Everyone’s Favourite Board Game is Turning 50 and Look What We’ve Got to Celebrate!


Ever wondered if there was a one-size-fit-all present solution this Christmas? Dreamed of buying something awesome that people will love but without mindlessly trawling the shops?

Want to buy the same gift for everyone but still be a gifting-goddess? Well, it actually can be done … well here’s how. With 50th Anniversary Twister.


In case you’re not familiar, in the game of TWISTER, the spinner announces to move a hand or foot and to which colour. The challenge is to keep your hands and feet on the mat! Right food red! Left foot green! If your knee or elbow touches the mat, or you fall over, you’re out. Be the last player standing to win!

Two new moves in the latest edition include Spinner’s Choice & Air. With Spinner’s Choice, the spinner makes up a move for the other player to do. If the spinner lands on Air, the player must put a hand or foot up in the air!

Such a colourful history, here’s why it’s not your average game:

TWISTER was first invented in 1964 and called King’s Footsie because players could only use their feet and not their hands in the original game concept.  Initially rejected by 3M, the game went through several changes before being bought by The Milton Bradley Company in 1966.

Mel Taft, senior vice president of Research and Development, decided to publish the game after watching other employees get tangled up while demonstrating it and eventually changed the name to TWISTER.

The first game to use players as pieces, it faced social resistance from retailers who felt is was inappropriate to encourage customers to get tangled up on a mat on the floor together. Consumers were confused by how the game worked when it was initially released, so it was pulled off the shelves and all advertising cancelled.

By a stroke of luck, a scheduled appearance on The Tonight Show after the game had been cancelled went ahead as planned. Johnny Carson, host of The Tonight Show, had his celebrity guests play a game of TWISTER. The audience loved it and flocked to stores the next day to purchase their own TWISTER game.

After TWISTER’s appearance on The Tonight Show, Abercrombie & Fitch was the only store still stocking TWISTER, soon becoming overwhelmed with customers.  The next morning customers were lining up at stores in New York hoping to buy their own TWISTER game.

So here’s 7 people in your life who could enjoy a little more twistin’ fun – and read on below for a special giveaway! 

1. Why to buy Twister for YOUR KIDS this Christmas!

Sure, Twister is a load of fun but its also super educational when it comes to little people. Learning your left from right, colours, taking turns and good sportsmanship are just some of the lessons delivered in a Twister box – and you thought it was just for laughs right? Wrong!


2.  Why to buy Twister for YOUR BESTIE this Christmas!

Maybe she’s a Mum, maybe she isn’t. It really doesn’t matter! But this is the ‘girls games night’ edition of Twister. Perfect for after 10pm when you’re all getting plenty plenty silly and there’s a few empty wine bottles lining the kitchen bench. Your bestie will have a giggle when she opens your gift – and an absolute blast later in the year when she pulls it out for games night! Always remember, what happens at games night… stays at games night! (Unless there’s photos to prove it!)


3.  Why to buy Twister for YOUR MUM this Christmas!

If your Mum was born in the 1950’s she would have been 17 when Twister was pulled from the shelves deemed too ‘risqué’ as adults tangled themselves upon a mat. It was later in 1967 when Twister was featured on the Johnny Carson show that sales went nuts and the game was saved! Wondering why it’s the perfect gift for your Mum this Christmas? Because anything that makes you feel young and alive again is priceless! And heck, she might have a games night with her girlfriends. Or at least play it with her grandkids (or her cats!) and we all know there’s plenty of educational benefit in that!


4.  Why to buy Twister for YOUR FAMILY FRIENDS this year!

Buying gifts for families can end up super expensive. Twister is the perfect gift for a whole family that everyone can enjoy – and its under $40! This is the ideal present that will not only be the precious gift of quality family time, creating memories and lots of silly laughter but it’s kind on the hip pocket too! Double win!


