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Tattooed TikTok Star Slams Retailer For Job Rejection Because of Her Look

Meet Ash, a 23-year-old TikTok star and OnlyFans model. She’s on the hunt for a new job and just received the job rejection letter that triggered her rant. The highly tattooed TikTok star recently applied to join the customer serivce team at TJ Maxx, the department store rejected her part-time application and she’s seething. They cited ‘lack of experience’, but Ash suspects it’s her array of striking tattoos and facial piercings that really played a role.

Ash Putnam’s dramatic ‘look’ features a collection of bold tattoos and piercings on her face and across her body. When she applied for the TJ Maxx part-time job, she was turned down, and couldn’t help but wonder if her edgy look was part of the problem.

So, she went instore to seek some answers, face to face. The employee told her she lacked experience for the job, but Ash wasn’t buying it. She shared her suspicions on her TikTok account, and the internet lit up with people weighing in on all sides.

Did TJ Maxx judge the tattooed TikTok star unfairly?

Commenters on TikTok had mixed reviews about Ash’s treatment by TJ Maxx.

Two people with hiring experience commented:

“I used to be a hiring manager for TJ Maxx, and I will tell you it’s the facial piercings and tattoos.”

“HR supervisor here. There is no way any company would put you in front of customers like TJ Maxx.”

Others weighed in, bluntly saying it was the tattoos.

“Tattooer here, it’s probably the tattoos.”

“There’s a reason that tattoo artists refer to face tattoos as career enders.”

“I worked at TJ Maxx, and they will hire just about anyone that comes off the street. It’s definitely the tattoos and piercings.”

Others offered constructive advice with comments like:

“Have you tried piercing and tattoo shops?”

“A hiring lady just did a video regarding highly visible tattoos. She said it shows a lack of impulse control, stuff like that.”

Watch Ash’s TikTok video addressing the incident she had with retailer TJ Maxx.

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Did her Satanic-inspired tattoos put TJ Maxx off?

Initially, Ash was complaining about getting the news through an automated rejection email. We agree this can feel pretty impersonal and deflate one’s confidence, but that’s how most big companies manage communications when they have loads of applications to sort through. Better than not hearing anything we guess.

Secondly, there’s the question of whether TJ Maxx’s hiring team even saw Ash’s tattoos and piercings. The online application doesn’t ask for a photo, and the paper application doesn’t have a place for a picture. So, when, if ever, would they have seen what Ash looks like? There’s always the possibility they looked at her social media, as some employers do to prospective employees, but there’s no way to prove that. So, it’s still a bit of a mystery.

Ash’s tattoos are not for the faint hearted either. She sports some pretty iconic Satanic imagery in pretty prominent places, including a Leviathan cross on the back of her hand (sometimes referred to as “Satan’s Cross) and a Baphomet – a goat with an inverted pentagram (and symbol of balance in various occult and mystical traditions). When some readers flagged this in the comments, Ash replied, “It’s a symbol of my religious beliefs.”

tattooed tiktok star tj maxx satanic
The Leviathan cross on her hand is a Satanic symbol. Source: Instagram

The tattooed TikTok star works as OnlyFans model and Uber driver

Despite claiming she had enough money for her body modifications and tattoos, it’s clear that Ash wasn’t just applying for a part-time gig. She was looking to pay off her debt faster, and a little extra income would have been nice. She promotes herself on TikTok, Instagram, and OnlyFans, in addition to being an Uber driver. But still, the rejection hit her hard, and she wondered how people like her, with unconventional appearances, could get a fair shot at jobs. Ash pointed out that her tattoos don’t define her work ethic, and she thinks it’s unfair to be judged based on her looks.

Does the system set young people up to fail?

In her TikTok video, Ash made points about companies asking for experience for entry-level, minimum-wage jobs. She argued how tough it is for young people to get their foot in the door if companies only hire those with experience. If places like TJ Maxx keep hiring signs up for a long time but still reject candidates like Ash, it raises some eyebrows.

In an age where diversity and inclusion are increasingly important, judging someone for their tattoos or piercings can exclude talented people from job opportunities simply because they don’t fit a traditional corporate image.

On the other hand, businesses often have specific image standards, especially in customer-facing roles. Employers might feel visible tattoos or piercings could impact their brand’s perception or alienate particular customers. They might prefer employees who fit a more conventional look, believing it aligns better with their company’s values or customer expectations. In this context, hiring decisions aren’t necessarily about personal bias but maintaining a cohesive brand identity. Employers have the right to set guidelines for appearance as long as they’re applied fairly and consistently.

What do you think about Ash’s tattoos? Let us know!

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