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TikToker Calls Tiny Shein Bikini “The Most Terrifying Bikini I’ve Seen In My Life”

Is it a bikini? Is it a one-piece? What in the heck is happening with this teenie-weenie-wax-everything number from (you guessed it), Shein? TikTok brought this Shein bikini to our attention and we couldn’t help ourselves but investigate it further.

UK Tiktoker Staceymurf uploaded a short clip of disbelief over the questionable wardrobe must-have and thousands of us who viewed the video, nodded our heads in agreement with her as she quips “I would just be panicking about everything”. Us too Stacey, us too.

“This is the most terrifying bikini I’ve seen in my life.”

And you know the price of the garment is reflective of the amount of fabric used because this a summertime bargain ready to be snaffled up. The Shein Tartan Tie Back Teddy Bodysuit is priced at just $5.95. It’s practically FREE. Two nip slings and a muff cup coming up for less than the price of a takeaway coffee. SCORE!

Shein bikini
Is it a bikini? Is it lingerie? IS IT DAYWEAR? The $5.95 Shein bikini has us bamboozled. Source: Shein

You should however know that it’ll cost you ten times the cost of the suit to be waxed within an inch of your life and the fabric bottoms – though there is no bottom – it’s more of a muff cup – leaves NOTHING to the imagination. So if you drop something, well, you risk what little plaid printed sheath of modesty you have left bending over to pick it up. Literally.

Sis, this ain’t it

I give the dismayed TikToker Stacey credit, she’s an absolute Queen for hyping up the Shein model in the advertising of the string and fabric flap ensemble.

“I would be terrified of everything falling out everywhere. I’d need a prayer. BUT IT LOOKS GOOD ON YOU THOUGH!”

@staceymurf I would just panicking about everything #shein #bikini #clothingfinds #plussize ♬ original sound – Stacey ✨

TikTok weigh in with their Shein bikini opinions

Of course, Stacey herself couldn’t believe what she was seeing with this classic Shein bikini and we love the TikTok community for presenting a united front on the absurdity that is this ‘outfit’ and I say the term loosely – looser than the outfit ties in fact. Comments left on Stacey’s TikTok were mostly of shock and dismay but overall agreeance including:

“Duct tape to the rescue I guess 😂”

“I’m terrified 😳”

“Why are the straps down to the who-ha so thin? 🤭🤔”

“The way my flaps would be flapping…”

“Girl I AM skinny like that and I’m horrified!”

Who is wearing this stuff? WHO?

Rest assured, there are people buying this Shein bikini. And like anything you buy online, it pays to check out the reviews before committing your hard-earned $5.95 to the purchase. Some of the reviews left are nearly as odd as the garment itself:

“Confusing to put on but once on it’s sooo sexy”

“Super cute but still haven’t quite figured out how to get it positioned correctly lol”

“Dope looking thing. Good size that will fit anyone! I recommend it for sure.”

Plus several other reviews remarking on how puzzling this ‘outfit’ was to get into but once sorted, THUMBS UP. #saywhatnow?

The washing instructions recommend handwash only, which is wise. If you throw that thing in the wash with all your other gear it’s going to be like the headache of Christmas lights to untangle and no one has time to wrestle free a pair of shapewear undies from the 3m of twisted string ties.

Not the first and certainly won’t be the last

Yes, folks, this isn’t the first, nor will it be the last time we shake our heads and wonder WHAT ON EARTH is happening with the fashion industry. Let’s not forget the fabulous Hollywood Glam lingerie that Bras N Things spoilt us with last year.

mum central
Hollywood Glam or Christmas ham? The jury is still out. Source: Bras N Things

And of course, if the designer gear is more up your street then this scarf was a must-have accessory, right? That’s right, 2018 saw Fendi debut a $1300 vulva scarf. Awkward.

Fendi Vulva Scarf
Let’s not ever forget this vulva scarf from the house of Fendi. Source: Fendi

I think we can all agree when it comes to Shein, proceed with caution!

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