Guess What Mums! Your Toddler Is Already Tops at These 10 Sports

We already know toddlers are masters at getting their own way. They are also pretty awesome at avoiding nap time, throwing half eaten toast across a kitchen table and pooping in the bath. 

But did you know that toddlers are also exceptional athletes? In fact, your nappy pants-wearing, toast-throwing tot is already well on their way to representing Australia in the 2036 Olympics.

So make room in the trophy cabinet for your toddler’s future medals and check out these sports that your little athlete has probably already mastered.

Oh, and while you’re at it, you might as well make room for a Best Mum Ever trophy too. After all, behind every great Olympic athlete is an even greater mum who once had to change their nappy!

10 sports your toddler has already mastered 

1. Gymnastics

Jumping, tumbling, climbing, rolling across the room. Yep… toddlers do it all. Sure, they may not possess the finesse of professional gymnastics just yet. But they’ve mastered the basic moves!

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2. Horse riding

Another hidden talent? Riding you (or the dog) around the living room. Giddy up!

3. Trampolining

On the bed, of course.

boy-jumping-on-bed4. Rock climbing

Okay, so maybe your toddler’s not scaling mountains. Yet. But they’re probably pretty good at climbing out of the cot, onto a counter or halfway up the pantry shelves in search of Nutella.

5. Yoga

Downward-facing dog. Happy Baby pose. Corpse pose. Toddlers make even the trickiest poses look easy.

BabyLove nappy pants for toddlers

6. Wrestling

Sure, your tot isn’t quite ready for the ring (and neither are you). But that kicking, punching and arm flailing is incredible. Co-sleep with your toddler and you’ll know what we mean. Co-sleep with twin toddlers and discover the fine art of tag team wrestling.

7. Rugby

If you’ve never seen your toddler’s rugby skills in action, be very grateful! Because if they do grab hold of an expensive family heirloom and run down the hall with it, you won’t want to be there to witness it. It’s a heart-stopping, adrenaline-fuelled, emotionally-charged experience.

cute toddler running indoors

8. Shot Put

Toddlers are pretty impressive when it comes to ball sports. But where they really shine is in Track and Field. Take shot put, for example. Hurling heavy objects across a room (or table)? Yep. Toddlers have it sorted.

9. Steeple Chase

Or how about the steeple chase? Also known as “making a mad dash to the nearest muddy puddle and jumping through it”. Might as well just give your toddler the gold medal right now.

toddler splashing in muddy puddle

10. Hurdles

And let’s not forget the gracefulness that comes from racing around a track (ahem, room) jumping over random toddler gates (or toys, cushions, boxes, books, whatever else your toddler has dumped all over the floor).

toddler climbing into bath

It takes strength, gracefulness, agility and endurance to become an athlete. Somehow, toddlers manage to make it look easy AND adorable at the same time. Reward your little one (and yourself) with a nappy that can keep up to their Olympic feats.

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