5.  Why to buy Twister for YOUR TWEEN OR TEEN NIECE OR NEPHEW this year!

Being the cool Aunty is a tricky job! You want to nail a gift the discerning teen will love but also not offend conservative parents. (And truth be told if you’re kids are small your siblings will likely revenge gift them drum kits and Frozen recorders anyway!) So what’s a cool Aunty to do? The age-appropriate but uber-cool gift is near impossible! Enter Twister. Fun, silly and right on target for the teen niece or nephew. Just don’t tell them it’s been a family favourite for 50 years! Cool Aunty status is 100% assured. #coolaunty


6.  Why to buy Twister for YOUR CHILD’S TEACHER this year!

Yes, you read that correct! Twister IS the perfect gift for your child’s primary school teacher. Yep, it’s educational. It’s also got stacks of physical benefits such as coordination and core strength development. Teachers love activities for their classrooms. In fact many of them spend much of their own money every year building resources for their class. So yep, she’ll take it home for the school holidays and maybe have a girls night or two (see above) but come Term One 2017 it will be proudly shared with her class during group activities, free time and a saviour on wet-weather days. There’s also hundreds of twists-on-Twister on Pinterest to add maths and English learning to the game! With this gift you’ll go straight to the top of the class!


7.  Why to buy Twister for YOUR OTHER HALF this year!

At Mum Central we firmly believe that keeping it fun between you and your partner is a great way to keep your connection strong. We dare you to wrap up your hubby a 50th Anniversary Twister this year and give him a subtle wink across the Christmas tree. Trust us, there’s room for a little Twister fun in your relationship this year! Worse case scenario hubby ends up playing with the kids and you do the grocery shopping alone, right? Best case scenario, well, you tell us! Merry Christmas… 😉


There’s almost no one who wouldn’t love to be given Twister this Christmas. 50 years young, it’s an enduring classic – and still everyone’s favourite game.  You can buy Twister in all major retailers as well as online! If that’s not Christmas shopping made easy, we don’t know what is!



To celebrate their 50th anniversary, we’ve teamed up with the good people at Hasbro and we’ve got 5 of the brand new Board Games up for grabs!

To enter, simply complete the entry form below and you’re in the running to win!  GOOD LUCK!

Win a copy of the 50th Anniversary TWISTER Board Game!

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  1. Avatar of Tambo

    Great memories have been made as kids, teenagers and adults with Twister!

  2. Avatar of Penny Wo

    Along with fun and laughs, It allows for kids (and adults!) to engance colour recognition and balance !

  3. Avatar of Trudy Spreadborough
    Trudy Spreadborough Reply

    Love the fun and laughter playing Twister brings to everyone, whether playing or just watching.

  4. Avatar of Claire Thrower
    Claire Thrower Reply

    It’s such an easy game for the whole family, have had so many laughs thanks to twister.

  5. Avatar of Adele Smith
    Adele Smith Reply

    The hilarity of it all; having those laugh-out-louds moments that have you or your fellow competitors toppling over.

  6. Avatar of Maree Gray
    Maree Gray Reply

    You can’t play Twister without ending up in a giggling heap. Such fun for young and old alike.

  7. Avatar of Judy

    Loved this game as a kid. Would love my kids to play. So much fun.

  8. Avatar of Abby H

    A retro game that you never get sick of,brings parties to life!

  9. Avatar of Lenna Reinhard
    Lenna Reinhard Reply

    Great game as a kid and it’s never a game to get old can’t wait to play with my kids 🙂 fantastic game to play with a few drinks in under ur belt 🙂

  10. Avatar of Kell

    It’s a great way to get everyone up and moving, stretching some of those muscles that haven’t been used lately.

  11. Avatar of AmberB

    I love how it gets the entire family together for lots of laughter

  12. Avatar of Lauren Ibbotson
    Lauren Ibbotson Reply

    I love the copious amounts of giggles it causes from family members of all ages!

  13. Avatar of Louise Patterson
    Louise Patterson Reply

    I love how no two games are ever the same- always different fun !

  14. Avatar of Kel. G

    It’s a magical, marvellous Multi-Age fabulous fun game… Even Grandma joins in with the littlies.

  15. Avatar of Samantha Holland
    Samantha Holland Reply

    The laughter from young and old when people get so twisted and fall over.

