Topless Barber Shop Opens in Cairns: Sure to Raise…. Eyebrows?

This week in ‘now we’ve heard it all news’ is the topless barber shop for men, Frisky Fridays.

Cairns’ Studio 78 salon has launched Frisky Fridays, designed as a bit of a boob-based-treat for the city’s male population, complete with topless girls, head massages, beer and, of course, a haircut.

The female owner of the business Emma Gelling said (in The Townsville Bulletin) she had been considering the concept for many years and decided it was time to corner the niche market. She said she knew it may cause a stir, but was designed as a bit of innocent fun for the city’s single men.

“I think, with all these empowering things going on for women, men get a bit forgotten,” she said.

topless barber cairns

The salon is located between a sex shop and pole dancing studio and will hold Frisky Fridays late afternoons only, 3-7pm. During the Frisky Friday experience clients will enjoy a drink, wash and head massage from topless staff and a cut, clipper shave or beard trim from a professional (clothed) stylist. Because, well, OH&S of course!

So of course the big question you’re asking is how much does a topless barber shop experience cost? 

According to the website, it’s $65 to ‘Indulge yourself with a wash and head massage from our lovely topless host. Followed by a lovally brewed beer, and a fully consultated style cut by one of our senior stylist…’

So if you’re in Cairns and your guy comes home with a sharp new hairdo and a smile on his face, it might be time to start supervising where he gets his mop chopped!

In other news of naked careers, be sure to check out this story about Naked House Cleaning. You’ll never guess how much THAT pays per hour! Who ever would have imagined there’d be so many professions you can now nude up for!?

topless barber cairns

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