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Meet the Spice Girls’ Kids: All Grown Up and Just like their Famous Parents

The Spice Girls have been a household name for decades now. The five of them are still rocking on, both on stage and through their own personal ventures. But did you know that the Spice Girls are also all mums?

Meet the Spice Girls’ Kids – 12 in Total!

Victoria has four kids, Mel B has three, Geri has two, Emma has two, and Mel C has one. The kids range from 23 years old to five years old. So, let’s find out a little more about them, shall we? 

Check out the Spice Girls now and meet the next generation of Spice – the Spice Girls’ kids!

spice girls' kids - spice girls now and then
Source: Instagram

Mel Brown (Scary Spice)

Phoenix Chi Gulzer is Mel’s first daughter. Dad is Jimmy Gulzar. Phoenix, or Phoenix Brown as she goes by on Insta, is all grown up now. She’s 23-year-old and her Insta states she’s an entrepreneur.

Spice girls kids now
Source: Instagram

She looks just like her stunning mum and is rocking the Scary Spice offspring vibe. We dig! She’s also a huge fan of selfies and bathing suits and recently took part in a reality sports competition called The Games where she battled it out in an athletics arena, pool, and gym with other celebrities. 

mum central
Mel and Phoenix do a lot of appearances together, speaking out against abuse. Source: Instagram

Angel Iris Murphy is Mel’s second daughter. Dad is Eddie Murphy and Angel is now 15 years old. There are not a lot of pics of the beautiful teen on Insta but here’s a video of her with her siblings and mum and pets celebrating Mel’s birthday. 

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Madison Brown Belafonte is Mel’s youngest daughter. Dad is Stephan Belafonte who turned out to be an abusive nutbag, according to reports.

spice girls kids
Madi and mum, plus Madi, mum and Angel a few years ago. Source: Instagram

Madi is 10 and often features in pics with her mum. Like her big sisters, the little girl is a mirror image of Mel and likes pets and pampering sessions. 

 Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice)

Victoria and David’s kids don’t really need an introduction because they have been in the spotlight for years.

Brooklyn Beckham
Source: Instagram

Brooklyn is the eldest. He’s 23 and married now to a pretty girl with the last name Peltz. Nicola Peltz. Brooklyn now goes as Brooklyn Peltz Beckham. He’s a chef and a photographer among other things. 

Romeo Beckham
Source: Instagram

Next is Romeo, who is 19. Like his dad, he’s a budding footballer but also dabbles in all sorts of other things like modeling.  I think he’s also really good at tennis. He’s tall, blonde, and most likely living his best life. 

Cruz Beckham
Source: Instagram

Cruz is 17. He’s also incredibly good-looking (for a teen) and talented and likes cars and guitars. He dabbles in influencing, modeling, and singing and posts a lot of cute pics of his family. What a guy! 

Harper Beckham
Source: Instagram

Lucky last is Harper, who is now 11. She’s clearly the very-loved baby of the bunch and has all four of the men in her world wrapped around her little finger. Also, her mum. And Taylor Swift by the looks of the pic above. She’s a mini-fashionista and takes after both her mum and her dad. 

Emma Bunton (Baby Spice)

Emma’s oldest son is named Beau and he is 15. His dad is Emma’s husband, Jade Jones. They’ve been together for ages but only recently tied the knot. 

Emma B's kids
Source: Instagram

Beau is adorable and Emma calls him the “most thoughtful, warm, funny, loyal, clever and handsome man”. Naww, proud mum right there! 

emma B kids
Source: Instagram

Tate is 11. There are not a lot of photos of young Tate on Instagram but this blurry family pic above might include him.

mum central
This could also be Tate. Source: Instagram

Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice)

Bluebell Madonna is literally a mini version of her pretty mum. Her dad is Sasha Gervais. She’s 16 years old and an awesome student.

Bluebell and Geri Horner
Source: Instagram

“All A’s and 9 GCSE’s”, according to a recent post from proud mum Geri! Geri and Bluebell are in a lot of mother/daughter pics together and it looks like the future is very bright for this beautiful young woman. 

mum central
Source: Instagram

Montague (Monty) Horner is 5 and his dad is Christian Horner. Geri and Christian are now married. Monty is Geri’s little mini-me with dashing strawberry blonde hair and a sweet smile to match. 

mum central
Source: Instagram
Geri H kids
Source: Instagram

Mel Chisholm (Sporty Spice)

Mel’s daughter is Scarlett Starr. She is 13 years old. and her dad is Thomas Starr (not the guy in the pic below – that’s Mel’s dad).

mum central
Source: Instagram.

Mel recently shared that her daughter is a typical teenage girl (dramas!) and isn’t really into sports or singing. She said, “She’s on her own path. Where that will lead, who knows? But I’m very proud of her.”

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