  16. Avatar of Beksmum

    Lots of laughs from everyone, plenty of fun and its not electronic!

  17. Avatar of Brianna Taylor
    Brianna Taylor Reply

    It gets so hilarious, especially when Nanna starts playing too!

  18. Avatar of Christina E
    Christina E Reply

    I love watching the kids get all tired up in knots plays together. It’s great family enjoyment & many happy tears. Definitely one of our family favourites.

  19. Avatar of Gillian Harridge
    Gillian Harridge Reply

    Love Twister cause it fun and makes you laugh till it hurts.

  20. Avatar of Michelle Green
    Michelle Green Reply

    I love Twister! It’s a game that is perfect for kids and adults alike. We have so many amazing memories of playing Twister. It’s easy, great for a laugh and a good work out at the same time.

  21. Avatar of Charl Lowther
    Charl Lowther Reply

    Laughing as we try and get into crazy positions and trying hard to balance.

  22. Avatar of blackwidow63
    blackwidow63 Reply

    I have always wanted Twister as others have had so much fun playing it and it would always bring families together

  23. Avatar of Jennifer Tellis
    Jennifer Tellis Reply

    I played Twister in my childhood days and now I want to kids to experience the same fun too. Its a wonderful family game.

  24. Avatar of Kristy F

    How twisted everyone gets and it doesn’t matter what age you are, you can have a great laugh playing it.

  25. Avatar of Sarah Phillips
    Sarah Phillips Reply

    Hours of fun no matter how old you are. No game is ever the same.

  26. Avatar of Carol P

    Great family fun, good time with out having the computer games on

  27. Avatar of Ann Maree Sculley
    Ann Maree Sculley Reply

    Its so much fun but I haven’t played for years ,my 12 year old daughter would love playing Twister with her friends !

  28. Avatar of amandagorton
    amandagorton Reply

    Twister is a work out for my tummy muscles with some full belly laughter!

  29. Avatar of Elisha Kenyon
    Elisha Kenyon Reply

    love that pic with the coloured shaving cream that looks like a lot of fun

  30. Avatar of Sonja Cooper
    Sonja Cooper Reply

    Loved playing this as a kid. It certainly was a family favourite then & still is now, would love to have a game at our place 🙂

  31. Avatar of Shannon Wotton
    Shannon Wotton Reply

    Twister is just so much fun! There is nothing more hilarious than watching each other struggle to hold our positions before ultimately falling on our butts!

  32. Avatar of Belinda M

    I love the awkward positions everyone gets in to and how they struggle to stay up but eventually someone has to fall and usually crashes into someone else on the way down and everyone laughs

  33. Avatar of MelJD

    I love how adults have just as much fun playing Twister as the kids!

  34. Avatar of Jessica

    I love that there is always a way to improve on the original, shots for adults :), shaving cream for kids. Always a way to make Twister more fun.

  35. Avatar of Rebecca Foster
    Rebecca Foster Reply

    I love playing with the grandchildren as it is great fun with lots of laughs and gets them and me active too.

  36. Avatar of Elianda Lee
    Elianda Lee Reply

    TWISTER was the first game I ever played,.. with feet and hands..

  37. Avatar of Jacinta N

    Love a bit of twister, with the family or friends it always gives us a laugh!!

  38. Avatar of Andreea Nicolescu
    Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    I love that all ages can join in for family fun, we have a big age gap so I am always trying to find family activities to suit that, this would be amazingly perfect

  39. Avatar of Dave Smyth
    Dave Smyth Reply

    Twister is tres cool because it twists and twines people together. Even the ones who can’t stand each other. Perfect ice breaker, perfect party starter!

  40. Avatar of Jane Gardam
    Jane Gardam Reply

    I just love how everyone ends up collapsing on the floor in a fit of giggles.

  41. Avatar of Kristy Lee Coles
    Kristy Lee Coles Reply

    I love that we can come together as a family and have a laugh playing twister

  42. Avatar of Cat helbig
    Cat helbig Reply

    Its a great laugh to not only play but to also watch others play and seein how flexible u and others actually are. Its a great game for kids and adults

  43. Avatar of Rhiannon Fergusson
    Rhiannon Fergusson Reply

    The best thing about twister is its something the whole family can enjoy together! From the little kids to the big kids (Mum and Dad) it brings the family together!

