The Bluey House Plot Twist No One Saw Coming! PLUS 7 Easter Eggs Revealed in ‘The Sign’

Warning: There are major Bluey House spoilers in this article! Go watch the Bluey 28-minute episode, The Sign, before reading on.

The last time we saw the Heelers, their house was up for sale. The glimpse of the ‘For Sale’ sign in front of the Heeler house at the end of Ghostbasket left parents and kids shocked, with many thinking it may be the end of the show.

However, the super-sized, 28-minute Bluey special, which aired on Sunday, took us all on a profound emotional journey like only Bluey can. Even my seven-year-old ended up in tears!

Is the Bluey house really on the market? All was revealed in The Sign

The episode opens to reveal Uncle Rad and Frisky planning to get married at the Heeler’s home. Bluey says she doesn’t want to move, but Chilli reassures her it will be a big adventure. She reveals that Bandit, Bluey’s dad, has a new job in another city that offers more money.

As much as Bluey and Bingo, along with their cousins Muffin and Socks, try to remove the ‘For Sale’ sign so the house doesn’t need to be sold, they can’t get it out. It’s then revealed Uncle Rad wants Frisky to move west with him after the wedding – something the couple hadn’t even discussed before their big day (I mean, really, Radley?!).

Watch how the Heeler girls hatch a plan to remove the ‘For Sale’ sign!

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A couple of sheepdogs come to see the house, and although it doesn’t have a pool, they sign on the dotted line, taking the Bluey house off the market! Everything feels so final at this stage, so we prepared ourselves for the Heeler’s big move – even their home gets packed up!

The episode is full of drama, with Chilli and the girls chasing Frisky around town after she takes off during a fight with Rad. Luckily all gets resolved and the ‘Wedding of the Year’ goes without a hitch. We find out fun things about the family (see below!) and Uncle Stripe gets wasted and ends up passed out in a bush (not that any kid watching would know or understand – that bit is just for the parents!).

bluey house plot twist wedding
Frisky marries Uncle Rad in the Bluey House backyard. Source: Facebook/Bluey

When the sheepdog couple scope out their new neighbourhood, they see another home for sale with a pool. It is exactly what they were looking for! At the end of the episode, Bucky (the real estate agent, and Bandit’s old friend from school) calls Bandit to let him know the sale has fallen through. This was the wake up call Bandit needed. He goes over to the ‘For Sale’ sign and rips it out of the ground, throwing it onto the road. YAY! The Heelers are here to stay. The perfect ending to what was an emotional rollercoaster of an episode, and the end of Bluey Season 3.

Let’s all now breathe a collective sigh of relief before our kids make us watch it 27 more times.

Bluey episode The Sign is full of Easter eggs – did you spot them all?

Not only did the super-sized Bluey episode leave us satisfied knowing the Heelers aren’t moving out of the Bluey house, it also gave us answers to many questions we had from past episodes! Did you spot them?

1. Celebrity cameos

You may have recognised some famous voices in The Sign, with one being the voice of Bucky Dunstan, the real estate agent. The voice down the phone to “Bandidos!” was Aussie presenter Rove McManus! Other celebs include Deborah Mailman who voiced one of the sheepdogs who bought the Bluey house and Joel Edgerton who voiced the German Shepherd policeman.

2. Brandy has a bump!

Yes that’s right, Chilli’s sister Brandy is pregnant! After learning of her heartbreak in the episode Onesies, many of us hoped she would be able to get pregnant in a future episode. When we saw her arrive at Frisky and Rad’s wedding, we see she’s sporting a cute baby bump. Chilli is so excited, as are we!

3. The Terriers’ mum and Winton’s dad have a thing for each other!

When Bluey was talking with Calypso in class about moving, one of the Terrier triplets tells Winton, “Our mum likes your dad.” It was quick, but maybe this will lead to another sweet storyline in season 4!

4. Grandpa Bob makes an appearance

When we didn’t see Grandpa Bob since the Grannies episode, many of us worried he had passed away. The show never fully explained his absence, so we were relieved to see he’s still with us and was actually finding himself over in India! Nana and Grandpa Bob were then seen flossing on the dance floor, the same move Bingo and Bluey taught them in Grannies.

5. Greeny is still floating!

Bluey’s favourite balloon ‘child’ Greeny, who floated away during Mum School made a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance in The Sign. The camera panned up to the sky during a particularly emotional scene and we spot Greeny, complete with green ‘G’ magnet still enjoying its flight in the sky.

6. Flappy plays a major part

Along with Greeny’s reappearance, Flappy, the butterfly from the episode Slide also makes a return, flying into the Heeler’s car ‘Bobo’ as they race to find Frisky. It helps the Heelers find her by flying past a sign leading to where she was.

7. And finally, there’s a lot of long dogs to spot

Long dogs have been spotted in every episode of Bluey. Keen viewers have loved trying to find the elusive dog, and this episode didn’t disappoint. Did you spot the one in the car and on the back of the DJ’s laptop?

Spot all the Easter eggs and more in the new Bluey episodes, The Sign and Ghostbasket, on ABC iView.

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