Wowsers! New Bluey Ghostbasket Episode Ending Has Parents in Tears!

SPOILER ALERT! Go watch the latest Bluey Ghostbasket episode before reading this post!

Popular Aussie children’s show Bluey’s latest seven-minute episode, Ghostbasket, has parents in shock after it ended with the famous and beloved Heeler house up for sale.

The episode starts with Mum Chilli and Dad Bandit playing an innocent game with Bluey and Bingo, pretending to be purchasing their current Queenslander home. Bluey and Bingo again donned their grannies’ outfits to become Janet and Rita, causing havoc around the house as always.

It isn’t until the end of the episode when Chilli runs screaming out of the house, that the camera pans out, and we see the real ‘For Sale’ sign out the front of the Heeler’s home!

My face after watching the Bluey Ghostbasket episode! via GIPHY

Bluey Ghostbasket episode shows Heeler house up for sale

Parents have jumped online to voice their concern about what might happen to the Heelers now. Will they end the show? Will they see their neighbour Lucky’s dad or Juno again? Why are they moving?

“The audible gasp I let out at the end of this episode” – Kloe

“I went back and played the end again because I thought I was seeing things. I don’t understand, because Chilli finally got her fish pond 😭” – Kii

“This is for real life???? They’re really doing it??? Why am *I* the one crying?” – Elissa

“I’ve never seen my husband look more shocked than at the end of this episode” – Jennifer

“But what about Lucky’s dad?” – Sam

Some parents thought maybe they wouldn’t actually sell the house or that it was just a dream, but the show’s creators confirmed the move, saying they wanted to show how a significant life change can affect children and how they can face things as a family.

“It feels like, after three seasons, the house itself has become sort of a fifth character,” series creator and writer Joe Brumm tells Domain.

“Some past episodes have touched on how a room can become imbued with memories and take on a life of its own. But families leave houses all the time. It happened to me as a kid around the same age Bluey and Bingo are, and then again a bit later on. I still remember it vividly.”

Heeler house listed on

And, in case you’re still not convinced our loveable Heeler family is moving, the show has listed their iconic Queenslander for sale on!

bluey heeler house for sale ghostbasket episode domain
The Heeler house is listed on Domain for sale! Source:

Followers of the Australian real estate site spotted the listing last night, complete with a real estate agent and contact details. Those in the know may recognise ‘Bucky Dunstan’ from the Bluey episode Dragon, where Bandit mentions a boy who teased him about his drawings who may now be in real estate (what a great call back!).

You can actually call Bucky’s number to get his voicemail! Try it now! His number is 0485903585.

So now that it’s all official, what do you think will happen to our favourite family? Will they move closer to Bluey’s school? Or are they moving states? And who’s wedding is going to be in The Sign? All will be revealed on Sunday 14th, April when we can watch the show’s HUGE 28-minute episode (that’s four regular Bluey episodes in one!).

Can’t wait for the new Bluey episode? Head to the Bluey website or their socials for more Heeler family fun!

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