  44. Avatar of Louis

    Twister is the best family game, even my 3 years old daughter enjoys it. It’s educational, enhance color recognition and body coordination, and it’s a game for all ages.

  45. Avatar of TanyaCrerar
    TanyaCrerar Reply

    Twister is a fun game for the whole family, guaranteed to have you in fits of laughter!

  46. Avatar of Kris Morrison
    Kris Morrison Reply

    This is on my daughters wish list. I wanted it as a child but never got it. She now has asked for it. So much fun for the whole family.

  47. Avatar of Sueb

    The laughter the whole family has, we laugh so much we fall over, great fun for everyone.

  48. Avatar of Jane

    Twister is a great way to get the family joining in and having a laugh together

  49. Avatar of Heather Hopley
    Heather Hopley Reply

    Out of necessity, the game removes the inhibitions associated with “touch” and there’s something really nice and heartwarming about that.

  50. Avatar of Leigh Isabeth
    Leigh Isabeth Reply

    Its just fun! Its not technology, its person go oerson hands on fun! Csn play it indoors or out, i had it at my 35th birthday party, it was awesome, so much fun!!!

  51. Avatar of Sonja

    I used to play this game as a kid and would now love to try it with my kids for some family fun and laughs!

  52. Avatar of Linda Luczak
    Linda Luczak Reply

    I love that Twister is harder than it looks! It’s a lot of fun and a great laugh.

  53. Avatar of Blossom

    I have visions of our kitten actually playing with the “spinner”. Anything that moves on the floor she pounces on. I will let the children try it out first while we sit back and relax ourselves.

  54. Avatar of TheCrone

    Twister is a fun game, which I would love to see all my Grandchildren playing when they are all together for Christmas for the first time in 8yrs!

  55. Avatar of Michelle Budge
    Michelle Budge Reply

    I had Twister when I was growing up. I loved it so much. My sister and I played it all the time with socks on.

  56. Avatar of Noelsy

    This is such a fun game. Been a long time since I twisted the night away playing this game.

  57. Avatar of Anthea Cornish
    Anthea Cornish Reply

    I love Twister as it holds a special memory for me. When I was 12 my teacher had a party for us kids and I remember that we loved playing twister.

  58. Avatar of Nicki

    One of those games that always gets a laugh out of those playing or watching. A classic for the history books.

  59. Avatar of marypreston
    marypreston Reply

    Twister is just hilarious to play. It’s been ages though. Time to introduce it to the children.

  60. Avatar of Chont

    It’s a hilariously fun game that everyone can join in and enjoy. Fun way to get my autistic son to practice cross over body movements.

  61. Avatar of silver101

    It always brings lots of laughter whenever you play it and falling over is half the fun

  62. Avatar of Kylie Sneddon
    Kylie Sneddon Reply

    Funny to play and watch, anyone of any age can join in. And it gets everyone involved!

  63. Avatar of jody buhagiar
    jody buhagiar Reply

    Twister makes me laugh!! I necer knew my body could contort to the lengths it does in this game.

  64. Avatar of Laura Powers
    Laura Powers Reply

    Great Exercise as well as a barrel of laughs! perfect after Christmas Lunch family game

  65. Avatar of caroline

    fun for all ages and love seeing people who cannot remember their left from their right getting confused and twisted up

  66. Avatar of Susie

    Lots of fun for all involved and so many educational benefits for the kids developing their gross motor skills which has such an impact on their educational learning.

  67. Avatar of Peta Masih
    Peta Masih Reply

    A timeless classic that brings people of all ages together for fun, laughs and unexpected twists! Every round ends differently!

  68. Avatar of Heather Pitkeathly
    Heather Pitkeathly Reply

    Awesome fun.And Lots of belly laughs for the whole family.

