Twin Babies Mimic Life in the Womb – Amazing!

This is really quite seriously one of the most beautiful videos we’ve seen in a while!

In an adorable video that’s been melting hearts around the country, twin babies enjoy a bath in a special tub that’s similar to what it’s like in the womb

Sonia Rochel, a nurse at Clinique de la Muette in Paris, captured this video to showcase a very unique ‘baby spa’ bathing technique.  What the 51-year-old nurse didn’t realise was the remarkable effect the special interaction between these new born twins would have around the world.

Rochel gently massages and caresses the tiny baby boy and girl in a ‘Thalasso Baby Bath’, as they mimic life inside the womb. We’re still in “aw” of these little guys. One love, one life…

Don’t miss watching these two babies mimic life in the womb!

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    These babies wouldn’t have actually been in the same sac so they wouldn’t have been hugging like this in the womb….but it’s is very cute video of their special bond 🙂

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