Remember Hanson? Check Out the Brothers and their Tribe of Kids Now

They had us Mmm-bopping all the way to our pre-teen dances but Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson are now grown up with wives and a tribe of children of their own. And when we say tribe, we actually mean football team ’cause there are A LOT of them.

14 mini Hansons to be exact. Hanson 2.0 perhaps?

Check out these recent pics to see the grown-up Hanson brothers and their adorable children living the extended family dream.

Hanson brothers then and now 

If you are unsure who these three brothers are, allow me to bring you up to speed. Back in the 90s, Hanson was pop royalty. The three brothers had long hair, wore plaid shirts, and sang their little teenage angst hearts out.

Hanson brothers then and now
My have they grown! Source: Instagram

Incredibly enough, they weren’t even teens when they founded the band. Isaac was 11, Taylor, nine, and Zac was only six years old.

That was back in 1992 and the boys are still making music together, nearly 30 years later. They recently put out a Christmas album and went on tour in 2019.

Beer = Music = Awesome

Another fun fact about the Hanson brothers. They LOVE beer. So much so they founded The Hanson Brothers Beer Co. based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They donate a portion of their sales to charity, give away a free song with every bottle of beer, and go by the formula, “Beer + Music = Awesome.”

Hanson brothers now
Source: Instagram

But what about their personal lives? Here’s what we discovered after a bit of Insta-stalking:


Isaac is the eldest Hanson brother and the guitarist. He is actually the oldest of seven kids but only three of them were part of the Hanson band.

Isaac Hanson with wife
Source: Instagram

Now Isaac is a dashing 39-year-old daddy, married to Nicole Dufrense, with three little Hansons running around.


  • Clarke Everett, 13
  • James Monroe, 12
  • Nina Odette, 6
mum central
Source: Instagram


Taylor was the middle Hanson brother and rocked the long stringy locks as a boy. He was a total teenage heartthrob and it’s so crazy to see him all grown up. Now Taylor sprouts some impressive facial hair in place of his long locks and tots around a tribe of kids. Seven of them, in fact. Well, almost seven – his wife is expecting Baby #7 any day now.

Taylor Hanson
Source: Instagram
Taylor Hanson with son
Source: Instagram

Taylor is married to Natalie Bryant and they got married in Georgia in 2002. They then didn’t waste any time procreating a little band of their own.


  • Jordan Ezra, 17
  • Penelope “Penny” Anne, 15,
  • River Samual, 14
  • Viggo Moriah, 12
  • Wilhelmina “Willa” Jane, seven
  • Claude Indiana Emmanuel, 21 months
  • Baby #7, due December 2020
mum central
Source: Instagram


Zac is the youngest of the Hanson clan at 34. He was the drummer and rocked the surfer look. Now he rocks dark hair and a man bun. By the looks of his Insta page, he’s really into travel and video games.

Zac Hanson
Source: Instagram
Zac Hanson and family
Source: Instagram

Zac’s also dad to four Hansonettes with his wife, Kate Tucker.


  • John Ira “Shep” Shepherd, 12
  • Junia Rose Ruth, 9
  • George Abraham Walker, 6
  • Mary Lucille Diana, 4
Zac Hanson with kids
Source: Instagram

Bros before anything else

The boys admit they still spend A LOT of time together and that their kids are all really close.

It’s a cool thing,” Zac said in an interview last year. “We spend a lot of time together touring, in the studio and around each other, so our kids know each other really, really well.” 

Well, you know what they say, a family that plays together, stays together.

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