Everyone’s favourite little yellow men are back in the latest Minions adventure. To celebrate we’ve got 20 copies up for grabs for our Mum Central readers.

The breakout stars the world fell in love with in Despicable Me headline their own movie for the first time in Minions, available on Digital from October 22, 2015. A much anticipated prequel to the unprecedented worldwide blockbusters Despicable Me and the beloved sequel Despicable Me 2, Minions is an immensely entertaining film for all audiences.

The story of Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment’s Minions begins at the dawn of time. Starting as single-celled yellow organisms, Minions evolve through the ages, perpetually serving the most despicable of masters. Continuously unsuccessful at keeping these masters – from T. rex to Napoleon – the Minions find themselves without someone to serve and fall into a deep depression. But one Minion named Kevin has a plan, and he – alongside teenage rebel Stuart and loveable little Bob – ventures out into the world to find a new evil boss for his brethren to follow. The trio embark upon a thrilling journey that ultimately leads them to their next potential master, Scarlet Overkill (Academy Award® winner Sandra Bullock), the world’s first-ever female super-villain. They travel from frigid Antarctica to 1960s New York City, ending in ‘mod’ London, where they must face their biggest challenge to date: saving all of Minionkind … from annihilation.

Watch below for a sneak peek of the three all-new mini-movies

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  1. Sarahmary92 Reply

    I’m certainly the biggest, and oldest, minion fan in our house and I’m proud to admit it. I get a giggle out of the minions antics.

  2. Tracy Andreatta Reply

    Both miss7 & mr14 love the minions , it’s a big hit with the whole family .

  3. jessica spiteri Reply

    My 5yr old asd daughter is minion obsessed in our house 🙂

  4. Samira Bousalim Al-Ekhtiyar Reply

    My baby – who is 9 – though the biggest baby who is 17 also loves them 🙂

  5. Melissa Muzyka Reply

    Bith our kiddies are minions fans mr Vlad who is 6 and little Ebie who is 2 are minions cray cray

  6. My son absolutely loves the minions and has as many of the toys as possible

  7. Susan McLennan Reply

    It would have to be me – my 5 year old does love minions, but I am more happy to watch the movies over and over and over again!!

  8. Karyn Munro - Little Opinons Reply

    My 6 year old daughter loves them & loves speaking like them!!!

  9. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    My 6 year old daughter is such a minion fan she insisted to collect the WHOLE set from Mcdonald’s Happy Meal and when we refused, she turned to Santa for help….sigh…can you help me Santa?!

  10. Brianna Taylor Reply

    Definitely my 19 month old son! As soon as he sees a minion he gets so excited! Although I’ll admit that I bought the 2 Despicable Me movies before he was even born, for myself!

  11. Nicole Strachan Reply

    My 5yo daughter is minion mad. She wants a minion cake for her birthday, but I think that’s above Mummy’s capabilities.

  12. Richard Harrison Reply

    It’s my seven year-old, those things drive me mad but he’s loving them. Can’t wait for December so we can open his Minions advent calendar!

  13. Catherine Cannon Reply

    My 9 year old daughter lives and breathes Minions at the moment. From dressing like them to drawing them and collecting anything to do with them she just adores them.

  14. I am the biggest fan in my house, I think that they are adorable and fun, and little like me!

  15. Brooke Parker Reply

    I am defenatly biggest minions fan. Also I am a new minions fan. I can defenatly relate to Bob with the shortness. It sucks lol.

  16. Kirsty Bunyan Reply

    My daughter Zahlee, she has a million Minion clothes and toys. She likes them because they are funny, silly and happy!

  17. Scott Crumlin Reply

    Myself. Ever since I very first saw them I was hooked. I may be the only man in my street that wears Minions Pyjamas!

  18. Robs Tilley Reply

    Our delightful step grandson, he loves Minions and he has an amazing imagination
    and brings us so much pleasure.

  19. Julia Morton Reply

    I am the fan , I have made so many cakes lately for the household birthdays and bbqs, I love the bright colours,my daughter loves seeing them in the shops on things too.

  20. Rosalie Foster Reply

    My daughter is the biggest minion fan. She sleeps in minion sheets hugging bob every night!

  21. Helen Victoria Reply

    My three kids and I just adore Stuart, Kevin & Bob. they never fail to make us laugh. Laughter is the best medicine!

  22. I’ve only just got into the Minions and find them fabulous. My daughter has enjoyed them in Despicable Me 1 & 2 and the Minions movie but I’ve only just seen the two Despicable movies. Yet to see Minions

  23. Ally Miller Young Reply

    Me, & my 20 year old daughter, we love the Minions movies, always full of great laughs. We also have our neighbours 6year old who loves to come over & watch kids movies with us regularly……always a great excuse to watch it them.

