The kids have been outside all day, getting into everything mucky and muddy. The dirt-coated clothes go straight in the wash, and in no time your pile is growing rapidly.

But before you stick to the same old cleaning routine, check out these time-saving laundry tips that’ll have you that you need right now!

Dryer Defence:

1. Turn sponges into reusable dryer sheets and save bundles of money. 

homemade dryer sheets with fabric softener themamasgirls

2. Swap a dryer sheet for aluminum foil – it does the same thing! 

3. Use wool to make your own dryer balls. And then scent them. 

Learn how to make homemade felted wool dryer balls to save time and money and reduce static in your laundry!

4. Use this laundry trick to dry shoes without tangling the laces. 

5. Take your hair conditioner out of the bath and put it in the laundry to unshrink dryer mistakes. 

Super stain fighters:

6. Oust your sweaty teen’s armpit stains with this dishwashing liquid-based cleaner.

7. Find out how to remove stains using citrus. 

Citrus Enzyme Cleaner drkarenslee

8. Use rubbing alcohol to remove acrylic art paint, after the kids are done crafting. 

9. Remove ink (yes, ink) stains with hairspray (that’s right – hairspray). 

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  1. Interesting tips, but time saving? Looks like a heap of extra jobs making your own products.

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