Swimwear for Kids: 10 Best Swimwear & Accessories

The warmer days are coming and you know what that means … long, lazy days by the water with the family. Now’s the perfect time to get your swimwear for kids sorted, so you’re ready for that first hot day of the season.  Bring on the beach sand, the swimming lessons and the endless wet towels. Fun, fun, fun!

No matter where your kids love to swim and play the most – be it the beach, the water park or indoor pool – they’re going to need swimmers (or togs, bathers or a cossie) and all the swim accessories to see them through the season.

So what are our top picks? Come discover our favourite swimwear for kids and accessories below, all set to make a splash this summer!

But first, here are some things to remember when buying your kids’ gear…

Swimwear for kids: What you need to think about

LIGHTWEIGHT – Plush, thick and thirsty towels are great for after a bath, but not so great for swimming. They’re heavy when wet, get full of sand and don’t dry out much at all between swims. So look for a lightweight yet absorbent solution!

BUY A SNUG FIT – Resist the urge to buy swimwear a size too big. Everything stretches a little (or a lot) when wet and having baggy wet bottoms are not very comfortable at all.

GOGGLES – Not all kids are confident in opening their eyes underwater, so goggles are a massive confidence booster. In the case of heavily chlorinated pools, they’re a must-have. Make sure they fit securely because goggles that slip up, down or let water in are no fun at all.

FLOATATION DEVICES – Littlies who are new to water or kids who lack water confidence really do benefit from wearing a floatation device. Not only does it keep them safe, but it helps gives them the confidence to try new water skills and enjoy having a splash. Again, the fit is everything so be sure to buy what is appropriate for your child’s age, weight and activity.

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Minihaha Bébé Blossom Swimsuit

PRICE: $44.95
WHERE TO BUY: Minihaha

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Prepare for cuteness overload. Here’s a swimsuit for your littlest babe that’s available in sizes 000 – 2. The Bébé Blossom Sunsuit features a spectacular all over pink peony print, adjustable crossover straps, cute-as-a-button ruffle details and (drum roll please) the gamechangera detachable aqua nappy!

Australian designed swimwear for both girls and boys, all Minihaha swim styles (one-pieces, bikinis, sunsuits, trunks and more) are UPF50+ rated and chlorine resistant. Matching siblings, cousins or besties is easily done at Minihaha with their extensive swimwear sizing available from 000 to 10 years. Go on, you know you want to!

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Ned Swim Ocean Rash Guard & Rose Shorts Combo

PRICE: $69

swimwear for kids
Source: Supplied

Swim days are made easy with Ned’s swimwear for kids! Swimwear is UPF50+, chlorine resistant, quick to dry and designed just right for kids who want to have fun. Being sun smart has never looked so good.

The perfect match, Ned’s Rash Guard and Swim bottoms are a stylish duo for boys or girls to make a splash in. A no-fuss, easy to wear style with flat stitching and a rashie with a back zipper, this set is designed to fit kids aged 1-8 years, plus you can even mix and match your colours and sizes if you need a bigger top or smaller shorts. Simply let the crew at Ned’s know your needs … a fun time in the sun awaits!

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Swimwear Galore’s Salty Ink Miss Magical Sunsuit

PRICE: $49.95
WHERE TO BUY: Swimwear Galore

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Source: Supplied

There’s no reason why sun protection can’t be cute, just take a look at this sweet swimsuit! The Miss Magical Sunsuit with its high neckline and long sleeves offers a UPF50+ sun protection rating, perfect for our Aussie summer. Featuring a pink and purple swirled mermaid print and a super cute candy pink coloured ruffle detail around the leg, this is a swimsuit made for fun (and of course, wannabe mermaids).

Available in sizes 3 to 7, we also really love the centre zip closure and it shouldn’t be underestimated. Not only does it make it easy to get in and out of, but you won’t need to worry about pulling anything sandy or wet over your little one’s face. #winning

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TicTasTogs L’il Rascal Yacht Club Boardshorts & Rashie Set

PRICE: $92.95

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Delivering big on colourful, cute and comfy, TicTasTogs has a quality made swimsuit option for every kid wanting to make a splash! From rashies to swim shorts, surf-suits and even reusable swim nappies too, TicTasTogs swimwear all boasts a UPF50+ rating … they really do have it all for babies to teens!

Scoring top marks from us, the L’il Rascal Boardshorts and Rashie Set is SO CUTE with its sailboat print boardies and coordinating cobalt blue and red coloured rashie. A waistband drawstring means nobody will lose their shorts in the surf and the handy chest zip on the rashie makes taking off a wet top all the much easier. Available in sizes 2 to 7, this is quality, handmade swimwear for kids that shouldn’t be missed!

