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The Deafening Silence – Stillbirth Through a Mother’s Eyes

TRIGGER WARNING: This post deals with issues of grief and losing a baby and may be triggering for some readers and viewers.

This film was commissioned by the charity Abigail’s Footsteps in the United Kingdom. Its intended purpose is to help midwives and any other staff that work in a maternity ward better understand good and bad practice in relation to a stillbirth or neonatal death.

You’ll need half an hour, a cuppa or a glass of wine and probably a box of tissues too. We found it incredibly moving to watch and felt that it gave us as friends, mothers and relatives of women who have gone through such a tragedy an important perspective.


To find out more about Abigail’s Footsteps, click through the link here.

For local support and help to cope with miscarriage, stillbirth and newborn death, visit SANDS Australia here.

We have also put together a thought provoking series of related articles by author of ‘Unscrambling Grief’, Gail Miller. Please click here for the first instalment.

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