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How to Order Your Own Customised LEGO Minifigure Head – WOW!

There’s a new kid on the block and they’re making every LEGO lover’s dreams come true. Why? We hear you say? They let you upload a photo of yourself and turn your pic into an actual Lego figurine. Yes, for real!

Funky 3D Faces actually started out making 3D bones for the medical industry and architectural models.

The creative geniuses behind these personalised LEGO wanted to share their remarkable products with the world, however needed to make something that was both fun and easy for everyone to afford.

They first attempted making mini 3D people by scanning them. Yikes! That was too expensive so the next try was to take a 2D picture and turn it into something 3D. The result? Fridge magnets.

As if making your own self into a 3D fridge magnet isn’t cool enough, they kept on going and fFinally, after much work, Funky 3D Faces revealed their newest idea –  LEGO minifigures. #winning

Image credit: Funky 3D Faces/Facebook

So how does this whole thing work?

Well, you start your order online and pick your hairstyle. After that the company provides you with instructions on how to take a photo (as any old photo won’t do!). If you’re thinking your kids would love one of their own, take note. Typically kids under 5 don’t make suitable subjects given a young child’s facial features don’t translate well into these printed Lego figures. So sorry, either don’t tell them or break it to them gently!!

Back to the process … so once they have all of your info (and pictures) it takes about 1-2 weeks to get your minifig delivered. Unlike the plastic bricks, these are actually made from a sandstone material.

Image credit: Funky 3D Faces/Facebook
Image credit: Funky 3D Faces/Facebook

So here’s your chance to be a superhero, a Star Wars favourite or even get your Lego figure made into a cake topper!

Find out more and order yours here.

Image credit: Funky 3D Faces/Facebook
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