Top Baby Names 2015 From Around the World

The top baby names of the year are here! Are you rounding that third trimester corner? Looking for a popular name? You’re in luck. BabyCenter has published their annual list of the most-chosen names for little ones in 2015.

What are the top picks for parents? Keep in mind, the top honours depend on where in the world you live. UK mums will find different monikers at the front of the list than parents in Australia or the US. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what goes on globally when it comes to the 2015 best of the best in new (or, in some cases not so new) names!

Top Boy Baby Names: Australia

The number one pick for Australian parents remains the same for the fifth year in row. Drum roll please – it’s Oliver! The full top 10 goes as follows:

  1. Oliver
  2. Noah
  3. Jack
  4. Lucas
  5. William
  6. Jackson
  7. James
  8. Max
  9. Charlie
  10. Isaac

Top Girl Baby Names: Australia

What about the girls? There’s a new top pick for 2015! Now surprisingly Charlotte has had a sudden spike is use. The total top 10 include:

  1. Charlotte
  2. Olivia
  3. Amelia
  4. Ava
  5. Sophia
  6. Zoe
  7. Mia
  8. Lily
  9. Isla
  10. Evie

Top Baby Boy Names: UK

Parents in the UK are on the second year in a row of putting Muhammad at the top of their list. Like Australian mums and dads, Oliver also is a top pick, making its way to the second spot on the list. Jack and Noah come in at numbers three and four, reversing their position from the Australian list (with Noah coming in at number two before Jack). The remaining top 10 names include (in order) Jacob, Harry, Charlie, Ethan, James and Thomas.

Top Girl Baby Names: UK

If you think Charlotte would also top the UK list of 2015 baby names, you’d be wrong. The royal name actually dropped eight places from 2014, landing itself swiftly in the number 25 spot. That’s still better than the regal Elizabeth, which fell 24 places down to number 55. Australia’s second place pick heads up the UK’s list, giving Olivia the top spot honor. This is followed by Sophia, Lily, Emily, Amelia, Chloe, Isabelle, Sophie, Ella and Isabella.

Top Boy Baby Names: US

American parents are on the third year of picking Jackson as the top boy baby name of the year. Unlike Australia and the UK, Oliver doesn’t even show up on the top 10. Even though it barely makes the top half of the list (it falls in at number 5), Noah is a popular pick around the world that also gets to the top 10 in the US. The full list includes Jackson, Aiden, Liam, Lucas, Noah, Mason, Ethan, Caden, Logan and Jacob.

Top Girl Baby Names: US

Again, Charlotte doesn’t find its way into the top list. That said, a few Australian and OK favs do edge into the US top 10 2015 list. Sophia (number 5 is Australia and number 2 in the UK) is the top choice for American parents. This is the name’s second year in the prime place. With Emma in second place, Olivia (2nd in Australia and first in the UK) is in third. The other ultra-popular girl baby names in the US include (in order) Ava, Mia, Isabella, Zoe, Lily, Emily and Madison. Madison is new to 2015’s top 10 list, pushing last year’s number 10 pick Madelyn out.

Even if you don’t live in the UK or the US, choosing a name from another country or region isn’t out of the question. Switching things up and going with a globally famous name or trying another country’s popular picks may make your new little bundle a standout, instead of becoming one in a very, very lengthy list of Charlotte’s and Oliver’s.

That’s not to say choosing the 2015 standards is out. There are reasons why these names fall into their top 10 lists – they’re classic, often timeless and cute! What if your baby isn’t due until 2016. You could go with the top picks from the former year, or you could set a new trend and make your own baby name predictions.

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