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10 Tips To Save On Fuel Costs

There’s nothing like getting behind the wheel of your car, especially if you don’t like walking, but these days filling up your tank can often cost a fortune.

So we’ve asked our technical experts at Mitsubishi for 10 ways to save on fuel costs.

1. Ease up on the lead foot

NO ONE likes being stuck in gridlock but try not to fang it when you take off from the lights. If you’re driving a manual, keep gear changes to a lower RPM where possible to avoid over-revving your car. Generally try to avoid jerky driving wherever possible, because it’s embarrassing to bunny hop across an intersection. Also, remember what your parents told you all those years ago. It’s not a race! You’ll get there in time and with more fuel in your tank if you drive slow, smooth and steady.

2. Plan your route

Don’t really know where you’re going and want to just wing it? Whilst that might sound like a grand adventure it puts a strain on your fuel consumption. A few clicks through your GPS and you can ensure you’re taking the most direct way possible. Less time driving around means less fuel used. GENIUS.

3. Know when to use 4WD

Even seasoned city drivers love to get off the beaten track from time to time but driving on rough roads will increase your fuel consumption. Also, remember to drop your vehicle back to 2WD when you hit the bitumen to save costs.

4. Take a load off

While 4WD’s are designed to tow some pretty hefty loads, if you don’t need to tow your boat around all day, don’t. The same goes with equipment – deck chairs, heavy toolboxes and sports equipment can all put extra strain on your engine which will use more fuel. Take out what you don’t need to lighten the load.

5. Maintain your car

Servicing your vehicle is important to keep it in tip top condition. Your local service centre can check your vehicle over, check or replace necessary fluids, recalibrate your fuel management system and provide genuine additives and flushes to keep your car running at its optimum.

6. Turn off what you don’t need

Using your air conditioner at low speeds can increase your fuel consumption dramatically. If you don’t need your air conditioner on, switch it off and put the windows down or open up the sunroof to let natural air flow keep you cool.

7. Keep it simple

It’s fun to fully kit out your car but these extra features will add extra weight to your vehicle, as well as increasing wind resistance.  So if you don’t really need those roof racks, take them off your car.

8. Pump up the jam

Driving your car with flat tyres will put unnecessary strain on your vehicle, increase fuel consumption and cause poor tyre wear. Taking a moment to check your tyre pressure is set to the recommended pressures on your vehicle’s tyre placard next time you drop into your local servo will do wonders for your car’s efficiency.

9. Share the ride

How often do you see just one person driving in a car? Too often. Well, not only is it better for the environment but you can mitigate the costs of driving by car-pooling! Team up and share the expense, your wallet will thank you.

10. Go Green

If you’re really keen to save on fuel why not look at a green vehicle? Some fully-charged electric cars can get up to 50km’s from its battery pack without having to run its petrol engine. Now that’s economical!

Do you have a fuel saving tip to share? 

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