Do Your Part(ner!): Study Shows Our Phones are Fondled More Than We Are!

A study has revealed that 88% of parents know a healthy sex life is important to their family’s happiness yet actually ‘doing it’ ranks at the bottom of the to-do list.

This campaign by Plum Organics aims to get you to, well, get it on!

It seems that parents today are so busy shaping the next generation that everything else takes a back seat – including themselves and their partners. Based on this insight, Do Your Part(ner) is encouraging parents to give themselves permission to put some of the focus back on their relationships and themselves.

The 1,000 parent survey entitled, An Unfiltered Look at Sex, Parenting and Relationships revealed some interesting points about our habits under the sheets after the kids go to bed. Largely though, the points were much, much less sexy than you’re likely imagining:

    • 70% of millennial parents feel guilty when they’re away from their child for a night out with their partner
    • Nearly 70% of parents with significant others talk about their kids the majority of the time they’re alone together
    • Over 1/3 of parents say the thing they do most in their bed besides sleeping is catching up on news or social media
    • 39% of millennial parents think their partner voluntarily cleaning up the house is more of a turn on than foreplay

The campaign is supported by a clever website, with a number of interactive tools to help parents fulfill their commitment to make time for each other. One highlight is an interactive calendar that humorously suggests a date and time to pencil in your “alone time!” Parents can also find tips, advice and videos on sex and intimacy from internationally-renowned couples therapist and best-selling author of Mating in CaptivityEsther Perel.

Our fave? There’s a super clever little gizmo on the website where you click how long you’ve got to add some spice to your marriage and it generates a suggestion for you to follow. Don’t say you’re too tired or time poor, the smallest window you can allocate is 30 seconds…. everyone’s got time for that!

The overall study was funded by American baby food company, Plum Organics. The campaign uses humor to empower parents to prioritize their relationships and make time for each other year-round…” said Ben Mand, Dad and Senior Vice President of brand marketing and innovation. “As a baby food brand, we’re also not shy in acknowledging that more quality time between parents might just lead to a few more babies for us to feed.”

Aaah, now we get why they’re so keen for us to make love tonight… it’s a commercial ploy! Either way, creating a little mummy-daddy time for any couple is always a good way to keep your bond tight and make for a happier home. Social media will be there tomorrow, right? Turn off eh? And get turned on. As the promo says, your phone shouldn’t be getting fondled more than you are… 

You can find out more about PlumOrganics online.
RESEARCH INFORMATION: 1 Wakefield Research survey conducted between January 13 2017 and January 19 2017 among 1,000 nationally representative U.S. parents ages 18+.

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