  24. Michelle Green Reply

    Although 2/3 of our kids love Minions, my 40yo husband is absolutely Minion crazy! He collects anything to do with Despicable Me and Minions.

  25. Kaoma dingle Reply

    My son loves playing with his minion toys so would love the movie

  26. Crystal Jade McCormack Reply

    My 3 and a half year old son and my 9 year old daughter are obsessed with them they’ve painted me so many minion pictures I’ve got no where left to display them

  27. Rebecca Costa Reply

    Id have to say my teenage son he wanted me to buy a minion doona cover for his birthday!!

  28. michelle brown Reply

    My youngest child, my daughter is the biggest minion fan 🙂

  29. Edward Dekkers Reply

    Both my children love the minions but if I had to pick ONE my oldest son Callum (9) is most into them.

  30. Sarah Armstrong Reply

    My 2 year old Little Man is Minion Crazy, he expecially loves his Minion PJ’s and wants to wear them everynight.

  31. Kylie Embury Reply

    My youngest son CJ who is 4.5. It was the first movie I took him to at the cinemas, and we both loved it and would love to watch it again (possibly over and over and over… 🙂 )

  32. could say the kids but in all honesty it would be me – so love their clever comments and fun antics

  33. Tracy Davis Reply

    I would love to say that my kids are the biggest minions fans in our house but honestly I think I beat them, I LOVE the minions, they are so cute.

  34. Wendy Hatton Reply

    My 9yo &12yo grand children love watching the Minions and find their antics screamingly funny.

  35. My son Mr Nearly 8 has a cup of Milo he calls “Go Go Juice” then pretends he’s a Minion!

  36. My boy is Minion Mad!…. He loves them, and he’d LOVE this movie!…

  37. Vanessa Ahern Reply

    The biggest Minions fans in our house are probably my Husband and I because my two children are still unsure of what to think about the Minions, and clearly need to see the movie again!

  38. Suzanne Ware Reply

    My 16 month old loves the Minions especially the fart blaster!

  39. Three of my grandchildren go bananas over the Minions! This movie is a must in their Christmas stocking!!!

  40. I think I enjoyed the movie more than my daughter, I post Minion quotes daily on facebook, Bob is my favourite

  41. Peta Jauch Reply

    I am definitely the biggest minion fan in my house but my 2 year old son loves it when they say “banana”.

  42. Rebeccah Parry Reply

    I have 4 Minions in my house – Isabella, Matthew, William and Hamish.

  43. My husband and I Love the minions and the movie! Who wouldn’t? ! 🙂

  44. It’s a toss up between my boys & I! We love everything about them 🙂

  45. My dog, sparky, he even has a minion chew toy, tastes like banana, apparently!

  46. My eldest found his funny with these little guys. You know how kids stare at the tv then one day they just get it and laugh right through. My cheeks hurt I smiled so big watching him. He made a Giant pumpkin minion for our local show and won 1st prize.

  47. Julie Hodsman Reply

    My daughter for sure. She has a moving, laughing and very windy version of Stuart

  48. Doreen Lim Reply

    My toddler son definitely is a fan. He loves to mimic what they say 🙂 and enjoys the Minion movies shown on TV.

  49. Maria Braund Reply

    My son Lincoln, who is 6, he has two minion onesies, one crazy minion and a normal one, he loves all the movies and he tells all the family members which minion they are.

  50. Mel Bickley Reply

    It would have to be a tie between my partner and my nearly 3 year old

  51. Amber Moncrieff Reply

    My brother Paul, aged 31, OBSESSED with Minions 🙂 He even talks in minion!

  52. My younger brother is minion made, he even talks minion to me…. not that I understand any of it lol

  53. Nicole Woods Reply

    Pretty sure it’s me, though my niece likes to think it’s her.

  54. Emma Steele Reply

    My 3 year old son sleeps under a minion doona, on top of minion sheets, with minion dolls. He eats with minion cutlery, out of minion bowls and drinks from minion cups. Which in my eyes makes him the biggest fan.

  55. Dawn Taylor Reply

    Even at my age (not saying) probably me, but with a female super villain called Scarlet Overkill, gosh just love it.

  56. Angela Aschberger Reply

    Both of my kids (5 and 2) are huge fans – they talk ‘Minion’ to each other all the time!

  57. Nicole Williams Reply

    Shhh probably me in my house……I love the Minions but my son Ethan loves them just as much….minion mayhem.

