WATCH: This is Probably the Most Accurate Movie About Motherhood I’ve Seen. Real, Raw and Relatable AF

This is as real as it gets when it comes to motherhood. And it’s coming to a cinema screen near you. 

Prepare to feel all the feels after watching this two-minute trailer of upcoming  flick Tully, a warts-and-all movie about motherhood in the 21st century.

Tully motherhood movie trailer

Hollywood loves depicting mums on the big screen. But they rarely get it right. Sure, Bad Moms was pretty funny, but Tully manages to take the truth about motherhood one step further.

If the trailer is anything to go by, Tully is an honest representation of how hard it is to be a mum. It’s spine-tinglingly accurate. And if may leave you wondering if someone’s been secretly filming your life, collecting all those hidden moments to turn into a movie.

FINALLY, a movie about motherhood that hits the mark

The film stars Charlize Theron as Marlo, an exhausted mum-of-three, her youngest still a newborn. Marlo’s brother pays for a nanny, named Tully (Mackenzie Davis), to come live with Marlo for a few months.

The usually put-together Theron is the epitome of a dishevelled new mum with her makeup-less face, stained nursing bra and stretch-marked tummy. She could be each and every one of us during those first few weeks with a newborn.

From accidentally dropping her phone on her newborn’s head to spilling a bunch of freshly pumped milk, this is motherhood. Uncensored. And on the big screen.

Trailer for Tully – a movie about motherhood

YouTube video

Directed by Diablo Cody of Juno fame, Tully hits Aussie theatres `17 May 2018. Have a watch of the trailer above and tell us what you think. Will you be venturing out to the cinemas to see this one? We certainly will be!

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