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Terry Rich Citrus Beach Robe

PRICE: $79.90
WHERE TO BUY: Terry Rich

Swimwear for kids
Source: Supplied

Swimwear for kids doesn’t stop at togs … you need to get your kids dry too! The Terry Rich Citrus Kids Beach Robe looks great AND feels great too! The cotton fabric wicks away moisture leaving kids dry after every swim, offers sun protection AND keeps kids warm. Perfect to pop on after they exit the pool or ocean, keeping them warm and dry with ease!

Wrap up and zip up, this beach robe design gives plenty of room for movement so no sandcastle building or play will be restricted and the vibrant colours make your child a cinch to spot in a crowd. I LOVE that this beach robe includes a cosy hood and pocket, ensuring treasures (or kiosk coins) will be kept safe during adventures.

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Tribe Tropical Kingfisher Cove Mama and Mini Matching Swimsuits

PRICE: From $65.95
WHERE TO BUY: Tribe Tropical

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Source: Supplied

I won’t deny it, I think wearing the same matching swimwear as your kids by the water is as cool as it is cute and thankfully, Tribe Tropical has both mum and kids covered.

Designed for sun-conscious mamas and their minis, you’ll find these high-quality UPF50+ suits provide full coverage across the back, chest and arms and are double layered for extra sun protection. Everything has been thought of here for mums – from the breastfeeding-friendly front zip, flattering side panels and an inbuilt shelf bra for extra support (and removable pads – breastfeeding mums can add pads in here too!). Enjoy all of that awesomeness wrapped in a glorious tropical- Australia-inspired print available with matching hats too for babies, girls, tweens and ladies. Swimwear for kids AND mum, covered!

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Tyoub Zootie Swimmers

PRICE: $49.95
WHERE TO BUY: Tyoub Swimwear

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Source: Supplied

Kids will have a hoot in a Zootie suit! Completely unique to Tyoub, you won’t see the Zootie anywhere else. Perfect for active, water-loving kids, the UPF50+ racer back singlet style suit stays put with no straps that fall down or legs that ride up or chafe. It’s most definitely a design cut for kids!

Sustainably and ethically made, the Zootie is available in sizes 0 to 5. The smaller sizes 0-2 have inner leg snap openings for easy nappy changes while the larger sizes are stretchy enough to step in and out of. #awesome

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SeaCycle Kids Seacret Two-Piece

PRICE: $64.95
WHERE TO BUY: SeaCycle Kids

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Source: Supplied

SeaCycle Kids swimwear has to be seen to be believed! These prints are STUNNING and made with UPF50+ fabric that is created using recycled ocean waste, including used plastic bottles! AMAZING.

For little ladies who can’t resist the pull of a two-piece, the SeaCycle Seacret set is beautiful. Available in sizes to fit 3 to 12-year-olds, it’s an age-appropriate puffy sleeve crop top and high waisted brief with just the right amount of fuss to be interesting, but not so much it will get in the way of water fun. PERFECT!

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Speedo Sea Squad Float Suit

PRICE: $55

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Source: Supplied

Honestly, could built-in buoyancy be more fun? Speedo is bringing the awwws to the water’s edge with this epic Sea Squad Float Suit. An all-in-one style, it’s super easy for kids to get in and out of – simply step in and out and zip up.

This Float Suit gives learners a new sense of independence and provides the buoyancy they need to build confidence to start kicking and using their arms. A quick-dry suit with foam inserts for buoyancy and increased coverage, it is manufactured to Australian and European safety standards. Available in sizes 2 – 6, say goodbye to restrictive float armbands and hello to Corey Croc!

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Aqua Sphere Kids Swim Goggles & Masks

PRICE: From $19.99
WHERE TO BUY: Aqua Sphere

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Source: Supplied

Be it streamlined goggles or a swimming mask, your child feels more confident using swimming goggles! They’re a must in heavily chlorinated pools and for discovering what treasures lurk beneath the water surface!

With styles made for children as young as 3-years-old, Aqua Sphere swim goggles and swim masks are made for comfort. No one wants goggles too tight they’ll hurt your eye socket and stop you from having fun! The easy to adjust pull buckles on the side, silicone straps and anti-scratch and generous lens sizes make wearing these goggles and masks a leak-free breeze. The ultimate swimwear accessory!

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That’s it, folks, all of our best swimwear for kids picks (and of course, the coolest accessories) to kit the kids out for summer this year!

Be sure to add some of these items to your Christmas present list and snap up the exclusive Mum Central discounts while they last! Surely Santa can be cheeky enough to bring practical gifts this year when swimwear for kids looks this good!

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