Review: The Swaddle Grobag That My Baby Sleeps All Night In

Two tired mums. Two very different babies. And two tales of sleep success thanks to iconic baby sleep bag brand — Gro Company— and its AMAZING Swaddle Grobag.

If you’re on the hunt for a sleeping bag for your little one, then the Swaddle Grobag is our recommendation! Not only is the brand trusted and award-winning, but its products also work in REAL LIFE.

In fact, the Swaddle Grobag received a nearly perfect score when put to the test by our two reviewers.

Trial #1:


Baby: five months.

Sleep: Not a heck of a lot 

My daughter Lily just turned five months and I had accepted that fact that sleeping is just not one of her strong points. She’s cute. She’s generally happy. But she wakes up four times every night and that’s on a good night.

I’d gotten used to functioning on broken sleep. And wearing sunnies everywhere to mask the mum zombie look.

But then we got a chance to trial the Gro Company Swaddle Grobag. It’s a 2-in-1 baby sleeping bag that allows you to swaddle bub’s arms in or out, for a great night’s sleep.

A safer and more settled night’s sleep? Tick!

Designed to keep baby snug and secure and reduce the risk of night wakings, it also comes with heaps of recommendations from other mums and is considered ‘hip healthy’ by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

The unique shape of the Grobag, with a wider bottom, allows baby to kick and sleep in a natural froggy-legged position, which is recommended for baby’s hip health, and helps to avoid hip dysplasia.

There are two options – arms in or arms out and the nickel-free poppers on the sides of the swaddle make for a super easy transition, so as not to disturb baby too much.

Arms in, arms out, Lily was calm, cosy and content in her Grey Marl Swaddle Grobag

The Swaddle Grobag Newborn Plus (more about the sizes down below) was a great fit for my little girl and felt tight and secure. But she was also freely able to move, which is her favourite thing to do right now.

It is super easy to use, feels soft and is cute to boot.  But would that make any difference to our nightly routine? It would seem so!

From two hour wake-ups to SIX hours straight sleep. Hurray!

My NON SLEEPING baby is now going five to six hours at night. Sure, it’s not ‘sleeping through’ but, hey, it’s better than nothing. And, after five long months of sleeping in 1-2 hour increments, I’ll happily take it!”

But the one thing I’ve learned on this baby journey is that no two babies are the same. The Grobag is a sanity saver for me but what about for other mums?

We asked another sleep-deprived mumma, Dana, to also try the new Grobag.

Trial #2:


Baby: Two months.

Sleep: So-so

Dana’s little man, Ford is only two months but he’s already a very active bubba! Most nights he will sleep four hours at a time but then will wake right up and want to play. This isn’t much fun for poor Dana.

baby sleeping in swaddle grobag
Little Ford loving his Bennie the Bear Swaddle Grobag and his results speak for themselves!

Snug as a bug

For Dana, the best thing about the baby sleeping bag is how easy it is to use, especially the leg zip for easy nappy changes. She also loved how snug Ford was in it. No Houdini moves during the night to cause him to wake up!

The convenience of using the Grobag is worth the investment. Plus, the quality of the fabric is amazing, the kind you can hand down to the next baby. If we have a third child (a HUGE if), we will definitely use the Grobag!”

Since using the Newborn Swaddle Grobag, Ford is now sleeping through the night7 to 8 solid hours. As you can imagine, Dana is pretty happy (and has fewer dark circles under her eyes!).

Designed to grow with your baby

The Swaddle Grobag comes in both Newborn (2.3kg to 5.5kg) and Newborn Plus (4kg to 7.1kg) sizes.

There is also LIGHT (best for summer) and a COSY (best for winter) versions. So you can choose what works best for your bubba, depending on the season and where in Australia you live. You don’t need to worry about baby kicking off the blankets – the newborn sleeping bag is all the bedding they need!

Plus, the Grobag box features a guide on what to dress baby in, depending on your room’s temperature. What if you don’t know the room’s temperature? The Gro Company thought of that too as each swaddle also comes with a handy room thermometer.

The all new range of Swaddle Grobags starts at just $44.95 (for newborn) and $49.95 (for newborn plus). These Swaddle Grobags are worth every cent in my book. There are heaps of adorable designs too – posies, rainbows, polka-dots, penguins, elephants and bears, oh my!

mum central
So, the verdict…

Swaddle GroBag Review

9.2Bennie the Bear Grobag swaddle


  • 2 in 1 Product
  • Light, Snug and Cosy
  • Hip-Healthy
  • Suitable from Birth
  • Grows with Baby
Ease to Use
Look & Feel
Value for Money

mum centralIt’s a BIG WIN for us! Keep scrolling for your chance to WIN a HUGE Gro Company prize package, valued at more than $500, and sure to encourage a beautiful night’s sleep.  

Key features of the Swaddle Grobag

  • Available in Light and Cosy weights, making them great for all year round
  • Comes in two sizes — Newborn (2.3kg – 5.5kg) and Newborn Plus (4kg – 7.1kg)
  • The chest area is lined for a super secure swaddle and added comfort for baby
  • Baby-safe zip enables the Grobag to open from the bottom, making nappy changes a breeze
  • You can swaddle baby’s arms in or out for a safer night’s sleep
  • Made with high-quality fabric that feels lovely to touch
  • It’s free from any rough edges or seams, assisting bubs to have a safe and snug night’s sleep

Why swaddle?

Many parents find that swaddling baby can bring comfort, reduce crying and encourage a more settled night’s sleep. However, it’s important to swaddle properly to ensure the baby’s health and safety. According to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, improper swaddling can lead to hip dysplasia.

The Swaddle Grobag is an easy and ideal way to safely swaddle baby. No wonder it’s become a must-have for newborns.

Bennie the Bear Grobag swaddle
Bennie the Bear Grobag and comforter 

Get your Grobag for 10% OFF

No two babies are the same and neither are their sleep habits. But the Swaddle Grobag was our golden ticket to a better and safer night’s sleep and it just might be yours too.

Keen to find out if the Swaddle Grobag might help your little one get a safe (and hopefully longer) night’s sleep? 

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mum central


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This is a sponsored post for The Gro Company. All opinions are those of the reviewers.
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