright Reply

    Dusk’s Christmas and decor range is amazing with something for everyone.

  176. Avatar of Rach.

    I love the simple colour schemes, without being over the top at all.

  177. Avatar of Sharyn W

    i love that it has something for everyone and will make christmas even more wonderful for sure, as with this range on my table everyone will have smiles galore

  178. Avatar of spog777

    Dusk really know how to make special festivities look amazing and we have their lovely aromas to enjoy as well

  179. Avatar of Megsbee

    I love the beautiful scents. And the awesome array of stuff they have

  180. Avatar of Rachael

    I love the gorgeous scents, really brings the Christmas spirit (whether it’s fruity and tropical scents for a summer Chrissie or bringing a hint of classic Christmas with winter spices.

  181. Avatar of Abby H

    It goes really well with my eclectic decor and brightens up a room with ambient light and beautiful scents.

  182. Avatar of soniaelsheikh
    soniaelsheikh Reply

    I love how it can brighten up any room with both smell and appearance ❤️

  183. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Love Dusk because Dusk has beautiful candles with lead-free and chemical -free ingredients to bring beautiful home scents. It has fabulous service too.

  184. Avatar of ginger25

    I love shopping in Dusk. It always smells divine and looks wonderful. The staff are so friendly and helpful too. I must pop in and check out the Glitter Pillar Candles.

  185. Avatar of Julia Mason
    Julia Mason Reply

    I love that they are so Deluxe and there’s nothing else like Dusk!!

  186. Avatar of michelle

    the candles holders are just adorable, and durable to last year after year

  187. Avatar of carolineavard
    carolineavard Reply

    Im in love with the prices and the sales..I always find something affordable for birthdays and christmas 🙂

  188. Avatar of Bops18

    I love the colour, innovative displays and ideas, the smells are divine and there is something for everyone.

  189. Avatar of Alicia Bardsley
    Alicia Bardsley Reply

    They are really on trend, super stylish and a range that suits every taste

  190. Avatar of Rebecca Perry
    Rebecca Perry Reply

    Dusks christmas range is great value it oozes quality and class, allowing everyone to create a unique and special Christmas

  191. Avatar of apwed

    i like they look great for christmas but you can use all year round as they can look good without looking like christmas for the rest of the year

  192. Avatar of Pamela Singleton
    Pamela Singleton Reply

    Thanks so much for the chance to win such beautiful items. I love the Glamorous with its touch of class and all amazing quality.

  193. Avatar of Amelia Jane
    Amelia Jane Reply

    A touch of Christmas glamour with that glorious Christmas smell, takes my house from seasonal inn to holiday hotel.

  194. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Love dusk fragrances because they do provide beautiful scents for my family and pets. Dusk would be completed our Christmas decorations and spirit.

  195. Avatar of Julie Ford
    Julie Ford Reply

    Christmas time is so magical and this just say merry Christmas in such a glamourous beautiful way wining would be amazing

  196. Avatar of Lyndel Marshall Rowe
    Lyndel Marshall Rowe Reply

    Dusks xmas range makes me feel all warm and fuzzy

  197. Avatar of Andreea Nicolescu
    Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    I love the scents there is one to suit everyone, great gifts that all will cherish, stylish, glamorous and affordable

  198. Avatar of Lynne Lillington
    Lynne Lillington Reply

    I love I can pick a range to suit my type of Christmas , I love Traditional, where as my daughter would choose Tropical. So both of us could express our individuality with one shop .

  199. Avatar of Ann Hooppell
    Ann Hooppell Reply

    Summer fun I love the Christmas tree candle holder it would make a beautiful centre piece around anyone’s Christmas table

  200. Avatar of Nassep

    Dusk has a way to make everything magical and stylish. The aroma is spellbinding

  201. Avatar of Kerry Vincenti
    Kerry Vincenti Reply

    I love shopping and going into Dusk every chance I get. You can buy so much for the way you want to style your home for Christmas.

  202. Avatar of Trudy Spreadborough
    Trudy Spreadborough Reply

    Dusk has something for everyone! Their products are amazing.

  203. Avatar of Chrissy07

    STYLE 2: The Tropical Alfresco Table (Summer Fun) would be my choice. So perfect for Christmas. Dusk is brilliant.

  204. Avatar of mystique32
    mystique32 Reply

    Styles and scents to transform a rather ordinary Christmas Vignette into an EXTRAordinary feast for both eyes and senses

  205. Avatar of Karla Oleinikoff
    Karla Oleinikoff Reply

    Whether you like quirky or sophisticated, Dusk has you covered! Beautiful colours and lovely scents would make my home look and smell beautiful.

  206. Avatar of Rachel amanatidis
    Rachel amanatidis Reply

    I love that there’s range of style and suit everyone , whether it be glamour or simply fun , able to turn a house into a home

  207. Avatar of Maria Wilkins
    Maria Wilkins Reply

    Dusk has something for everyone, from traditional to ultra modern, you’ll find it there

  208. Avatar of Linda C

    They look amazing and will add something special to any home for Christmas.

  209. Avatar of mustangmum
    mustangmum Reply

    It has to be The Summer Fan Pack as it will already match my decor and looks like fun..

  210. Avatar of Ashley Beech
    Ashley Beech Reply

    I love the variety and the coverage of many styles,
    making it easy to please everyone this Christmas!

  211. Avatar of Tracy

    Bright and colourful, there’s an candle and scent to suit

  212. Avatar of oldfellow

    Dusk is my favourite shop for presents when I run out of Ideas and the staff are always happy & friendly

  213. Avatar of Leanne White
    Leanne White Reply

    Love the prices and the entire range that suits everyone’s taste!

  214. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Dusk has beautiful scents solutions to embrace inspiration of wonderful life.

  215. Avatar of Natalie Skinner
    Natalie Skinner Reply

    The variety and colours to suit whatever decor or look you are after

  216. Avatar of Angela Dennis
    Angela Dennis Reply

    Dusk fragrances can transport you to another place they are so true to fragrance, and they are always a loved gift

  217. Avatar of Elisabeth Martins
    Elisabeth Martins Reply

    I love no matter your taste, there is something for everyone. The traditionalist, the modernist, the vintage-ist.. DUSK has you covered.

  218. Avatar of Laura Scriven
    Laura Scriven Reply

    It cane be dress up or down,
    It’s so twinkly it’ll remove any frowns!
    Has that pretty touch,
    That we all love!

  219. Avatar of Dianne Stephens
    Dianne Stephens Reply

    Really love the Dusk Christmas products, so many to choose from colours to delight anyone, even those that are hard to please!

  220. Avatar of Debra Marr
    Debra Marr Reply

    The multitude of colors, something to suit everyone, no matter their style.

  221. Avatar of Lara Daebritz
    Lara Daebritz Reply

    Wandering aimlessly through the endless shopping mall;
    For the perfect gifts I’m struggling, few ideas at all!
    Then a fragrance wafts around, a fragrance to behold…
    I’ve just strolled into Dusk…it’s a gift shopper’s gold!
    Candles in every shape, every fragrance and size…
    Fancy holders too, and festive decor supplies.
    My credit card is groaning, but my list is almost done;
    Finally, a Dusk treat for myself…Dusk…you’re number 1!!!

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