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The New Sleep Trainer Clock Changing the Game for Toddler Bedtimes

The cheeky toddler in the picture above is my two and a half-year-old daughter, Lily. She’s a bundle of fun. She also is as stubborn as they get, especially when it comes to bedtime. She’s never been great at sleeping and that’s perfectly okay because some children are better sleepers than others and I am totes cool with that.

However, I was looking for a way to help her regulate her sleep a little better to reduce the bedtime dramas (plus those dreadfully early wake-ups). I was thrilled when I was asked to review the new Tommee Tippee Sleep Trainer Clock because it ended up being exactly what we needed to sort her sleep out and reduce bedtime refusal.

sleep trainer clock review
“What’s this mum?” Lily was excited about her new Sleep Trainer Clock from the beginning. Source: Supplied


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But first, let’s have a closer look at the Sleep Trainer Clock. 

sleep trainer clock by tommee tippee
Look for Tommee Tippee’s new sleep trainer clock in-store now. Source: Supplied

New sleep clock is a sleep saver for us

The Tommee Tippee Sleep Trainer Clock is new to the shelves. It’s a cute clock that also functions as a music player. You will need to download the Tommee Tippee app to connect to it but it’s not hard.

sleep trainer clock
Simply start an account, slot in your verification code and follow the prompts. Source: Supplied

App-enabled sleep trainer clock

I will be the first to admit I despise “smart technology”. Thankfully the app was incredibly easy to navigate and I didn’t even need to ask my 8-year-old tech-savvy daughter, Jade to help me. Mummy did ALL BY HERSELF! 

mum central
Jade and Lily sussing out the Tommee Tippee Sleep Trainer Clock.  Source: Supplied

Another great thing I loved is that there are NO batteries required. Simply plug it into the wall and you’re ready to go. 

It even comes with a child lock and power cut recovery mode to stop little fingers from changing the settings and the clock won’t lose its settings if there is a power cut. 

The Sleep Clock is designed for all ages and has definitely helped us with our sleep battle. Honestly, my daughter loves everything about it, from the adorable bear character and the music to the calming colours.” Jen, mum to Lily, 2

Choose your colours

There are a few different cool features with this clock. The first thing my toddler and I really love is the fact that you can customise the colours of the clock for day, night and nap. You can choose pretty much every colour under the sun – simply slide the button in the app to the colour/lighting that you want.

My daughter opted for “blue for bedtime” and “yellow for daytime”.  And “green, no, pink, no purple. Actually, mummy, we don’t need naps” for the nap one. 

mum central
ALL the colours of the rainbow in one clock. Source: Supplied

You can change the colours directly through the app on your phone and customise when you make the swap from day to night. So, for us, the night begins at 8:30 pm and daytime at 7:00 am.

You can also set a 15-minute timer for the nap function, giving your toddler a chance to wind down before it’s time to nap.

Add music too 

Another thing we really liked about the Sleep Clock was the music function. You can choose from all sorts of lullabies as well as white noise. Whales, birds, hairdryers – they’ve got it all, with 10 tunes in total (5 lullabies and 5 sounds.).

Again, you can customise all of this through the app. You can also turn it off through the app so you don’t have to go into the room and wake your child.

mum central
She loved it so much she almost wanted to go to bed earlier. Nah just kidding! Source: Supplied

Does it actually work?

Okay, but now for the million-dollar question? Did it actually help sleep train my child? 

Answer: YES. Yes, it really flippin’ did. 

Our normal routine pre-sleep clock went a little something like this:

  • We read our toddler two books, put on her PJs, cuddle her, tuck her in and shut the light off. Then we leave.
  • We return five minutes later to see the light on, the door open, the toddler naked and 35 books spawling across the floor. 
  • We repeat the first step at least 5 more times before we get the sh*ts and one of us lies in with her until she falls asleep and we inevitably fall asleep too. Then we wake up 3 hours later, confused and sore because we’re sleeping in a bed made for a two-year-old. 

And that’s just bedtime. Naptime was pretty similar.  And mornings were never really that great either. 

But now? Post-sleep clock things are a bit different.

She still normally strips naked before bed and we need to reclothe her, but she also goes to sleep on her own, with her sleep clock playing Baa Baa Black Sheep and set to “blue for bedtime”. YES, LADIES AND GENTS – She goes to sleep BY HERSELF!! I never thought I’d see the day. 

But the best thing about the Tommee Tippee Sleep Trainer Clock? My toddler actually UNDERSTANDS that’s how it works and gets even a little bit excited when the clock switches from yellow to blue.

Tommee Tippee Sleep Trainer Clock
Sleep SUCCESS! One happy mumma! Source: Supplied

Honestly, we were blown away when we walked into the room on the first night and she had actually put herself to sleep. THIS IS WHAT FREEDOM FEELS LIKE FOLKS, AND IT’S AMAZING! “

In the morning, she’s also pretty stoked to wake up and see the clock has swapped back to yellow, meaning she can get up. We still haven’t got the whole “green for naptime” system down pat yet, but, hey, baby steps.

Bedtimes are finally sorted and that’s a pretty big deal in our house. No more falling asleep in a toddler bed and no more bedtime battles with a two-year-old.” 

mum central
It was the end of our bedtime battles, and we got some of our evenings back! Source: Supplied

It’s a 9/10 from us

Now, every child is different and what works for us may not work for your child. But the Tommee Tippee Sleep Trainer Clock certainly helped us and my toddler really does love it.

The light glow of the “blue for bedtime” is also a perfect night-light offering an ambient glow, ideal for sleep and for keeping monsters away. 

mum central
Happy faces ALL around. Source: Supplied

The Tommee Tippee Sleep Trainer Clock makes a lovely addition to any nursery or bedroom and has had a positive impact on our household. I rate this clock a 9/10 and would definitely recommend it to other parents and parents-to-be.

Fingers crossed it has the same effect on your family.”

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Tommee Tippee Sleep Clock

9Tommee Tippee Sleep Clock
A Great Sleep Aide
Easy to Use
Value for Money
Fun for Tots

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Where to get one 

The Tommee Tippee Sleep Trainer Clock retails for $99.95 and you can buy one through Tommee Tippee and other major baby retailers. 

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This is a review for Tommee Tippee. All opinions are those of the reviewer.  The reviewer was not paid for this review. All images are taken by the reviewer.
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