  58. Jennifer Robertson Reply

    Bello. Tulilio Ti Amo. Muak Muak Muak. Poopaye.Tank yu.

  59. Valerie Wee Reply

    My Little girl loves Minions. She always has Minions biscuits for her afternoon tea.

  60. I’m not sure which Minion my youngster loves most. He changes his mind ever time they are mentioned.

  61. Dianne Childs Reply

    My 8 year old son LOVES the Minions. We saw it in the cinema and he raved about it afterwards!

  62. My nine year old walks around continuously repeating “bananas” in that weird and wonderful way that only a minion can, annoying …….of course not!

  63. Lara Daebritz Reply

    My Minion-fan is little Miss Ava;
    She loves their rather quirky ‘flavour’
    Little yellow ‘men’ in overalls blue

    Henchmen to the villainous Gru!

  64. me! I love these cuties – maybe I can inspire the rest of the family too haha!

  65. My five year old son is the biggest fan, closely followed by his Dad.


  67. RLRowberry Reply

    My son and his friends love the Minions. We could have a movie afternoon with popcorn

  68. Leonie Walker-Rackebrandt Reply

    All my kids including the partner love minions they keep them all entertained for hours they find them absolutely hilarious and keep them out of my hair while I’m cooking or cleaning so I love minions too

  69. Bronwyn Elmes Reply

    Me!! Love the minions. Cheeky mischievous little guys. My girls love them to and have a HUGE poster of them up on their bedroom wall.

  70. we love all the minions, we do not have a favourite…there all cute and cuddly…my girls could watch this movie over and over

  71. Rachael Brown Reply

    My husband and I both are. Two grown adults and we can’t even look at a banana without quoting the movie 🙂

  72. I think that would be me! I just love Bob. My son would be a close second.

  73. Ernie Starr Reply

    you’d think it would be my 11 year old son but i’m the one wearing minion socks today 😉

  74. Gayle Richardson Reply

    My husband! He pretends it is all for our daughter but he’s the one buying all the merchandise!

  75. nicole hurta Reply

    All my children love the Minions, my 3 yo daughter can’t stop talking about them, Minions this, Minions that, such an imagination!!

  76. Sarah Morrison Reply

    My cat – he loves to sleep with my sons plush minion toy.

  77. Justin Davis Reply

    My sons are both the biggest minions fans, they love them.

  78. My 2 year old loves her nin Nins hubby thinks their funny too

  79. Georgina Kemp Reply

    My children are both fans of the minions, they walk around sing and repeating things they say.

  80. We all love minions but my son is the biggest fan – I think that he even dreams about them sometimes!

  81. The biggest Minion fan in my house is my daughter who calls them the ‘ba-na-na’s’ after their famous Banana song!

  82. christine morris Reply

    My Grandson Tate, he loves them anything Minions. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  83. Melissa walters Reply

    My son he has got 3 plush minion toys, he has got 2 professional hand made minion drawings in his room, lots of minion tshirts and heaps of mini minion toys. He also knows the minions names off by heart

  84. Ash McMorrow Reply

    My daughter loves the Minions. She dressed up as one at Halloween.

  85. Jess Sloss Reply

    My son just loves minions. All i hear all day is ban an aaaaaaa….

  86. Danielle Curtain Reply

    I would love to win this but it would be a hard choice which of my kids to give it to haha. Mr 19 who is minion crazy or mr 8 who also loves them.

  87. Sandy Yoong Reply

    My kids love minions. Too much sometimes coz they talk like the minions!

  88. Nel Johnson-Bane Reply

    My daughter absolutely loves minions. It’s always a massive decision between watching despicable me or frozen!!

  89. Simone Lee Reply

    Bello! I love Minions so much my partner (who does NOT bake) made me a Minion birthday cake FROM SCRATCH!! And it was awesome!!!

  90. Judith Maunders Reply

    My nine year old daughter. She has a teddy just like Bob!

  91. Andieharrie Reply

    minions are the highlight of her life she will bellow
    Everything is minion and everything is yellow

  92. My 6 year old daughter just loves the Minions and all their cheekiness, a bit like her!

  93. My almost two year old son loves them and points them out to us every time we see one.

  94. Julie Close Reply

    Both my sons (10yrs and 6yrs) love the Minions, and fall into hysterics at the sight of anything they say or do!

  95. Jude Little Reply

    My 4 year old daughter thinks they are hilarious and loves watching their antics and fun.

  96. jojosweets323 Reply

    My 5yr old son and his 17yr old brother (even though he would never admit it lol) I’m a big fan also 🙂

  97. Kelly Sherwood Brown Reply

    I’m the biggest Minion fan in our house. The Minions make me laugh out loud 🙂

  98. My daughter Pippa is learning the obsession from her cousin Angus!

  99. Bec Nichols Reply

    My 5yo DD – She shoots her fart gun & yells ‘oh Bob!’ 100 times a day!

