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The Clever New Tool Finding Aussie Families the Best Health Insurance

The best health insurance for your family? That’s always tricky. And did you know it’s about to get more expensive AGAIN this April?

Health cover hungrily eats into a large chunk of your family budget each month. But when you actually need it, you’re always relieved to have it.

For Aussie families, health cover continues to become more and more expensive each year. The price hikes announced for April 1 this year have specified that private health funds are raising their premiums by an average 3.25%. To add insult to injury, the number of “junk” policies are on the up resulting in shrinking payouts and skyrocketing premiums.

Why, when we look so decisively for value in other aspects of our lives, do we just accept family health cover ‘as is’?

The good news is that we don’t have to!  And now, there’s a brand new way to weed out the best policies, find what matches your family’s needs and save you up to $800 a year!

The Health Insurance Comparison is here to help Australian families find the best health insurance, and only just a few mouse clicks away (or a quick and informative phone call!)

Best Health Insurance

So why do families need tailored health cover? 

The early child raising years bring some specific health care demands. Young children are more likely to get sick and add a weekend sport, the school playground and adventurous early walkers – accidents happen!

When shopping around for a policy, remember that good health cover isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Good health insurance should suit your family’s needs. Young families have a unique set of healthcare requirements and that’s why a family-friendly policy that best suits the ‘age and stage’ of your life is a smart choice.

Save money on costly private health insurance premiums 

By using Health Insurance Comparison’s free online tool, you can compare your current policy to other available options in the marketplace. Health Insurance Comparison will suggest policies that meet your needs and, as per government legislation, all policies have a 30 day cooling off period.

Best Health Insurance

Take control of your family health cover with a policy that actually suits YOU

Sick of paying for things your family doesn’t need? Me too!

Using the Health Insurance Comparison tool takes only a few moments to nominate what is (and isn’t) important to your family.

  • Done with having babies? Stop paying for obstetrics.
  • Nobody needs glasses? Remove the optometry option.
  • Not active or into sports? Consider removing physio.
  • Happy with the school dental plan? Remove dental.

There’s so many variables, tailoring your search to your family’s needs is easy.

Good family health care isn’t generic 

The team at Health Insurance Comparison believe that families need not only look for savings when analysing their health insurance options. It’s equally important to look at the specific inclusions and exclusions of the policy.

Whilst policy cost is important, identifying the best health insurance is more than finding the lowest possible price.

Young families, in particular, should look at the cost of excess and costs for care. When these costs are lower it may translate to a slightly higher premium, but you can save significantly in treatment costs over time.

Working with Health Insurance Comparison to select a health insurance policy ensures weeding out junk policies. Sadly, there are many low-price policies in the market but when it comes to crunch-time, deliver very little in terms of value or return.

A policy that has been recommended by Health Insurance Comparison means peace of mind that you’re not wasting your money on worthless healthcare.

Best Health Insurance

Compare your family health cover today – here’s how you do it! Try now and find out the best health insurance for you (and how much you could save!) 


  1. Select your current life stage below.
  2. Once you select your preferred coverage options, you will have the opportunity to compare quotes from multiple health funds.
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4 reasons to compare today with Health Insurance Comparison

  • Most Aussie families struggle to identify what is the best policy for their age and stage. Health Insurance Comparison are the experts at cutting through policy jargon to decipher what health insurance works best for you!
  • It can be difficult to make sense of the thousands of health insurance policies that are out there. That’s why Health Insurance Comparison is committed to making your family’s health cover savings quick, simple and effective.
  • Don’t be deterred to compare because of the time consuming and confusing admin associated with changing policies! After Health Insurance Comparison finds a policy that delivers value and suits your family’s needs, they will even assist in making the transition to your new fund as smooth as possible. Health Insurance Comparison will handle everything including assisting to cancel your current cover, retrieving prepaid premiums and organising your new membership.
  • It costs nothing to compare! Health Insurance Comparison’s service is completely cost and obligation free, and every policy is backed by our price-match guarantee. This means you won’t find the policy cheaper anywhere else.

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Best Health Insurance

About Health Insurance Comparison 

Proudly Australian, Health Insurance Comparison are passionate about providing families with access to a wide range of health insurance options.

Their goal is to provide Aussie parents with the tools and knowledge they need to thoroughly compare health insurance policies (and make sure they’re in the best health insurance policy possible!)

Use Health Insurance Comparison to find a policy that better suits your needs and saves you hundreds in annual fees. Try their quick, obligation and 100% free service today.

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