This Couple’s Gender Reveal Party Surprised Everyone, In More Ways Than Anyone Expected

Meet Denise and Ryan Fortin. They’d been trying to conceive a child for years with only “heartache and lots of tears”. That was, until they turned to IVF.

After finally falling pregnant, with twins no less, they gathered family and friends together and threw a huge gender reveal party for the twins they were expecting. Boy? Girl? One of each?

As their family and friends tried to guess the genders of both babies, boxes filled with either blue or pink helium filled balloons were opened to reveal the sex of each baby.  However, the couple had one more BIG surprise in store for everyone, and one that nobody saw coming!


The couple recorded the big surprise, including everyone’s shocked reactions, in one of the cutest gender reveal videos and we had to share it with you!

“It was our best kept secret. We couldn’t be happier and cannot wait to meet our trio!!!” Denise said.

Clearly this couple has incredible support from their family and friends, especially judging by the huge amount of squeals, cheers and hugs! Soon four becomes five for this family and we can’t wait for you to see the magic unfold below.


YouTube video


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