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Naked House Cleaning: This Job Pays HOW Much Per Hour? Yes, it’s Real!

Married, 25 year old Emily Nikols provides for her family with an unusual yet well-paid job. She’s a Naturist Cleaner earning $75 an hour! 

The Mum began the role as a way to raise and support her daughter that fitted around her demanding family schedule. She describes herself as body confident yet says the job is completely non-sexual with her clients not allowed to touch her at all.

“I’m just a really confident person and am really comfortably with nudity so being naked doesn’t faze me at all. While cleaning naked was something I had never done before, it just felt really natural to do.

The clients are really respectful and chivalrous. They carry the hoover up the stairs for me and offer glasses of water. The most common question people ask is ‘is it warm enough?’ but after a few minutes carrying a hoover around you definitely are”. 

naturalist cleaner 2

Emily first stumbled upon the idea when a friend told her about women who are paid to webcam themselves cleaning naked in their own home. Emily did some investigation and went a slightly different path securing her work via the business Naturist Cleaners. The company employee over 80 male and female staff.

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Because naturist house keepers work naked they are only allowed to undertake ‘light duties’. Bare skin cleaners cannot do heavy duty cleaning or use strong chemicals to protect their skin. Emily says that despite working in the buff she does not feel sexualised or demeaned.

“The clients are naturists so for them it is completely normal to be naked, and that makes you feel normal and comfortable.

It’s not about being sexy or about your own body, it’s about making a naturist person feel happy and comfortable. They don’t care if you are young and gorgeous or 65 and wrinkly, it’s about being comfortable nude.

There is only stigma attached because someone attaches a stigma. If the client is happy and confident you feel like it is a normal thing and there is nothing to be concerned or nervous about”. 

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Owner of the Naturalist Cleaning agency, Laura described her employees and this may just surprise you..

“Our cleaners are from all walks of life and we are completely open in terms of age and body type, although we don’t like to take on people who are very young. 

Our cleaners must never be open to offers or advances. Our terms which the clients must agree to state clearly that we do not offer anything else, and never to ask this of our cleaners.

Especially these days, when there is a full market of naughty adult services out there, we want to send out the right message. We want people to understand this is not sexual — we do not do anything else than just professional cleaning. There has to be mutual respect”. 

naturalist cleaner 4Who would have thought it was even a thing right? And who are we to judge? My biggest concern would be a nasty burn on the post baby mum-tum with that iron… What would you do (or not do?) to provide for your family? 

Images from CATERS via The Courier-Mail. 

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    great article…I have been tempted to do this too..Im a nudist so getting naked is not a problem but wondered about security and safety. Oh by the way it NATURIST not NATURALIST. A naturalist is someone like David Attenborough but maybe he a naturist too !!! lol

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