Dad Climbs into Cot with Daughter… Gets Stuck for Six Hours

Sometimes the only way to soothe a crying infant is to cuddle them to sleep.

And, sometimes, it seems logical to crawl into the cot to do so.

However, even the best laid plans can go astray, especially when dealing with an over-tired infant. Just ask dad Nunzio Raso from Canada, who hops into his daughter’s cot in an attempt to get her to go to sleep.

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It starts off well. After a few tears, baby Michela crawls onto dad’s chest and dozes off almost instantly. But he is then presented with the all-too-familiar conundrum of getting out of the cot without waking the baby. And, just like that, dad gets stuck in the cot.

Nunzio tries over and over again to escape, but with no luck. Any time he tries to break free, his daughter’s head pops up and she inches her way across her dad’s chest again.

This back and forth goes on for six solid hours before the exhausted and very cramped dad manages to escape.

The moral of the story? If you’re going to co-sleep with your kids, choose a bed that fits you both.

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