  69. Avatar of Rebecca Costa
    Rebecca Costa Reply

    I love all laughs and fun you have with family playing this game. Be great to try the new moves added!!

  70. Avatar of Alex

    I love it’s potential to bring people together for a great laugh!

  71. Avatar of Melissa Dow
    Melissa Dow Reply

    I love that it brings family and friends together to create happy memories with

  72. Avatar of Joy Lange

    Super Game Brings Everybody together and Its FUN to Watch how People Get Trapped And Hours Of LAUGHTER THANKYOU FOR BRINGING BACK CHILDHOOD MEMORIES

  73. Avatar of Leslee Moyle
    Leslee Moyle Reply

    Any age can play and have fun together as a family! Family time is precious ❤️

  74. Avatar of Richard

    Unlike just about every game I’ve played, I’ve never had a game of Twister end in arguments or players going off in huffs!

  75. Avatar of Monique Hirst
    Monique Hirst Reply

    quick and easy to set up and it’s something everyone enjoys.

  76. Avatar of Juanita Thorn
    Juanita Thorn Reply

    I used to have so much fun playing Twister….now there’s no way I could bend and stretch like that…but my goodness…..I’d have a good old laugh watching the kids have a game… 🙂

  77. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole Woods Reply

    Every game is different, laughter is always guaranteed and it’s fun for the whole family. Can’t ask for more than that!

  78. Avatar of Diana Angel
    Diana Angel Reply

    Everyone has lots of fun with Twister! It never gets boring!

  79. Avatar of Rachel K

    My family has a Christmas tradition – We play “Tinsel Twister” where we tied our arms and legs together with long lengths of tinsel and proceed to play regular twister!!! It’s hilarious!

  80. Avatar of Emma Maria
    Emma Maria Reply

    I love how tricky it can get sometimes; lots of laughs when it comes to that! 🙂

  81. Avatar of Lauren barnes
    Lauren barnes Reply

    My son the wiggly worm, and won’t sit still, put something like Twister game on his agenda and his concentration sores

  82. Avatar of Lisa

    Even at 14 and 17, my 2 oldest will still have a family game of Twister.

  83. Avatar of Cindy Nickels
    Cindy Nickels Reply

    I have just turned 50 also and you should see the state of my old twister sheet. So many uses over so many years, from drop sheet under the high chair, to paint sheet, and of course, for it’s original hilarious use. Would so love for the memories to live on through my new grandson.

  84. Avatar of Julia Morton
    Julia Morton Reply

    I love the laughter it brings to the loungeroom and the different positions everyone gets tangled up.

  85. Avatar of mustangmum
    mustangmum Reply

    “Twister” is a game that will live on forever, no electronics involved…I want to share this game with the next generation so they too can experience the fun and laughs of TWISTER..

  86. Avatar of Bronwyn Wainwright
    Bronwyn Wainwright Reply

    Brings back lots of memories…I am probably not so flexible now! But my kids would live to play this as a family.

  87. Avatar of Richard Harrison
    Richard Harrison Reply

    Good physical, bendy fun for everyone, including spectators!

  88. Avatar of Dave

    SAD! none of us have actually ever played this game. Thought about it, but never had the opportunity….maybe until now……

  89. Avatar of Helen F

    I have fabulous memories of playing as a kid and now my daughter is begging for the game but I can’t find it in any shops (all sold out) 🙂

  90. Avatar of Jude Little
    Jude Little Reply

    I’ve played it many times with many laughs but never owned a set. Would love to play it with my kids.

  91. Avatar of Dale Pearce
    Dale Pearce Reply

    Twister was and still is a fun interactive game that you can play with anyone 🙂

  92. Avatar of Nicole Kent
    Nicole Kent Reply

    The great memories that it brings back of me playing it with both friends and family. Both sober…and not so sober 🙂

  93. Avatar of jayla1987

    I love how the whole family can have fun and get in tangles I haven’t played since I was a kid would be great to play again

  94. Avatar of Michelle D
    Michelle D Reply

    I love Twister because it’s one of those games that gets people to let themselves go and lose their self-consciousness for a little while.

