Kinetic Sand – the Ultimate in Creative, Mess-Free Sensory Play For Kids

Forget the trek to the beach (and the hours spent trying to remove the sand from the kids’ hair, togs and car!

Bring sand play to you with Kinetic Sand, the mess-free, creative and totally fun way to keep your kids entertained for hours.

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What’s Kinetic Sand anyway?

Kinetic Sand is kind of like normal sand, but with an element of magic blended through. It’s colourful, soft, stretchy, and almost soothing to touch and play with. You can mould it to make cool things and then pack it up and play with it over and over again. It never dries out and is almost like a combination of sand and playdough but there’s no stickiness to it. And it won’t cake into your carpets, which is great news for your sanity and your floors!

Check out the video below to watch it in action: 

10 Reasons We Love It

  1. Squishy and squeezy – A sensory party for little fingers, kids get a kick out of playing with it. This makes Kinetic Sand the perfect distraction tool. And then, just maybe, you might get that pile of laundry folded.
  2. Never dries out – Use it over and over and over again. Simply store in an air-tight bag or container and the sand play never ends.
  3. Mess-free magic – That’s right, ladies and gents, no glitter to clean up. No dough to dry out. And no slimy substance to pick out of the carpet.
  4. Great for creative/imaginative play – Because Kinetic Sand is so flexible, it’s easy to mould and make into various shapes. Build sand castles, fashion sand critters or design an entire sand city.
  5. Ideal for little fidgeters and anxious kiddies – There’s something calming about playing with Kinetic Sand. My son, who is a big fidgeter, plays with it when he’s doing his reading or other tasks where he needs to concentrate. It works a treat for us! Plus, it’s a great stress reliever!
  6. Develops their fine motor skillsAnd it’s so fun, they won’t even realise it! That’s a big win for us mums!
  7. Non-toxic and hypoallergenic – Even if your little one happens to taste test it, it’s okay! But we don’t recommend doing this!
  8. Suitable for pre-schoolers and beyond – Safe for kiddies 3 years of age and up, Kinetic Sand is loved by kids of all ages. After all, you never grow out of sand, right? Heck, I still love making sand castles!
  9. Incredibly affordable! – A 127g container of sand only costs $3.50, making it a great stocking filler or as a little treat. Plus, you can get larger containers and kits for birthday gifts and special occasions.  You can get a 900g bag of Coloured Kinetic Sand for just $19 or a 1.3kg bag of Kinetic Beach Sand for $24.
  10. Different kits to try – Including the folding Sandbox Set, which is great for easy storage and the Sandcastle Set which comes with bonus tools and molds.

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5 Fun Kinetic Sand Activities to Try

  • Sand ABCs – Teach your little learners the alphabet by moulding the sand into letters. For older kids, you can use sand as another outlet to teaching them sight words. After all, sand is so much more fun than a boring pen and paper!
  • Sand Pictionary – Like regular Pictionary, but use the Sand instead of a pen! Try and guess the creation!
  • Treasure Hunt – Bury little critters, rocks, gems and small toys in the sand and let the kids dig them out.
  • Sand Cooking – Got a budding Masterchef in the kitchen? Whip up some sandtastic sandwiches, cakes and sushi using Kinetic Sand. Use cookie cutters to create “sand bickies” and other yummy creations for a sand-inspired spread.
  • Sand Crafts – Dig out the glue gun and add a little bit of sandy sparkle to your craft table. You can make an under the sea themed poster, a beach picture or even a special fairy garden.

Ready to test it out for yourself? Check out the full range of Kinetic Sand at Big W, Kmart, Woolworths and Toyworld.

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    What a fantastic prize thanks so much for the chance to win. All my children from ages 11 to 18 months love playing with sand at the beach so why not at home! Perfect sensory toy! 🙂

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      My sons would love this. They love the beach and if they can play at home too and in winter

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    Amazing giveaway; thanks for the opportunity to win and good luck everyone.

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    my son would love this and it would be a lot messier than play dough which he always seems to get it in the carpet and his hair

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    I would love to win this for my 4 year old who lives in a country area and has been diagnosed with sensory problems

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    Ooooh yes please would love to win! all of my 4 kids would have so much fun 🙂

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    Oooooh yes I’ll have to check out the gold, but would have fun with the with my niece and nephews

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    I want to play with the sand just as much as the kids!!

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