This Clever Jewellery is Saving Lives Every Day … Perhaps Even Yours

When I was at high school in the 80s, lots of the kids wore MedicAlert ID jewellery. Some wore the easily recognisable silver bracelets and others wore the necklace.

As a teenager I didn’t quite understand the importance of wearing one. I wasn’t allergic to anything [except hard work according to my mother] and I never saw an emergency at school. I knew what they were for though. They were to save my friends’ lives. We all knew what they were and to be honest, we thought they were kinda cool.

As a mother myself now, I think they’re far more than just ‘cool’ and I can certainly understand the necessity of such simple insurance… but it has been some time since I have seen anyone wearing one. Which surprises me given the amount of kids I actually know that have anaphylactic allergies.

So far my own children have not presented with any allergies or life threatening conditions but if they did, I know I would be in touch with MedicAlert IMMEDIATELY.

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Introduced into Australia in 1971 by Rotary and St John Council, the not-for-profit Australia MedicAlert Foundation has provided protection and peace of mind to almost 300,000 Australians in the last 40 years. From their national office in Adelaide, South Australia, their friendly and professional team provide complete administrative support to members nationally.

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MedicAlert membership is ESSENTIAL for anyone with a medical condition, allergy or who takes regular medication that needs to be known in an emergency. The MedicAlert emblem offers peace of mind by alerting emergency service and healthcare professionals to your specific needs when it matters most – especially when you can’t speak for yourself.

Those most commonly using this life-saving membership include children and adults with:

  • ALLERGIES – including an allergy to nuts, eggs, latex, bees or Penicillin
  • MEDICAL CONDITIONS – including Diabetes, Asthma, Epilepsy or Heart Disease
  • TAKE REGULAR MEDICATIONS – including Anticoagulants or Insulin
  • IMPLANTS OR PUMPS – including a Pacemaker, shunts or Insulin pump
  • AUTISTIC/SPECIAL NEEDS – including those who are non-verbal due to autism or prone to non-communicative behaviours in times of stress or trauma

For us at Mum Central it was obvious that this is particularly important for children. If your child has an allergy or a medical condition or takes regular medication then registering them as a MedicAlert member is a no brainer.

But there’s also another group of families that would benefit enormously from this service.

If your family has a child that is non-verbal due to autism or is prone to non-communicative behaviours in times of stress or trauma, then having them registered with MedicAlert gives them a voice when you are not there to advocate for them and gives you peace of mind that their condition will be understood immediately.

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MedicAlert membership is more than just wearing medical ID jewellery. When you become a member, all your important medical information is loaded onto their secure medical database, which is accessible 24 hours a day via the unique membership number engraved on your piece of jewellery. Medical professionals, including first aid responders, are trained to first check pulse points where MedicAlert jewellery is located, so they can quickly seek further info from the emergency hotline.

“The first time I used it I was alone in a city – I felt fine that morning and had a meeting to go to. I had a seizure in the middle of the street, and it was only that I had a MedicAlert bracelet that a first aider knew what to do”  Kara, 22 – Epilepsy and codeine allergy


 “My MedicAlert bracelet keeps me safe. I never take my bracelet off I have had it on for 9 years. It helps me stay safe at school, on holidays and at birthday parties – wherever there is food. People recognise the emblem on it and read the information on my allergies. I cannot speak clearly like my 11 year old friends.”  Flynn, 11 – Food allergy


 “Our daughter is 5 and started school this year. She is readily identifiable as ‘the little girl with the bracelet’. The head teacher said the best thing we could have done is get her this bracelet as it makes it so much easier for teachers to identify her. So much so the parents of another child with similar issues have been requested by the school to get a bracelet.”  Michael, father to 5 year old little girl with anaphylaxis

Medic Alert How

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Membership is much more than a piece of jewellery. It is a comprehensive system of protection and support that is with you, always.

Membership is activated at the time of purchasing your first medical bracelet or necklace. Prices start at just $42 for the most popular MedicAlert stainless steel bracelet. This is the classic, everyday, Australian-made curb chain bracelet, MedicAlert® curb-chain ID bracelet. A joining fee of $15 applies only on your first order which covers MedicAlert setting up your profile with the relevant medical and contact information on their secure health database.  Engraving is free.

From then on, you simply pay the membership fee of $31.50 per year to maintain your membership and have medical information available 24/7.

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If you already have a bracelet and registered aaaaages ago but have just let it all lapse [we all know how that can happen!] – don’t worry! Simply give them a call on 1800 88 22 22 or contact them online  and update your details.  While you’re there, have a look at the awesome new range of jewellery. There are so many contemporary options these days!



Join before 31st July and mention MUMCENTRAL at checkout or over the phone and go into the draw to WIN 1 OF 3 $100 VOUCHERS to use towards a gorgeous new bracelet or pendant!

If you’re already a member, simply contact them on 1800 88 22 22 to update your contact details, mention MUM CENTRAL and you’re in the running too!

Offer ends 31st July and winners will be notified directly.

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