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For Flap’s Sake! Itsy-Bitsy Knickers Strike Again and This Mum’s Response is GOLD

Remember those Cabana bikini bottoms and the hilarious comments that sent social media into meltdown? Well, Beginning Boutique has plenty more super saucy swimwear where that came from!

Last week we showed how much of a flap everyone was in over this itsy-bitsy bikini bottom.  Well, brace yourselves because a new Facebook post has surfaced, this time advertising their ‘Heron’ pants.

Once again, the comments are everything, but vlogger mum Laura of Knee Deep in Life takes it one step further.

Who’s up for some fanny flossing?

Laura is well known for her imitations of perfect models and celebs that exist only on the ‘gram. And to be honest, we prefer her version! Upfront, real, no filters. And long suffering husband Steve by her side taking the photos, whether he wants to or not.

After the massive response to Beginning Boutique’s latest bikini bottoms post, fans begged Laura to give the new undies a try. Well, she went one better and made her own. The results are everything we hoped for and more.

A few well placed emojis to hide her delicates and it’s a winner.

mum central
Image source: Facebook

‘It’s like a hairy angry venus flytrap’

“Ain’t no one got any business seeing the other side of that emoji.” Laura tells readers. “It’s like a hairy angry venus flytrap that smells a bit like piss and old farts.”

“P.s. yes, I’m wearing a belt,” she adds. “It’s just hidden under all my fabulous skin….”

Designer D-I-Y

This is the latest in a series of photos in which Laura does the designer thing her own way. And we love her for it.

Knee Deep in Life Laura Ariana Grande
When you need to sell that merch. Image source: Facebook

Mum Central chatted with Laura about her take on the sexy swimmer pics, as well as her own ‘real life’ versions, and she had plenty to tell us!

“While I appreciate there is a whole world of women high-fiving themselves at the revelation that they can now wear a costume that almost completely exposes your labia, I think most women recoiled in utter horror at the fact that if they wore it, the only thing that would happen is their fanny lips would high five each other,” she says.

The only thing that would happen is their fanny lips would high five each other.”

Keeping it real

Laura is at pains to point out that she’s not having a go at the models or celebrities, but at the ridiculous situations they find themselves in.

“The model is beautiful,” Laura goes on. “Her body is flawless. My aim is not to make light of her body, never to shame another woman, but it’s safe to say those high waisted swimmers wouldn’t work out for most.”

Knee Deep in Life Laura Kendall Jenner
Image source: Facebook

Be kind to yourself

“I started blogging about the expectation vs reality photos shortly after I started my blog in 2016,” Laura tells Mum Central. “Having suffered horrendously with postnatal depression, I realised actually life was too short, and making people laugh is one of my favourite things to do.”

“I have been passionate ever since to show women they’re absolutely wonderful just the way they are, no matter the media expectations, they’re doing just fine.”

“I understand the fact that this body I’ve got might not look like a supermodel’s, but it’s still amazing, and I’m incredibly proud of it.”

Knee Deep in Life Laura Model
Image source: Facebook

Thanks for keeping it real Laura. You remind us that we don’t have to be model perfect; we just have to be us!

Knee Deep in Life Laura Kim Kardashian
Image source: Facebook

In case you missed it, have a look at the undies that sparked a zillion comments! Or the expensive Fendi vulva scarf that made eyes widen in shock everywhere!

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