The Real Mum’s Guide on How to Do Laundry. What to Wash and When to Wash It!

If this year you’ve vowed to do life-things a little better – or maybe you’re just a curious cat – these cleaning tips are for you. Let’s take a look at how to do laundry, especially when we should be cleaning and laundering things. The right (arguably, the healthier) way. Because just having sheets on your bed isn’t enough. Apparently.

Think you’ve got it all under control, let’s see your strike rate against these hot laundry tips!

Ready to find out if you are nailing adulting and living the cleanest life? Read on for how to do laundry and a heap of cleaning tips!

1. When to wash bed linen

CLEAN FACT: Every week or at least every fortnight

The crew at Habitat by Koala advise sheet changes should occur ideally, every one to two weeks. Which keeps things NICE. You might think your sheets are clean, but word has it that the average person sweats up to 100L of sweat a year and sheds 500 million skin cells per day. And of course, there’s other unmentionables, dust mites, pet hair and dirt that your bed collects daily.

how to do laundry and clean your sheets properly
We’ll wait, PLEASE CHANGE YOUR SHEETS. Source: Canva

2. When to wash your couch and cushion covers

CLEAN FACT: At least once a year

Spilled drinks, pet hair, kids’ shoe filth, food and LIFE in general sets into your couch – and collects EVERYTHING. If you are lucky enough to have slipcovers on your couch, you should be washing those at least once a year, ideally twice. If your couch cushions are fixed, get a pro cleaner in for a refresh or look into investing in a DIY upholstery cleaner like a Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner. You’ll be AMAZED by how good they look (and smell!) after a clean.

3. When to wash bath towels

CLEAN FACT: Every three uses

Ok, so I thought I was going to be spot on with the weekly wash of bath towels but apparently not. Oops. If like me, you might think towels dry a CLEAN body so don’t really get dirty. Right? So very wrong. Bath towels absorb a lot of water and remain damp for quite some time, consequently, are a breeding ground for unwanted germs. Let them dry completely between uses and wash every three uses. Easy.

cleaning tips
Bath towels: not as clean as I had hoped. Source: Bigstock

4. When to wash denim jeans

CLEAN FACT: As little as possible

This is a hard pill to swallow considering my jeans stretch considerably out of shape after one wear. BUT not washing your jeans helps them last longer according to designers including Victoria Beckham. If they’re filthy, then, of course, give them a gentle cold wash, but otherwise a spot clean will do. When you’re thinking about how to do laundry, this one is probably the gamechanger! Finally, saving on washing, woot!

mum central
Source: Adobe Stock

5. When to wash your pillow

CLEAN FACT: Twice a year.

Huh? I’m not making it up, promise, pillow washing is a THING. It’s said that we should be laundering our pillows twice a year. Which, I admit, while it makes sense, I can’t help but think they might not ever be quite the same after a machine wash, no matter how gentle. In which case, perhaps consider just replacing your pillows completely every year for a lump-free sleep.

mum central
We should be washing our pillows. WHAT? Source: Canva

6. When to wash your quilt insert

CLEAN FACT: At least twice a year.

Quilts are fabulous sponges for body sweat, dirt, dust, and all of the delightful things (dry skin, eww!) our bed mattresses hides. Regularly hang them out in the sun to air and DO give them a wash twice a year. I highly recommend cotton filled quilts for kids’ beds – they’re super easy and quick to wash and dry when there’s bedwetting (or worse – vomit) mishaps.

mum central
If your washing machine is too small, head to the laundromat!

7. When to wash your bras

CLEAN FACT: Every two to three days

You should wash your bra after every two to three days (unless you’re sweating it out at the gym, in which case, toss that bad boy in the wash daily). When you DO wash it, experts say you should handwash. But let’s be honest, many of us just throw them in the wash with the rest of the load. Do make sure you use a lingerie bag to protect it from getting caught up in a twisted mess, stretching out of shape, and ruining the underwires.

cleaning tips
Don’t wash your bras every day! Source: Canva

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Biozet Attack
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mum central

mum central
Save money (and the planet) using 80% less plastic* with Biozet refill pouches. Source: Supplied

So do you dare to tell us how you scored? I had a few misses, not going to lie. So with these laundry and cleaning tips under my belt, I’m *cough*, off to wash my bath towels and go pillow shopping. How about you? #grotornot

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