Households all over Australia are sharing the magic of Christmas with total strangers, every night of the week in December.

Adding to growing annual collections, their creations include colour and flashing and music and a lot of neon love. Some displays are as simple and gorgeous as a string of pretty lights across a front verandah and others are the full Christmas catastrophe, complete with reindeer, elves and even the big man himself!

When she was still alive, my own Oma covered her house in Christmas Lights every year. She would climb on her ladder and connect them to the permanent hooks she had hanging from her gutters and eaves. She would wind them around tree branches, drape them along walls and weave them through the fence. She loved it and would clap and delight in every single car-horn beep she heard as motorists passed by her main-road, sparkling house. It didn’t make sense to me but she told me

‘it makes people happy and that makes me happy’

If you’ve never been to a community Christmas lights display, then you are truly missing out on a wonderful and heart-warming tradition. Whole streets are lined with children in their pyjamas in awe of being out at night and squealing with excitement at the colourful displays. Some families stand in their front yard and talk to the passersby about how they put together their lighting spectacles and strangers thank for them for their generosity and their Christmas spirit.

We have dutifully researched the best neighbourhood Christmas Lights Displays in Australia and put them in one convenient place for YOU. Just print out the one for your state, or put it on your phone and get yourself down there.

Oh, and just let us know in the comments if we’ve missed any!

Adelaide & SA

Perth & WA

Sydney & NSW

Melbourne & VIC

Brisbane & QLD

Hobart & TAS

Canberra & ACT

Darwin & NT


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