Tokyo Stabbing: At Least 19 People, Mostly School Children, Stabbed

A Tokyo stabbing has left many people injured, mostly school girls, and two victims feared dead. 

Emergency services received reports of a multiple stabbing at a bus stop in Kawasaki City, on the southern edges of Tokyo, just before 8am today local time.

At least 13 school children were stabbed along with approximately six adults. Paramedics were seen working on the victims at the scene.

Paramedics at tokyo stabbing

Source: Kyodo News via Nine News

As news reports roll in, we hear it’s not yet clear what started the attack but some are claiming that at least one child and one adult are dead.

Apparently the suspect, a man in his 50s, was arrested at the scene. According to reports the suspect just started attacking people randomly with a knife. As commuters lined up at a nearby bus stop they became his victims. Two knives were seized from the attacker.

The suspect has also received treatment after stabbing himself in the shoulder before being detained.

paramedics tent at scene of tokyo stabbing

As news continues to filter through, we hear that the children were mostly school girls aged six to seven years. Two of the victims, one adult and one child, have life-threatening wounds. The suspect is in custody but unconscious due to his self-inflicted stabbing wounds.

Tokyo stabbing scene of crime, ariel view of city

Source: Kyodo News


Tokyo stabbing bus stop

Source: Kyodo News

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