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Twins Give Birth to Babies 22 Minutes Apart

You’ve heard of the powers of twins, right? Well, these magical powers appear to follow twins into the labour and delivery ward. Just ask identical twins Nicole and Renee Baillie who have welcomed their second babies on the same day, just 22 minutes apart.

Twins give birth on the same day! The whole situation is just cray-cray and even the twins are in disbelief.

“We magically fell pregnant at the same time, which was crazy,” Nicole told ABC.

Nicole and Renee also experienced overlapping pregnancies two years ago, but only by a few months. Both twins gave birth to their first daughters within six months of one another. 

Twins give birth 22 minutes apart
The twin powers are strong. Source: Youtube

This time around, the twins were in near-perfect sync. Although their due dates were two weeks apart, both girls went into labour on the same day. 

Nicole was the first twin to start having contractions. She called her sister to come over and watch their two older girls while Nicole went to the hospital. However, as Renee arrived, her water broke. 

“We all laughed. We were just in disbelief,” Renee said. 

Renee assumed she had a bit of time so she remained at her twin’s house with the girls and tried to have a sleep. Meanwhile, Nicole and her husband Tom Dacy, headed to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital. 

Didn’t even make it to the birth suite

While at her twin’s house, Renee’s contractions intensified and she knew she would be following her sister to the hospital. She contacted her partner, Julius Toole, to come and pick her up but she knew the baby was coming very soon. 

“I didn’t even have my hospital bag packed or anything,” Renee said. “I was trying not to have the baby in the car. Then we literally got into the doors and I stood up and grabbed onto my partner and said, ‘The baby’s here, the baby’s here.'” 

Their daughter, Ruby, arrived before her mother could even make it to the birthing suite. 

Meanwhile, down the hall, Nicole was about to welcome her second baby as well. Nicole’s birth was a little more calming than her twins’ corridor birth as she welcomed her son, Zavian, in the bath, just 22 minutes after Ruby’s dramatic arrival. 

Ruby and Zavian will now share a birthday as well as the title of ‘twin cousins’. 

Proud grandmother Tracey McDonald had a feeling the births might coincide and Nicole shared on her Facebook page that people had been telling them all along that they would deliver on the same day. 

“I just said to my husband a couple of days ago, ‘I reckon these girls are going to have them on the same day,’ and yeah, sure enough,” Ms McDonald said. 

“We’ve got technically two sets of twins now, because we’ve got identical twins and then twin cousins.”

Both Nicole and Renee are now at home with their newborns and families and can’t wait to watch their twins grow up together. 


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Not the first time

What’s even more incredible is that this sort of twin birth thing happens more often than you might think.  In 2020, twins  Autum Shaw and Amber Tramontana welcomed their babies just 90 minutes apart. 

twin sisters twin delivery
Source: Facebook

Autum’s daughter, Charleston arrived first. 90 minutes later, Amber’s daughter Blakely was born. And, immediately the cousins bonded. The girls laboured in the same hospital, just one door away from one another and even had the same labour coach. 

Now, are you ready for the kicker? Amber, Autumn, Charleston and Blakely ALL share the same birthdate. Yep – Amber and Autumn delivered their daughters on their own 33rd birthday – October 29th.

adelaide twins birth story
Source: Facebook

Next up we have another twin birth story featuring two Adelaide mums. Twins Katelyn Gil and Marie Leicester both welcomed daughters in the same room at the same hospital with the same midwife by their sides, just hours apart.

Even crazier? Both babies weighed the same and measured the same height. Baby Ariella was born on 30 March 2023 while baby Elliana was born on 31 March 2023, both at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

What sorcery is this??? 

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