  95. Avatar of Juanita Munro
    Juanita Munro Reply

    That interaction and time spent laughing and being happy with family

  96. Avatar of Caroline White
    Caroline White Reply

    This is sucjh an awesome games and would bring back alot of memories.

  97. Avatar of Sally Wheaton
    Sally Wheaton Reply

    Its great, just keeps on giving generation after generation, heaps of fun.

  98. Avatar of Ern

    Nude twister. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it 😉
    Note: played with your partner, not with friends hahaha

  99. Avatar of carbar

    Twister is so much fun for the kids and the laughter can be heard for hours.

  100. Avatar of Nat M

    I remember the laughter and getting mum involved. Was a long time ago but the hysterical laughter was the biggest remember point.

  101. Avatar of Ghezal Nassery
    Ghezal Nassery Reply

    Laughing hysterically while your feet are in one place and your hands in another. Try balancing between that oh the fun.

  102. Avatar of Leah Parsons
    Leah Parsons Reply

    We had so much fun playing twister as kids!
    And would love to play it with my kids too!
    Always such great entertainment, for a great laugh!

  103. Avatar of Catrina

    It is such a fun game to play or even just watching can be entertaining.

  104. Avatar of Lang Cheung
    Lang Cheung Reply

    Twister is so much fun for young and old, even if you’re not playing!

  105. Avatar of Emma Turner
    Emma Turner Reply

    It’s fun for the whole family and very easy to play 🙂

  106. Avatar of Sharon Markwell
    Sharon Markwell Reply

    Twister is just a laugh every single minute, but you sure have to be careful with what you are wearing!!

  107. Avatar of Samara Cassidy
    Samara Cassidy Reply

    I love the laughs that always occur when playing Twister

  108. Avatar of Sofia

    I loved Twister as a child. Can’t wait to try it again as a mum.

  109. Avatar of Tracy

    I love the fact that no one can stay grumpy when you’re playing Twister. It’s the ultimate party game, both on the mat and off!

  110. Avatar of Eva Kiraly
    Eva Kiraly Reply

    Twister is the same age as me, no wonder I loved playing it, we’d bend and stretch and I would win because I’m a gymnast!

  111. Avatar of Elisabeth Martins
    Elisabeth Martins Reply

    I love that it’s fun for the whole family,
    It’s a board game that gets you active and laughing.

  112. Avatar of Karla Oleinikoff
    Karla Oleinikoff Reply

    Seeing how far you can twist your body is all part of the fun of the game. I’d love to see if I’m as flexible as I was 30 years ago!

  113. Avatar of Bec Jane

    So many memories playing twister now I can watch the kids play. It’s a lot of fun.

  114. Avatar of Laura Scriven
    Laura Scriven Reply

    It gets us off the couch after a dinner,
    And there’s never a winner!
    It’s just fun to play,
    Especially on a hot “inside” day.

  115. Avatar of Ashley Beech
    Ashley Beech Reply

    I love the simplicity of it all,
    well perhaps not in the stances and stretches,
    but it’s a game that gives everyone a laugh!

  116. Avatar of hayley thorn
    hayley thorn Reply

    my kids would love getting twister they have never played it before. and great excuse to have us all playing a game. i love twister

  117. Avatar of oldfellow

    If you havent laughed as much playing games, you will with twister, especially when you fall

  118. Avatar of L.Y.

    I potter around designing games as a hobby. Twister’s a classic
    and fantastic due to elegant simplicity in design: a spinner randomly selects a
    body part / colour – and away you go! It’s also inherently VERY social –
    and generates a lot of laughs! – LUKE YATES

  119. Avatar of Victoria

    I loved Twister when I was young. I wish I was still that limber!

  120. Avatar of Kylie T

    I love that Twister brings fun and fascination one of a kind
    Colourful character and ingenuity; beautifully entwined
    Smiles, laughter and amusement all round
    As one by one we hit the ground; a winner gets crowned!.

  121. Avatar of Kelly Ryan
    Kelly Ryan Reply

    Twister brings young and old together and it’s not such a bad thing if you fall over!

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