  100. my 7 yr old loves watching minions over & over giggling her head off

  101. Katherine Bamford Reply

    Both my 9yr old son and 6yr old daughter…I don’t know who fights the most for the yellow cup, or the yellow jelly, it’s yellow everything atm! Gone are the ‘blue’ frozen everything’s lately, I wonder what the next colour of the month will be?! 😉

  102. All my four kids would be glued to the tv..impact I would be too!!

  103. In our house it’s everyone. Both my boys, Milo aged 7 and Maxie aged 4, loved the show and I enjoyed watching it with them. It was hilarious for us all. So the Minions are welcome here any time

  104. Antonietta Reply

    My husband, the big baby, who loves to imitate the Minions “banana” and make the kids laugh so much. 🙂

  105. Susan Banyard Reply

    My 2 boys who are 10 and 7, my hubby too but shhhh dont tell anyone hehe

  106. I guess I should say my son but honestly its probably me!!! I begged him to come with me to see the movie hahahah! They are so cute! Loving kids movies are just as fun for adults these days!

  107. Kasey Evans Reply

    Me (mum) they are just simply adorable and cute!!!! How could you not love them!

  108. Victoria Buckeridge Reply

    My 3 year old is mad for minions, they love being silly – just like him <3

  109. My 3yo daughter is such a minions fan that she sometimes goes around talking like them

  110. Lauren Jordan Reply

    My daughter Lucy loves minions since she was given a melamine dinner set last birthday.

  111. My nephews are the biggest minion lovers in this house! Mr 3 & Mr 2 are even fluent in Minionese!

  112. I am a huge Minion fan because they re so cute and fluffy. I loved Despicable Me 1-2 and Minions. Love to get my hands on the Minion dvd!

  113. Sarah Stephenson Reply

    My 12 year old loves Minion Dave. And now my 5 year old is a fan too!

  114. shelbyward Reply

    My 5 year old and 7 year old boys are like walking talking minions!

  115. Dale Pearce Reply

    My son is the number one Minions fan in my house….bit sad that he is 23 BUT Minions is excellent family entertainment.

  116. Pauline Olsen Reply

    Enita loves Minions, proving that they appeals to all ages.

  117. kathy clark Reply

    my granddaughter she has minions all around her bedroom walls

  118. Sarah Kennedy Reply

    My two sons are beyond minions obsessed, especially Joe my eldest! Its all they think about, talk about,play, watch, laugh and live for at the moment!!

  119. Nichole Mckee Reply

    Our Rocka Toddler Will Loves his Minions so much, it’s the first thing to go on in the morning…He calls them his Na-Na’s..Too Cute! 😀

  120. Tanya Berglund Reply

    I have three kids, Brayden aged 5, Lauren aged 8 (well she will be tomorrow) and Sarah aged 9 and they all think the Minions are “Hilarious” , Definately a movie that our family of 5 would love to see.

  121. Tashana Purkis Reply

    Oh I am the biggest however my 5 year old would beg to differ lol

  122. It’s a tough one, but I’d say it’s my youngest daughter. She absolutely adores the yellow “minuns” and loves watching all the toys and home made videos on YouTube, so much so that I see yellow when I close my eyes haha!

  123. Joanne Arrowsmith Reply

    I have to admit that I am definitely a minion fan (my boys love them too)

  124. amandagorton Reply

    Standing at 170cm tall the biggest minion fan would have to be me!
    #1 Bob!

  125. Kristy Winters Reply

    Mr 6 loves the minions the loudest in our house so he must love them the most

  126. Megan Cosgrove Reply

    My 5 year old daughter loves minions, she enjoyed watching them in the Despicable Me movies and then couldn’t wait to see the Minion movie

  127. Christopher King Reply

    My daughter is Minion-Central. I just see Mexican Jumping Beans – perhaps just showing my age here… 😉

  128. I sometimes think my 1 year old daughter IS a minion! The way she totters along babbling to herself is super cute but funny!

  129. My husband Anthony, then closely followed by my son. Love how they watch it together

  130. All three of my daughters love the Minions! This is currently on their Christmas WIsh List! Michelle V

  131. Jessica Wolff Reply

    My sister is the biggest Minions fan, she loves them so much. She has 2 Minion t-shirts, a Minions belt, a Minions poster and bakes Minion Cupcakes. She has seen this movie at the cinemas, but really wants it on DVD.

  132. Claire Garnett Reply

    My kids are the biggest minion fans in this house, they particularly like the rude jokes and noises!

  133. J'aimee Brooker Reply

    I’d love to say our three kids are the biggest fans but honestly it’s my husband and I who absolutely love the Minions!

  134. Paul McCallum Reply

    My little one – gets very excited for anything and everything Minions!

  135. Joni Langos Reply

    My husband, but he claims it’s my daughter, she’s only 7months old!

  136. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    my twin Great Granddaughters, it is the only time they ever sit still is if they can see the”Minions”

  137. My gorgeous 2 year old daughter – she is watching Despicable Me at the moment actually!

  138. My almost 4 year old adores Scarlet overkill and the minions, my 18 month old puts her hand up and yells banana all the time.

  139. Definitely Master 4 who has seen the film twice and is desperate for a Minions birthday cake!

  140. Sara Johnston Reply

    My gorgeous 3 year old son is the biggest Minions fan in our house!! Although his cute 18 month old brother does a pretty good imitation of the purple (or baaaaad minion, as Master 3 calls them!)!! Master 3 is currently obsessed with wating bananas and making hilarious noises like the minions, and he even does the arm shaky wiggly thing when the Minions chase after the car in Despicable Me 2…if we’re having a bad day, I’ll sometimes push everything and sit to watch the Minions with my boys: this never ever fails to cheer us all up! 🙂 Would love a different movie with the Minions for a change though, lol please!!

  141. My Grandchildren love minions, my 1 year old grandson adores Kevin and and my 3 year old granddaughter loves Stuart. They met them in person at our local shopping centre and asked them to stay at their house with them lol.

  142. Marvellous magical Minions adored by all this family and by Grandpa too who spied an escaped helium inflated MINION balloon trapped on the ceiling of a castle in Spain!

  143. My mum is actually the biggest Minions fan. She’s got the Despicable Me movies and drags the kids into a Sunday Minions movie session. She even found denim overalls for Halloween but her Minions costume was ruined by yellow face paint that kept flaking off.

  144. Felicity Turner Reply

    My 17 year old daughter loves minions.She has the best time watching them with her 3 year old niece. They are so cute to watch.

  145. Toni Dally Reply

    All of us love the Minions but the biggest fan in our family would have to be my 6 year old son, he knows Despicable Me 1 & 2 off by heart and will be well on the way to knowing Minions as well if we win this DVD!

  146. Charl Lowther Reply

    My daughter! She loves the cute,little,yellow fellows and I must admit I enjoyed watching them too!

  147. Elissa Holswich Reply

    We are all minions fans (me, hubby, 3 boys aged 3 – 13) but honestly I think the biggest is me (mum!), they are just so darned cute!

  148. We all love the Minions! The movies are fun to watch and my daughter (6) plays with the toys ALOT!!

  149. Will share the love of minions with all the residents that I care for all 21 of them and my family at home pretty sure it will be well used within a short period of time

  150. Katie Sara Winderlich Reply

    My daughter and my hubby are the biggest fans of the little yellow ones!!! 😉

  151. Natasha Atkinson Reply

    I’m not sure if its my Husband or Son, they have minion onesies and glasses and often go out dressed up, but my daughter and I loved the movie

  152. LadyTiffany OfGlencoe Reply

    Minions….make my day, cant help but smile…they are as twisted as me…lol

  153. My 3 year old son is addicted to them, and now proudly wears yellow whenever he can (I’ve been up at 10 at night washing a minion shirt so he can wear it the next day)

  154. paula harris Reply

    It’s a toss up between me and my daughter…..pretty sure it’s me though hehehe

  155. My 4 Granddaughters they have minion onesies and two wore them to school for Book week.

  156. My dad chases the kids around in a minion mask every time he visits.

  157. Son loves everything yellow since watching the Minions, he is just crazy but very funny just like the minions

  158. kitty_wench Reply

    Both my kids are massive minions fans. They could watch the start on repeat all day.

  159. jade_travis Reply

    My son is a huge minions fan, he goes crazy when he watches anything to do with them

  160. Erin Aston Reply

    We all are, but especially our five year old who has just as much crazy energy as a minion. 😉

  161. humptydumpedme Reply

    My daughter Jessica and my two grandsons…..ok you dragged it out of me I AM Haahahahaha

  162. Laura Offerman Reply

    Son loves the minions; even the smallest (youngest) of people can make a difference in this world

  163. Our whole family loves the minions! We even try to speak minionese!

  164. Beth Pettrey Reply

    My Husband and 4 year old twins love minions. The first two movies are called minions movies so this confused them with the new one 🙂

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